Request for Library Instruction Session

Library faculty teach class sessions on how to search efficiently and effectively for information -- using library resources as well as the Web and other electronic resources. We provide general orientation to library research in freshman composition classes, but we also tailor class sessions for specific assignments in other courses.

We ask that classes requesting library instruction sessions have a current assignment that requires using library resources and that the students are aware of that assignment at the time of the session. Please plan to attend with your class; your presence is important.

Please fill out completely.

Preferred Date(s): (Please give minimum of one week notice; the more advance notice you give, the more likely we can meet your request).

You can check our library instruction room calendar to determine currently available dates.


Briefly describe the class assignment students will be completing in connection with the library instruction.

What do you want students to learn about library resources from the session?

Types of materials required: Books Articles Either Both

Popular magazine articles okay? Yes No

Scholarly journal articles required? Yes No

Approximate required length of paper?

When the students come to the library session:

    Will they be aware of their assignment? Yes No

    Will they already have topics? Yes No

For more information, contact Diane Prorak

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