University of Idaho Campus Photographs Collection

Historical photographs documenting the history of the U of I Campus from 1889 to the present

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About the Collection

The University of Idaho Library’s Campus Photograph Collection is a collection of digitized historical images of the University of Idaho campus, focusing on the physical structures that populate the U of I’s main campus in Moscow, Idaho. This digital collection is mostly taken from the library’s Special Collections and Archive’s U of I Historic Campus Photographs Collection, which is referred to as Photograph Group 1 (PG1). The collection comprises thousands of images spanning from 1889 to the early 1990s and includes photography of buildings that have been demolished, added-on-to, or moved (in a couple cases). Color images of recent buildings added to campus since the 1970s have been added for continuity.

The U of I’s colleges, schools, and organizations have often changed buildings several times in campus history to accommodate cultural change and academic growth. For example, the Armory is a title that has been owned by three different buildings, one of which no longer exists. Thus, it is very important to note the dates for which one is seeking images. For example, if one is looking for a building that is not listed on our buildings page or in the drop-down menu at right, they can use the search box to find the building sought (e.g. ‘infirmary’ or ‘dairy barn’.) This photo collection also includes a limited number of academic activities and individuals. These images can also be found by using a keyword search (e.g. ‘biological’ or ‘Alf Dunn’.)

The U of I Library Special Collections and Archives (Spec) can be found on the first floor of the U of I Library to the far left of the Circulation Desk. Researchers can contact Spec through email:; by phone: 208-885-0845; or by visiting the Spec Reading Room.

Collection Note

Presently, the Campus Photograph Collection does not include the Greek houses.

This is for two reasons: 1) the PG1 collection contains very few photos of the Greek houses in particular, and 2) though the university has historically owned the land that the Greek houses sit on, the university does not own the structures themselves.

Researchers seeking historic images of Greek houses may wish to investigate the University of Idaho Student Organizations Collection (PG2) or the University of Idaho: Then and Now collection. Additionally, images of Greek houses in the Campus Activities Photographic Collection can be viewed by visiting the Special Collections Reading Room.


Building records cite “Sources” given with an abbreviation used in the original research:

Initially compiled by Judith Nielsen, 1995. The full original web page can be seen in the archived Campus Buildings list.


The University of Idaho Library’s Digital Initiatives department digitized all the photos in this collection under the direction of Estelle Sertich and Kevin Dobbins. Almost all of the content in this website was generated, vetted, or compiled via the tireless efforts of Jordan Wrigley, 125th Anniversary Intern in the Special Collections and Archives Department. We are also grateful to Michael McMullin for providing us with geolocation detecting code for the mobile map site.

Technical Credits - CollectionBuilder

This digital collection is built with CollectionBuilder, an open source framework for creating digital collection and exhibit websites that is developed by faculty librarians at the University of Idaho Library following the Lib-Static methodology.

Using the CollectionBuilder-CSV template and the static website generator Jekyll, this project creates an engaging interface to explore driven by metadata.

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