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Coeur d'Alene
Expedition Culture Geography People Maps Nature
  Setting the Stage: Acknowledgements and Review Process
Setting the Stage: Cultural Property Rights Agreement
Approaching this Module: Pedagogy
Approaching this Module: Principles of Sovereignty
Will of the People: Governance and Contemporay Programs
Gaming: Coeur d'Alene Tribal Casino
Natural and Cultural Resources: Focus on the Lake
Cultural Preservation: Language Center
Cultural Preservation: GIS Names-Place Project
Health Care: Benewah Medical and Wellness Center

  Native American
  Approaching the Oral Traditions: Preparations
Story: Coyote's Identity
Story: Coyote and the Rock Monster
Story: Coyote and the Green Field
Story: Coyote and the White Man
Story: Coyote and the Falls
Story: Chipmunk
Story: Four Smokes
Reflections on the Stories: Laugh, Learn and Perpetuate
Songs: Introduction
Songs: from the Animal People
Songs: of the Powwow
Songs: of the July-amsh Powwow
Songs: of the Sweat House
Heart Knowledge: Listening to the Ancestors
Heart Knowledge: Clean Hands

  Horses, Bugs and Furs: Early Contact
Manifest Destiny: War and a Reservation
Manifest Destiny: Allotment
Wilderness Kingdom: Jesuit Mission
Wounded: Facing the Continuing Challenges

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Listen as Lawrence Aripa tells the story of how Coyote received his particular identity and personality. You will also be introduced to many of the other First Peoples who traveled the earth long before there were human peoples.

Part 1 (originally developed as part of "Coyote Legends" video by the Foundation for Water and Energy Education in 1998.)

In the character of Smiyiw - Coyote - are critical examples of what is proper and improper behavior, important mi'yep - "teachings." Coyote is the trickster par excellence, using his great skills of physical prowess, strategy, deception and chicanery to outwit his opponent. Coyote can be a "wise" and noble benefactor, but he can also be the selfish and foolish buffoon.

Ann Antelope Samuels, ca. 1910
In many accounts, Coyote exhibits his self-effacing character, helping others as he frees the salmon from the Swallow Sisters at Celilo Falls or rids the land of the Rock Monster, for example. In these instances, Coyote is typically successful in his schemes. But when Coyote is selfish and seeks only rewards for himself, as when he desires the chief’s daughter or hunts more deer than he needs, he fails, duped by his own deception, and is made the "fool."

Taken as a whole, the various accounts of Coyote thus provide important teachings. When defending one’s family in the face of an enemy or seeking to benefit the other members of one’s family, it is appropriate to be the "Coyote," applying his skills of the strategy, cunning and trickery. But when those same skills are applied against the members of one’s own family or tribe and only self rewards are sought, Coyote’s example only points the way to failure and what is most inappropriate behavior.

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Listen as Lawrence Aripa continues telling the story of how Coyote received his particular identity and personality.

Part 2

Open up your heart and listen carefully. Observe and learn of which particular "Coyote" is revealed in each of the following stories.

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