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Presentation: “Seeing the World in the 14th century: Ibn Battuta Observes”

"Muslim Journeys | Item #288: Map of Andalusia and Grenada",
October 28, 2013

November 12, 2013

“Seeing the World in the 14th century: Ibn Battuta observes”

Marina Tolmacheva, PhD
Department of History, Washington State University

This lecture will discuss the Muslim views of travel, global connections and multicultural societies. How to see the world and what parts of the world were worth seeing has always been an important question for the enlightened minds. The greatest traveler of the Middle Ages was a Muslim from Morocco, Ibn Battuta of Tangier. From encounters with some of the most important rulers of the 14th century to interaction with queens, princesses and slave women, we’ll explore what mattered to the Muslim observer and his audience.

The presentation will reflect the Muslim Journeys Theme "Connected Histories".

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