Open @ UI Library

University of Idaho Library supports initiatives in Open Access and Open Education to make an impact across campus and the world. Open @ UI Library aims to reduce the costs and barriers associated with accessing educational materials and research. These initiatives benefit Vandals as well as the greater Idaho, national, and international scholarly communities.

Open @ UI Library can refer to:

  • Academic, scholarly, or research articles that are free for the reader, often called Open Access
  • Specific journals or materials published using special licenses that allow for republication or reuse, such as Creative Commons Licenses
  • The praxis of professors and teachers choosing curriculum that is openly licensed or low cost
  • Software and hardware that relies on open source code and free or low cost licenses
  • Electronic resources and course management technologies that are free or low cost

At the UofI, we’re supporting Open Education in a number of ways:

  • Our Think Open Fellow program has run for two cohorts, and has already saved students over $150,000 in textbook costs! Faculty can apply for this program which includes a small stipend and extensive library support to develop OA solutions for courses and research.
  • The Open Access Publishing fund, provided by the University of Idaho Library, Office of the Provost, and Office of Research and Economic Development, helps U of I researchers and scholars publish in fully open and peer-reviewed OA journals by covering article processing charges.
  • The Library works closely with faculty to integrate and implement open educational resources in their classrooms

Chatting about OA

Ross Miller is a physics graduate student by day, an Open Access marvel by night, and a 2018 Think Open Fellow. Thanks to Ross’ efforts, hundreds of Vandals taking Physics saved thousands. Check out our feature interview with Ross about his experience bringing Open Access to UI!

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Open Initiatives

Open Access Publishing Fund

The University of Idaho Open Access Publishing Fund (U of I - OAPF) supports U of I authors in their efforts to publish in open access journals. Funding is provided by the University of Idaho Library, Office of the Provost, and Office of Research and Economic Development to help make the innovative research conducted at U of I as widely accessible as possible.

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Think Open Fellowship

The University of Idaho Library’s Think Open Fellowship is an opportunity to equalize access to educational materials in your classroom and save your students money by supporting the use of low- or no-cost course materials in place of traditional textbooks.

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Open Access Resolution

The faculty of the University of Idaho Library believes that open access to scholarship positively supports the communication of research and the future of libraries and education. To formally acknowledge our position, library faculty voted to adopt an Open Access Resolution on August 23rd, 2018.

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