Kate and Sue McBeth, Missionary Teachers to the Nez Perce

Kate McBeth’s Diary

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1879 leaves Ohio, settles in Kamiah.
1880 begins teaching.
1881 escalating conflict between sisters, small pox epidemic at Lapwai.
1882 visits Lapwai for 4th of July celebration, organizes men and women's Sunday School.
1883 forest fires, badly sprained foot impaires teaching, conflict between Kate and Sue over women's school.
1884 Mark Williams dies, continued conflict over Kate's school, management of Sunday School taken from Kate.
1885 Sue forced by agent to leave Reservation, Kate sent to Lapwai.
1886 Kate consolidates teaching role in Lapwai.
1887 Epidemic at Gov. School in Lapwai - many children die, visitors from Crow Indian Reservation.
1888 Mission Director, Rev. Deffenbaugh, leaves.
1889 meets Alice Fletcher and Jane Gay, allotment begins.
1890 Kamiah 2nd Presbyterian church formed.
1891 consolidates teaching role in Lapwai.
1892 no entries.
1893 last Diary entry.