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NIH Data Management & Sharing Plans (DMSPs)

As of January 2023, the National Institutes of Health will require data management and sharing plans as a part of all research project proposals. The University of Idaho provides the following resources to better understand the requirements and expectations of the agency, and how to develop plans with resources at the university.

General Information

  • Overview of the NIH Policy - describes the general requirements and expectations of the policy, how it will be reviewed, and how a DMSP will be managed during a funded project

  • Elements of a Data Management and Sharing Plan - describes the specific components to include in a DMSP, including examples.

  • DMSP Checklist - lists the required prompts to address in each section of a DMSP

  • DMPTool - a free online tool for generating a data management plan compliant with funding agency requirements, including NSF and NIH. Use your @uidaho email address when logging in.

  • Sample DMSPs from NIH

Other Resources


For assistance, contact either:

Upcoming Workshops or Presentations

  • Spring 2023: Check back soon, events are being planned.