Course Reserves

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Instructors may place textbooks and other resources on reserve for use by students in their course. Students may request textbooks or other resources that are used for coursework be placed on reserve.

All Course Reserves resources must comply with provisions in the U.S. Copyright Act and FERPA. If the nature, scope, or extent of copying is judged to exceed the fair use principles of the Copyright Act, the library will work with the professor to find alternative arrangements.

To make a reserves request, stop by the library and fill out a reserves request form, fill out the online request form, or email Reserves directly


Loan periods

  • 3 hours, 1 day, or 3 days for print reserve. Default loan period is 1 day.
  • Controlled Digital Lending items loan digitally for 3 hours.


  • $2 per hour for overdue items, maximum $20, for print reserve.
  • Electronic resources have no fines or fees.

Access to Reserves

  • Visit the Course Reserve Listings and look for your course by instructor, term, or subject.
  • Click on the course name to view a list of all items on reserve.
  • To access electronic reserve items, students will have to sign in using their NetID.

Frequently Asked Questions


Library books, personal books, journal articles, book chapters (single chapter or 10 percent, whichever is LESS), files created by instructor, student papers with written permission of student author, and DVDs may all be put on reserve.

The library will consider purchasing only mandatory resources for courses if they are not currently owned. Each purchase, from physical books to electronic resources like streaming videos and eBooks, will be decided on based on cost and availability. Purchase requests can be made through the online request form or by emailing Reserves directly.

No, it cannot be linked via Leganto or Canvas. Instructors must ensure that the Library has access to the desired article, and students must search for articles themselves.

Some HBR resources are available through the Business Source Premier and ABI/INFORM Global databases. Students must be logged in to access full-text articles.

Leganto is the Library’s integrated course reserves platform that helps make course materials more accessible to students. Embedded directly into your Canvas course and connected to the library’s resources, Leganto allows instructors to easily create and customize reading lists, so that students can access all their course materials in one place. Contact reserves via email or by stop by the circulation desk to learn more. Check our How to Activate Leganto in Canvas instructions to get started. Questions about or issues with Canvas should be direct to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).


Scans are required to be clean and run through OCR software. If scans are not suitable for use, they will need to be re-done by Library staff. Staff will be in contact if the original text is needed for re-scanning.

Scanning will be done by order of receipt, within a week for articles/book chapters. Further information on Controlled Digital Lending scanning can be found in the CDL section of this FAQ.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) protects any use of student papers without their written permission. You can use the Library’s Student Materials Permission Form to obtain this permission.

Materials can be used for one semester under provisions of the Fair Use sections of the copyright law. Subsequent use requires that the library purchase rights to re-use the item. In the event that these rights are denied or deemed to be beyond reasonable costs, the library will remove the item from reserve and contact the professor about securing different readings.

Controlled Digital Lending

Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) is a way of providing digital access to books that are currently available only in a physical format, when the library is unable to find a licensing option for an existing e-book or e-resource. Library-owned books are scanned fully by staff and added to our catalog for use in reserves. Requests for CDL can be denied at the discretion of Library staff.

No more than 2 books for a total of no more than 800 pages can be requested for CDL by an instructor in a semester. Condition of the book and ability of book to be properly scanned may affect if books are able to be scanned.

Scanning will take at least two weeks. Due to the time it takes to scan CDL items, requests should be submitted as promptly as possible.

CDL scans will be available in the corresponding course reading list hosted on Leganto. Users must be logged in. Access is limited to one user for three hours; a waitlist is available if the resource is in use and users will be notified when it is available.