Data Hub: Geospatial and Data Sciences Support

The U of I Library Data Hub is a new location and service providing co-curricular and research support in the areas of geographic information systems, data sciences, data analysis and visualization, and research data management.

Building on the Library’s long history of curating and disseminating data under programs such as INSIDE Idaho, The Data Hub’s mission is to strengthen students’ knowledge, awareness, and techniques for using data in transformative ways. It will be located in the Map Room, where specialized equipment, staff, and space will be available to U of I Library patrons.

draft map room floor plan

Data Hub Features

  • Geospatial and Data Science Support
  • Dedicated space located in the Library’s Map Room (First Floor, Rm 107)
  • Collaborative work areas focused on supporting data sciences analysis and visualization
  • Service desk staffed by U of I Data and GIS Librarians
  • Other Campus Units encouraged to collocate in the Data Hub, including RCDS and Statistical Consulting
  • More information coming soon!