Book Locations - Library of Congress Call Numbers

The University of Idaho Library, along with most academic libraries, classifies materials using the Library of Congress system. This means you will find books on our shelves organized by their LOC call numbers. Below is a chart providing an overview of where the LOC classes are located on the library floors. They start with class “A” on the fourth floor and winding through the shelves all the way down to class “Z” on the second floor.

For more information check our Book Research Guide, our Floor maps, or the full Library of Congress classification outlines.

Fourth Floor (A - G)

4th Floor Map

A General works
AE Encyclopedias
B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B Philosophy
BF Psychology
BJ Ethics
BL-BX Religion
C-F History
CC Archaeology
CS Genealogy
CT Biography
DA Great Britain
DC France
DD Germany
DF Greece
DK Russia, Poland
DP Spain, Portugal
DS Asia
DT Africa
E U.S. (general)
F U.S. (states), Canada, Latin America
G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G Geography (general)
GC Oceanography
GN Anthropology
GR Folklore
GV Physical Education, Recreation

Third Floor (H - S)

3th Floor Map

H Social Sciences  
    HA Statistics  
    HB Economics  
    HE Communications
    HF-HJ Business, Finance, Accounting
    HM-HN Sociology
    HQ Family, Marriage, Women
    HS-HV Societies, Communities, Crime
    HX Socialism, Communism
J Political Science
    JK Political Science - U.S.
    JS Local Government
    JX International Relations  
K Law  
    K Law (general)  
    KF Law of the U.S.  
L Education  
    LA History of Education  
    LB Theory & Practice  
M Music  
    M Scores  
    ML Literature on Music  
    MT Musical Instruction  
N Fine Arts  
    NA Architecture  
    NB Sculpture  
    NC Drawing  
    ND Painting  
P Language and Literature  
    P Linguistics  
    PA Classical Language and Linguistics  
    PC Romance Languages  
    PE English Language
    PF German Language
    PG Slavic Languages and Literature
    PJ Oriental Languages and Literature
    PL Asian, African Languages and Literature
    PM American Indian Languages
    PN Romance Literature
    PR English Literature
    PS American Literature
    PT German Literature  
    PZ Children's Literature  
Q Science  
    Q Science  
    QA Mathematics  
    QB Astronomy  
    QC Physics  
    QD Chemistry  
    QE Geology  
    QH Ecology, Natural History  
    QK Botany  
    QL Zoology  
    QM Human Anatomy  
    QP Physiology  
    QR Microbiology, Immunology, Virology  
R Medicine (General)  
    RC Internal Medicine  
    RM Pharmacology, Nutrition, Physical Therapy  
S Agriculture  
    S Conservation of Natural Resources  
    SB Plant Culture, Landscape Architecture  
    SD Forestry  
    SF Animal Science  
    SH Fish and Fisheries  
    SK Hunting, Wildlife Management  

Second Floor (T - Z)

2th Floor Map

T Technology  
    TA Engineering (general), Civil Engineering  
    TC Hydraulic Engineering
    TD Pollution, Environmental Engineering
    TJ Mechanical Engineering
    TK Electrical Engineering
    TL Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics
    TN Mining, Metallurgy
    TP Chemical Engineering
    TR Photography
    TT Crafts, Fashion
    TX Home Economics, Nutrition  
U Military Science  
V Naval Science  
Z Bibliography and Library Science