Data Services

The University of Idaho Library is aware of the complexities and difficulties of working with data. Accordingly, we offer services, resources, and instruction on how to manage your data, visualize your data, and preserve your data.

We've created a comprehensive guide on how to manage your data, exploring the:

and other data-related issues.

Data & Digital Services Workshops are designed to promote awareness, build skills, and educate the University of Idaho campus community on issues associated with research and learning in the information age.

We partner with groups across campus to offer the best opportunity to develop skills to work with and manage data and conduct digital scholarship.

We have fantastic geospatial resources at the library. From software products to individual instruction, we have the expertise and materials to help you work with your geospatial data, including our well-established INSIDE Idaho "numeric and spatial information engine."

Obtain a DOI for a published dataset.

Benefits include:

  • Better visibility
  • Increase citation chance
  • Stable digital location
  • Easy to cite