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Geographic Information Systems resources for students, faculty, and staff.

Esri GIS Software
Open Source GIS Software
  • There are numerous desktop GIS software programs such as QGIS. There are also many web-based options such as Mapbox and Carto. Take a look at the OSGeo projects to help you find an open source technology to meet your needs. Visit the Software page for more open-source options.

For more information on GIS software options, visit the Software page

Need help accessing geospatial data or software? Curious about web GIS? Have questions about mobile data collection using GIS? Interested in discussing spatial analysis or a mapping project? Schedule a consultation with Bruce Godfrey (GIS Librarian).
  • GeoInquiries
    Short, standards-based inquiry activities for teaching map-based content.
  • Library Workshops: Current | Past
  • Esri Self-Paced E-Learning Courses
    Students, faculty, and staff are afforded access to no-cost self-paced e-learning resources. Sign in using your U of I Account.
  • Working with GIS data
  • Esri User Conference Complimentary Registrations
    A limited number of these are available on a first come, first served basis. Contact Bruce Godfrey for more information.
  • INSIDE Idaho
    Open data and apps from publishers across Idaho.
  • U of I Geocatalog
    Data and apps from U of I publishers. Sign in to access licensed datasets.
  • RCDS Data Repository
    Providing data management support and applications for U of I researchers and their collaborators.
  • Contact Bruce Godfrey about sharing your geospatial datasets using Web GIS
GIS Support


Bruce Godfrey

Please contact Bruce (GIS Librarian) if you have questions about GIS and geospatial data and software.