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February 14, 2017 Fourth time’s the charm: Two students from different parts of the Pacific Northwest find love on the Palouse; ‘I’m not alone in this’: Truth behind the vagina; Speaking for the voiceless: Palouse community members gather to protest Planned Parenthood (p3); Archives made mobile-friendly: UI Library releases digital site for The Argonaut collection (p3); Thought-provoking performances: Shades of Black returns for its 14th year on campus (p4); Warrior on the floor: Junior Arkadiy Mktrychyan puts his heart into the game on and off the court (p5); Vandals clip Hawks: Ferenz dominates hardwood as Idaho topples conference leader (p6); More than the points: Where Geraldine McCorkell has been short in points, she makes up for in rebounds (p7); Through the gauntlet (p7); A taste of culture: Chinese Food Club offers home-style Chinese cuisine (p8); Educating Moscow city on healthy food: The third annual love your farmer love your food (p8); A world of heroes: A mobile update for a Nintendo classic (p9); Included as the out crowd: LGBTQA students reflect on community stereotypes; (p9); Beyond condoms: Safe sex means more than latex and prescriptions (p10); Legalize LSD: Drug policy should draw from science instead of culture (p11); The divided states of America (p11);
Love; Sex Ed; Sex; Protest; Argonaut; Shades of Black; Basketball; Food; Heroes; LGBTQA; Drugs
September 19, 2017 Lifting the silence: Katy Benoit safety forum speaker shares sexual assault statistics at take back the night; ‘We are all humans’: Local refugees touch on coming to America and the immigration process in panel discussion; A voice for the Vandals: A closer look at a new ASUI senator, Shaundra Herrud; The power of Athena: Athena provides support to female staff (p3); Call it a comeback: Second half goals helped an improbable Idaho comeback (p5); An optimistic loss: Vandals play contested game against Western Michigan (p6); The women win again: Women win again at Gonzaga, men in second (p7); Busted by the Broncos: The Vandals were unable to finish against Western Michigan (p7); Laughter, the best medicine: Comedians entertained students and community members Sept. 14 (p9); It’s not all about beer: LLCs Oktoberfest preview (p10); A community of music competes: Finalists to compete in trumpet solo competition Saturday at the university (p10); Recognize the signs: Recent events should push society to recognize the warning signs of dangerous behavior (p11); How not to fit in (p11);
Sexual Assault; Refugees; Immigration; ASUI; Athena; Soccer; Basketball; Laughter; Music; Octoberfest
January 31, 2017 The debate of identities: “Why gay is not the new Black” lecture sees several perspectives; A woman empowered: UI students directs “ The Vagina Monologues; Leading from the core: I lead to improve students’ personal leadership; Why he went Red (p3); Curve hate with training (p3); Reaching for a fourth: Tennis senior seeks rare feat in final season of college career (p5); Cowgirls wrangle Vandals: Idaho started the spring season with a loss to Wyoming (p5); Seattle Success: Idaho traveled to the UW invitational (p5); Vandals maul Grizzlies: Karlee Wilson led the Vandals to a convincing win over Montana (p6); Fresh Start: Carlos Longhi Neto traveled many countries before finding a home in America (p6); Big Sky, big dreams: Former Big Sky basketball players in the NBA hits close to home (p7); Overtime victory: Idaho improves conference record with an overtime win in Missoula (p7); Vandals rock the house: Recreation Center resets rock climbing wall (p8); The Rooster crows, the family wakes: The year of the rooster began Saturday (p8); From the heart of Denver (p9); Outside the box: College offers a chance to hear others views—take it (p10); The future of our fish: Salmon and steelhead conservation has a long and controversial future ahead (p10); Genuine beats: Hip-hop shows that originality comes from reshuffling ideas (p11); Protest against pollution: Taking small steps toward more sustainable living will help the planet heal (p12);
Identities; Leadership; Politics; Tennis; Soccer; Track and Field; Field; Rock climbing; Football; Fish; Pollution; Hip-hop
September 06, 2017 Building, healing and feeling: Vandals unite in humanitarian efforts, imparting good faith abroad; Being queer in quieter places: Bennett receives grant to tell stories of Idaho’s LGBT; A community for the creative: Moscow Farmers Market brings the community together with local goods and services; Parking pandemonium: Too many purple parkers leads to change in how permits are sold (p3); Dressing up dining (p4); Reinstate tailgates: Alcohol at tailgating could make a comeback (p4); The kicking lineage: Coffey is comfortable where he belongs in the program (p6); A weak week one: Idaho’s first win was not a pretty one, but it was a win nonetheless; (p6); Vandals victorious: Idaho women come out on top and men finish second in cross-country season opener (p6); Baggerly calls game: Heads up goal helps Vandals bounce back from loss before dropping another one at home (p8); Starting the season right: Idaho football kicked off the 2017-2018 season with a win (p8); Home sweet Kibbie home: Reasons why the Kibbie Dome shouldn’t be taken for granted (p9); Performing philosophy: Hip-hop philosopher Plaedo Wellman entertains despite sound system failure (p11); Swing’s the thing at Newbie Night: The Swing Devils of the Palouse meet every Thursday at Moose Lodge (p11); A bow, a mission and a message: Conservationist organizations show their films and their love for the backcountry (p12); Aspiring makers at the UI Mill: The UI Mill invites students to drop in and share creativity at Make it Monday events (p13); Helping from afar: The Moscow community can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey (p14); Defined by our company: People should choose their friends intentionally (p15); Limp wrists, tight fists: The experiences of the LBGTQA community and film should correlate more often (p15);
Good Faith; LGBT; Parking; Farmer’s Market; Tailgates; XC; Football; Hip-hop; Hunting; MILL; Hurricane
September 26, 2017 A campus for U and I: Black Student Union members express concerns about campus diversity; Fighting resistance: UI researchers identify genes for antibiotic resistance in bacteria; Real scoop: not a fluff piece: Service dogs practice socialization with students; Food, friends and root beer: A German festival with a University of Idaho twist (p3); What’s for dinner? CALS speaker series hosts discuss GMOs (p4); Bruising the Bobcats: The first home volleyball game results in sweeping fashion for the victorious Vandals (p5); Golf gets going: Men and women’s golf are back in action, each with impressive numbers from top performing athletes (p5); Double overtime weekend: Idaho soccer plays a tough weekend at home with a win and a draw (p6); A thriller in South Alabama: Vandals win first Sun Belt game of the season against South Alabama in double overtime (p7); Keeping the score: Children are playing a game not many people can relate to (p8); Making video games social: Palouse gamers to gather at UI commons (p9); ‘Leonardo’s Children’: UI professor speaks about the intersection of art and science (p10); Being a Vandal 100 years ago: “Vandal Traditions” exhibition showcases the history of Vandals (p10); Beating the bug: Staying healthy can be challenging, but there are steps students can take to prevent illnesses (p11); For diversity’s sake: Diversity should not just be about what diverse groups have to offer (p12);
Diversity; Health; Service animals; GMOs; Volleyball; Golf; Football; Soccer; Art; Traditons
October 24, 2017 Two lawsuits, one case: UI sued over mishandling of sexual assault case; Vandal uhh-ert: Internal review after explosion recommends reform; The one vote against Indigenous People’s Day: Moscow City Council member Jim Boland speaks about voting against renaming Columbus Day; How to convince a conservative: Visiting conservative supports climate change legislation (p3); Figuring finances and federal aid: As the FAFSA deadline approaches, the need for student knowledge on incoming aid rises (P3); Justifying justifications: Psychologist Carol Tavris discusses Common Read (p4); Traversing changes: Coutinho has been through the atmospheric gauntlet (p6); Tigers take over: Idaho is unable to get anything going in Missouri, adding another loss against Power Five schools (p6); Winning streak snapped: Idaho volleyball swept in back-and-forth contest (p7); Winning on the road: Idaho wins in the closing games of the regular season (p8); A wild show (p11); Lights, camera, art: UI grad student Logan Brashar shines her light (p12); Singing through the cold: Country music singer performed at UI Oct. 20 (p13); Neglecting the victims: Sexual assault cases should be taken more seriously at UI (p14); Look both ways: Language plays an extremely important role in the exchange of privilege and oppression (p15); The importance of self-care: How self-care can bring out a better you for a healthy lifestyle (p16);
Lawsuits; Reform; Indigenous People Day; City Council; FAFSA; Football; Soccer; shows; Language; Health
October 31, 2017 Beware of the boos: Safety precautions for Halloween holiday; Centralizing advising: Provost office issues memo outlining new advising procedures; Wait’s award doesn’t go to waste: UI ecologist receives award for animal research; Disciplinary changes: Faculty Senate discusses changes to disciplinary code (p3); More than graduate life: Graduate student finds joy in College of Natural Resources (p3); Moscow City Voter Guard (p4); Guns, weed and housing: City council forum brings important issues to students (p4); More than fitness: Roller Derby provides sport and home for women on the Palouse (p6); Optimistic in Ogden: Idaho cross-country finishes strong at BSC Championships (p6); Familiar start, better finish: Idaho rode a strong start from all phases to an important conference win (p7); Bye bye Baggerly: Idaho sends Baggerly off with a win against conference rivals Eastern Washington (p8); Struggles at Cal State: Idaho Swim and Dive fell short in Bakersfield (p9); Looking to Big Sky basketball (p10); Fearful Halloween films: The ultimate list of scary movies to watch this Halloween (p11); UI hosts Day of the Dead celebration (p11); An organized chaos: UI tuba-euphonium studio takes the stage with Tubaween (p12); A safe, healthy Halloween: Stick together and stay respectful during a week made for celebration (p13); Simply notice one another (p14); Spring semester crash course (p14);
Halloween; Advising; Ecology; Graduate students; Guns; XC; Football; Soccer; Swimming; Basketball; Day of the Dead
July 19, 2017 A passion for politics: MacKenzie MacDonald begins working toward school year goals; Opening doors, Vandal or otherwise: UI employs several programs to increase state postsecondary enrollment; Planning UI’s warmest welcome: Palousafest welcomes students, becomes part of UI annual traditions; Arena a wood work in progress: Interdisciplinary learning opportunities increase in design phase (p3); The Co-op comes to campus: The Moscow Food Co-op proceeds with plans with plans to open store on UI campus (p4); Moscow’s modern arcade (p4); ‘Bit by the leadership bug’ (p5); Unconventional on-campus living: Steelhouse offers UI students an option other than traditional housing and Greek life (p5); Honoring the Arb (p6); Out with the old, in with the new: UI swim center closed for summer-long remodel (p7); Connecting stories at the hub: University of Idaho professor Rodney Frey’s new book reflects on lessons from indigenous elders (p8); Simply Stylin’ Harry Styles’ new debut album hits all the marks of post-boyband stardom (p9); Habitat for the humanities (p9); Horoscopes (p10); Barbecue crash course: A guide to throwing the perfect summer grill fest (p10); Summer Runnin’ Perfect playlists keep you moving as you get in some exercise (p10); Spiderman slings back (p11); Pushing boundaries: ‘Thrones’ sparks discussion of rape on screen (p11); Arts roundup (p12); Vandals vying for validation: Idaho looks ot 2017 for a chance to repeat another magical season (p13); Fall intramurals (p13); A glimpse of golf: The 2017-2018 Idaho men’s golf schedule is released as the season approaches (p14); Leaving a logging legacy: The logging club seeks to chop down the competition with new leadership (p14); The dangers of overconfidence: Idaho football must get past itself before looking to add another banner to the Kibbie Dome (p15); From a fickle foe to a father figure: LaVar Ball’s dedication to family overshadowed by antincs (p15); Vandals soccer season preview: Idaho’s 2017 soccer schedule is set as the Vandals look to take the Big Sky crown (p16); Athletes to watch (p17); Not just for football players: New research has shown that women athletes may be more susceptible to serious, life- threatening concussions than men (p18); There’s no place like dome: Vandals enjoy a favorable lineup for the upcoming fall 2017 season in the UI Kibbie Dome (p20); Home sweet UIdahome: New UI students belong to a Vandal family, lasting legacy (p21); The freshmen experience: Your first year is a time for exploring new interests and finding new friends (p21); A viewfinder of friendship: A look at college friendships, good and bad (p22); The price isn’t always right: Textbooks take a toll on students’ financial state in college (p22); The stigma of mental illness: A look at the harsh stigma surrounding mental illness (p23); Save the Ocean, Save thw World: Oceans hold a vast number of species and humans play a part in their lives (p24);
Politics; Enrollment; Palousafest; Co-op; Arb; Indigenous; Humanities; Logging; Football; Basketball; Soccer; Concussions; Books; Mental illness; Oceans
August 29, 2017 Feminist fair for all: Moscow community comes together to celebrate Women’s equality day; IT divides and conquers: Customer feedback leads to changes in ITS support; Paint up the town: Vandals come together for annual Paint the Palouse event; Smoke-free university: UI to continue moving forward in its attempt to phase out tobacco (p3); Final second finish: Last second goal earns Idaho a draw against Boise State and Saint Mary’s ends a winning streak (p4); Preparing for game day: College football has a strong following, and once the season is in full swing there will be no shortage of action (p5); Cobwebs in Corvallis: Idaho loses three straight games at Beaver Classic (p6); ‘Not your grandmother’s bingo’: LGBTQA community kicks off Palouse Pride weekend with bingo (p7); A tale fit for the movies: Film and TV studies student Hagen Hunsaker tells how he became intrigued by cinema (p7); ‘Marco Magoa presents Marco Magoa’: A worldly Spaniard talks about himself (p8); Awareness is action: Recent events emphasize the importance of understanding and awareness (p9); The happiness dilemma: Happiness and suffering can coexist (p10);
Feminism; LGBTQA; Paint the Palouse; Smoking; Volleyball; Football; Awareness; Happiness
August 22, 2017 Vandal nation convocation: David Vobora used his story to inspire during the University Convocation; Remembering Professor Ramsay: The UI community remembers Samantha Ramsay for her vibrant personality and passions; Innovation through interaction: The Summer of Science program bridges the gap between university research and community (p3); Win one, lose one: Vandals open the season with a loss and a win in California (p5); Carrying the team: Idaho women’s volleyball kicks off 2017 season with veteran production on the offensive side of the ball (p5); The wait is almost over: What to expect when the Hornets come to town on August 31st (p6); Free film for everyone: Thursday marks the last Screen on the Green for summer 2017 (p9); “Ready Player One” The film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s book is scheduled to be released in March 2018 (p9); Bop it, twist it, pull it?: The Prichard Art Gallery prepares for its next exhibit, “all mixed up” (p10); Take a look around: Students should utilize the first few weeks of school to explore the Moscow community (p11); Tackling syllabus week: How to make syllabus week successful and stress free (p12);
Science; Soccer; Volleyball; Football; Screen on the Green; Film; Art; Syllabus Week
January 13, 2017 Winter across the world: Some UI students and faculty members chose to travel far from home over the holidays; A girl with a heart of gold: Community comes together to remember Mamta Kandel; Looking back, then forward: ASUI president reflects on last semester and considers the future; Back in the day: The sixth annual Bach Festival brings baroque-era music to Moscow; Rehearse to make a difference: ‘The Vagina Monologues’ cast focus on rehearsals to prepare for upcoming performance (p3); Switched at the half; Idaho pulled off a second-half comeback, shocking their conference foe (p5); Comeback kids: Idaho football finished 2016 unexpectedly (p5); Road woes continue: Vandal defense allows 91 points in conference loss (p5); It’s not about ability: Idaho’s move to FCS is about money, not skill (p7); The snow sports train: The University of Idaho is subsidizing snow sports trips to major mountains (p8); Dancing into the lunar new year: Lorita Leung Dance academy will perform at the UI campus (p8); Facebook’s Sorting hat (p9); With renewed vigor: Despite 2016, there is plenty for people to fight for and ways to make change (p10); A spot of celebrity sympathy (p10); Inspiration through tragedy: Though too much negativity may weigh humans down, it can also inspire them (p12);
Football; Basketball; Vagina Monologues; Winter; ASUI; Bach Festival; Dance; Facebook; Inspiration
November 07, 2017 A night of tradition: Africa Night celebrates modern style dances and traditions; Know your rights: UI law students distribute DACA information guide; Making confidentiality key: UI women’s center raises money for a new confidential space; Construction to improve: Admin building construction moves forward, to open mid-December (p3); A winning weekend: Idaho women win big against Lewis-Clark State at home: Home exhibition finale ends in dominant win for Vandals (p5); Freshman up to par: Cole Chrisman’s attitude and skill set makes an impact (p6); Trojan horse denial: Mental errors and mistakes bring down Idaho (p7): First place deadlock: Vandals jump into tie for 1st after battle with Big Sky powerhouse (p8); Adversity in Arizona: Idaho swim and dive lost tough meets at Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona (p8); Snaps to the F-word: Poets shared their thoughts on feminism during annual F-Word Live Poetry Slam at UI (p9); Vibrantly Vanic: Vandal entertainment EDM concert delayed 2 hours (p10); Counting every voice: Voting in local elections is an opportunity for students to share their vision of Moscow (p11); Juxtaposing injustice: Kevin Spacey’s response produces negative assumptions (p12); The slippery slope of public policing: Motivating people to police each other can go wrong (p12);
Africa Night; DACA; Women’s Center; Volleyball; Soccer; Football; Swim; Golf; EDM
October 10, 2017 Marching with Vandal pride: Thousands of students and alumni took to the streets to celebrate homecoming this weekend; Collecting community: UI archivists answer questions in Ask an Archivist Day; Ahlquist policy run-down: Tommy Ahlquist speaks on issues Friday at 1912 center: Victory for a new beginning; Forever home in Moscow: Freshman finds true home in Moscow (p3); Shining light on well-being: Health and Rec fair shines light on mental illness and other aspects of well-being (p3); A heartbreaker: Vandals come up short in a tough game against Louisiana-Lafayette; Vandals on track: Vandals stumble before picking up a win on the road (p5); Early-season optimism for the Vandals: The men’s basketball team has all the makings of a serious contender (p5); A promising start for the Vandals: Swim and Dive team traveled south and split a pair of meets (p6); Vandal’s Cinderella Possibility: Idaho men’s basketball could be a Cinderella story (p7); International Competitor: In the pool and outside of her comfort zone, Maryann Kok Chen Ling is excelling at Idaho (p8); Under the same moon: Confucius Institute event unites cultural groups at Mid-Autumn Festival (p9); 30 days of terror: Buckle up, it’s going to be a heck of a ride (p10); Change for the better: Moscow becomes only city in Idaho to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day (p11);
Vandal Pride; 1912; Track and Field; Basketball; Volleyball; Swim and dive; Confucius; Mid-Autumn festival; Indigenous
November 14, 2017 Breaking boundaries: Student group aims to encourage and support women in engineering; The UI’s story: Staben shares updated strategic plan and focuses on enrollment and research; Awareness for weather warnings: As cold weather approaches, basic travel preparation is recommended this winter; Team-first talent: Delaney Hopen brings a presence to Idaho volleyball’s back line (p3); Rolling the Rams: Idaho women’s basketball wins against the defending mountain west champs (p3); ‘We are not from India’: Bangladesh Night brings Bangladesh culture and traditions (p6); Loud, swinging, fun at Jazz Fest: Well-known artists to perform at 2018 UI Jazz Festival (p7); New season, new market: Moscow’s Winter Market is back (p8); Addressing the address: Staben talks about what directly affect students in State of the University Address (p9); I’ll do it later: Procrastination doesn’t have to win out over productivity (p10); Respect, the status quo: Fulfilling the social contract of respect in public is key to human interaction (p10);
STEM; Enrollment; Weather; Volleyball; Basketball; Bangladesh Night; Winte Market; Procrastination
May 02, 2017 Beyond brotherhood: Senior and freshman refugee siblings reflect on time together at UI; Leaving family: After four years, it’s time to say goodbye; Finishing strong: UI senior reflects on his four years at the university; More than Moscow: Community members reflect on how Moscow became home; From classes to coaching: Moscow Parks and Rec offers UI students both work and play (p3); White Iverson takes UI: UI closes out semester with Post Malone, Saba and others (p4); Coming full circle: UI alumni achieves dream of becoming a doctor with honorary degree (p5); A force of nature: Retiring CNR professor reflects on experiences at UI (p6); One door closes, another opens: Commencement ceremony recognizes graduating students (p7); Art knows no limits: UI student and performance artist Lindsay Mammone completes first MFA program (p9); Sharing culture: Women’s Center and Office of Multicultural Affairs brought Japanese traditions to the Palouse (p9); A community of creators: Third annual artability showcases the work of new and returning artists (p10); Cashing in on nap time: UI’s Theatre Department revamps “Sleepy: A Musical” (p11); From one family to the next: Taylor Pierce and Mikayla Ferenz continue to build their strong careers and legacy at Idaho (p13); 2017 champs: The Idaho men’s tennis team claimed its second Big Sky title (p13); Vandals earn their third title: Idaho earns its third Big Sky conference title (p14); Vandals have Meade for speed: Vandal athletes set records in a weekend of Pac-12 meets (p15); Making something out of nothing: The need for franchise quarterbacks continue (p16); There’s no place like Dome: Vandals enjoy favorable lineup for upcoming fall season in the dome (p17); All about the offense: Idaho’s offense shines in silver and gold game Friday (p18); A season of success (p20); Ch-ch-ch-changes: The 2016-2017 school year brought news, change (p21); New wave of truth-tellers: Comedians offer a more honest insight than traditional media outlets (p21); Aiming with a purpose: There is value in the right form of ambition (p22); A group project: Working with others may be difficult, but it is necessary (p23); Make female pleasure a priority: Women need to be intimately understood (p24);
Refugee; Seniors; Parks and Rec; CNR; Traditions; Volleyball; Basketball; Football; Tennis
January 24, 2017 A gentle, angry people’: About 2,500 people protested in the Women’s March on the Palouse; Harnessing powerful images: The 2017 MLK art and essay contest urges students to explore environmental injustice: What is a sanctuary? UI students hold meeting to discuss proposal to declare UI a sanctuary campus; Home away from home: UI student got a taste of a new culture while she studied abroad in Austria (p3); A sport of the mind: College Bowl recruits students for an academic competition (p3); Hurdling over the border: Idaho ends the WSU indoor open with several top finishes (p5); Opening weekend: Idaho tennis began the spring season going 1-1 (p5); ‘Don’t poke the bear’: Vandals earn third straight victory against NAU Lumberjacks (p6); Vandals gain momentum: Three conference wins in a row could mean growing momentum (p7); A second chance: Inaugural spring league could provide an alternative route for former Vandals (p7); Swinging in the moose: Swing Devils of the Palouse dance at the Moscow Moose Lodge after CJ’s (p8); Welcoming the Rooster: Lorita Leung Dance company performed Jan. 21 in honor of the Chinese New Year (p9); Tackling the truth: Vigilant journalism is crucial in light of fake news popularity (p10); Safety should be first at UI: Student safety should be a priority in Idaho and Washington (p10); Breathe in, breathe out: There’s a responsibility associated with being an inspired individual (p11); Fabrication across the nation: Fake news and clickbait garner attention, dragging chains of unreliability and division (p11); Personal investment matters: There are lessons to learn outside of the classroom (p12);
Women’s March; MLK; Track and Field; Tennis; Basketball
April 25, 2017 A doctor raising doctors: Mary Beth Staben loves the chaos of being a doctor and a mother; A bunch of mama’s boys: UI men compete to win the title of Mr. Idaho; Her jeans were too tight: Violence prevention programs hosts denim day; Racing to raise money: Annual Turtle Derby raises money, brings Greek community together on moms Weekend (p3); Running the gauntlet: Dash after dark to help students de-stress before finals (p3); The ethical debate: New York Times reporter discusses importance of ethical journalism (p4); Winning with Wilson: Senior standout reflects on memorable career with Vandals (p6); Big Sky beat down: Second seed Vandals achieve conference record going into the Big Sky Tournament (p6); Professional preparation: Ryan Porch looks to pursue a professional golf career after graduation (p7); Sportsmanship comes first: The Idaho women’s ultimate frisbee team puts sportsmanship over everything (p8); Senior day for tennis: The Vandals earned a first-round bye of the Big Sky tournament in a first home match (p9); Exploring the possibilities: Graduating MFA candidates’ display thesis works in “Unmasked Possibilities” (p10); Playing make believe: “Wendy and Peter” brings play to the theater (p11); Wringing students dry: Hefty tuition proposal highlights questionable path for UI (p12); What makes a mom: Mothers can come in different forms (p12); Misdirected efforts: Take the time to develop meaningful relationships in college (p13); Work beyond academic value: Serious aspiring journalists must get involved with student media (p14);
Doctors; M. Idaho; Denim Day; Turtle Derby; Ethics; Tennis; Basketball; Tuition
June 21, 2017 Horoscopes (p2); Stories told through song: The best movie musicals to watch this summer (p3); Summer stylin’: Compile a complete summer wardrobe with these style tips (p4); New growth from old roots: Moscow Brewing Company grand reopening marks a continuation of a rich Moscow brewing history (p5); Shine bright like a diner: The varsity diner brings character and delicious food to Moscow (p5); Connected at the hub: UI professor Rodney Frey’s new book a reflection on lessons from indigenous elders (p6); Arts Roundup: This week’s top arts and culture stories (p7); News roundup: This weeks top news stories (p8); Sharing the frequencies: Field day provides community members with an introduction to amateur radio (p8); Leaveland: Lebron James may break the heart of Cleaveland once again (p9); The practice of pride: Pride month celebrates the rich history of the LGBT community for the month June (p10);
Horoscopes; Stories; Style; Art; Indigenous; Basketball; LGBT
February 28, 2017 Taking home the trophy: Jazz Fest held concert series to showcase student talent; Start the conversation: Eating disorder awareness week works to recognize issues around campus and supply resources; Simplifying the world’s complexities: UI professor encourages students to explore the humanities offered at UI (p3); For those outside the box: LGBTQA office hosts social meet up for gender non-binary and nonconforming people (p3); Idaho hockey heroes: Women’s club hockey is anything but cold out on the ice (p5); Free throws seal victory: Free throws lead Idaho to victory after regulation (p6); Final road game win: Vandals earn 82-77 victory on the road (p7); Filling Sanders’ shoes: Freshman Trevon Allen steps up to make a splash on senior night (p7); Moving to the music: Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival brings dance to campus (p8); A healthy helping: One in four students will suffer from eating disorders, the other three can combat the stigma (p10); Prevent versus treat: Preventative care might just save the world (p11); Pokemon Go – worth it? Generation 2 of Pokemon Go takes on the world (p12);
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; LGBTQA; Basketball; Hockey; Diet; Pokemon
October 17, 2017 A presidential stepping stone: Chuck Staben looks for new job, finalist for UNM president; Demolition leads the way: After four years, work on remodeling finally begins; ‘Nevertheless, I persisted’: Anita Hill discusses the importance of data at UI Bellwood Lecture Wednesday; Ten days in Bolivia: University of Idaho students travel to Bolivia to assist a community in need of water (p3); The ingredients of peace: Shirin Ebadi urges peace in Borah Symposium speech (p4); Staying hot at home: The Vandals kept their win streak alive against Eastern Washington (p6); Success in Seattle: The Vandal swim and dive team dominated in Seattle (p6); Incredible at Inland Empire championship: The women dominate in the final regular season meet before the Big Sky Championships (p6); Upset fatigue: More upsets to the national title contenders suggest that nobody will compete with Alabama (p7); Temporary turning: American soccer fans should still pay attention to the World Cup (p7); A tale of two halves: Idaho football suffers heartbreaking comeback loss to Appalachian State (p8); Doomed in the Dome: Idaho soccer fails to take down the Vikings at home (p9); Struggles at Southern Dunes: Idaho men’s golf struggles in the Southern Dunes Invitational (p10); UI music program hits a high note (p11); Exploring a blank canvas: Local art business to partner with university in providing a social creative outlet for students (p11); Painting a STEAMED revolution: Mural artists upgrade East Art and Architecture building (p12); Advising awareness: Advising can bring plenty of opportunities, but only if students are willing to take them (p13);
Chuck Staben; Data; Swim and dive; Volleyball; Peace; Basketball; Football; Soccer; Golf; Music
March 21, 2017 A reel community: Howard Hughes Video is going through another transition; A shift in support: Disabilities Support Services to move to Pitman Center in fall 2017; Winter weather aftermath: Latah County Commissioners declare a disaster after recent flooding and other winter weather damage; A campus of inclusivity: UI recognized for its LGBT-friendly policies and overall online affordability (p3); The working man: McClure study evaluates economic impact of Idaho dairy farms (p3); Vandals earn redemption: Vandals pull through to defeat Big Sky Conference rival Eastern Washington in WBI (p6); Marin carries the Vandals: Vandal men’s golfers show improvement in Dallas (p5); Chasing titles: a season in review: Vandal basketball had its ups and downs, but the future is still bright (p6); Spring into baseball: Major League Baseball teams kick off the spring training season (p7); Ninth time’s the charm: “Logan” delivers a satisfying punch in this ninth stab at Wolverine films (p8); A collaboration of art: UI Dance and Music programs collaborate for Dancers Drummers Dreamers concert (p8); Cultivating multicultural connections (p9); Idaho accepts all: UI recognized as one of the most inclusive colleges (p10); The new generation of science: Removing climate change from state curriculums threatens the growth of new generations (p10); Too busy for that: There is productivity in taking time for oneself (p11); STEM women, unite: It is important to celebrate present female trailblazers in STEM fields (p12);
Disabilities; LGBT; Flooding; Golf; Basketball; Baseball; Golf; Dance; Music; Climate; STEM
January 18, 2017 Dedication to duty: Brink Hall Lounge renamed in honor of late professor; Talk of change: Information consumption is changing and so are we; Sisterhood, strength, solidarity: Women’s March on the Palouse joins the global movement; Support the dream: Students celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day through community service events; From Vandal to Vandal: Faculty and students take the UI recruitment show on the road (p3); Back and better than ever: Brooke Reilly’s legacy rooted in the Northwest, she’s in good company (p4); Vandals come out strong: Indoor track and field kicked off in the Kibbie Dome with strong performances (p5); Moving forward: With Callandret out, Vandals must look to the paint for offensive help (p6); Conference rematch: Idaho fell to in-state rival Idaho State at home (p6); Anything but boring: The NBA is still interesting, but often overlooked (p7); Nourishing Moscow with music: Sensing the arts through classical music, oil paintings and wines (p8); Science on the town: Science after hours provides a platform for students, faculty to share research (p8); An ensemble of one: Pianist brings classical and contemporary sound to the Lionel Hampton School of Music (p9); A dish best served cold: University of Idaho students produce Shakespeare’s ‘Titus Andronicus’ (p9); Necessary evolution: A digital first mentality will help student reporters develop skills and better serve readers (p10); No cure for the travel bug: A love of travel can teach a person priceless lessons (p11); Social change squandered: Libby Chamberlain chose money over big change (p11); A resolute nation: The United States could afford to make a few resolutions of its own (p12);
Brink Hall; Change; Women’s March; Track and Field; Basketball; Music; Travel
March 07, 2017 A changing tradition: The Palouse community goes downtown, celebrates Mardi Gras; Being a savior: Education is the best way to combat irresponsible volunteer practices; The ability to enact change: ASUI to hold meeting for UI students interested in open positions; A reason to celebrate: LunaFest returns to Moscow for its 12th year; A community of vulnerability: Annual Hemingway Festival holds reading with local authors (p3); Leading by example: Junior Kendall Gray looks for incredible future success (p5); Vandals rebound: Idaho fell to the Cowgirls for a second time this season (p5); Top-Flight: Vandal women’s golf team place third at Gold Rush tournament (p5); Sealing the deal: Idaho pulls off a big win against Southern Utah on the seniors’ final home game (p6); Ready for Reno: Vandals seal fourth seed position heading into playoffs following a win against Southern Utah (p7); A foot on the wall: UI hosts the 16th annual climbing festival (p8); Act of friendship: UI Theatre Performance student takes alternate to first place for acting at theater festival (p9); Definitely Denis: Talk show host and former UI grad serves as perfect choice for commencement speaker (p10); Demons endured: Hard times breed better people (p11); The fascination with the fantastical: The fantasy genre is not just an escape (p12);
Mardi Gras; Education; ASUI; LunaFest; Hemingway Festival; Theatre; Climbing; Basketball
February 07, 2017 ‘We will not stand quiet’: Palouse protestors gather against Donald Trump’s travel ban; A divided nation: Fans from anywhere can find a reason to cheer for, or against, a team in the Super Bowl; Holding each other in love: UI Women’s Center to present “The Vagina Monologues”; A fundraiser that feeds: UI Students for Life raise funds to aid local parents in need (p3); Setting the bar higher: Senior Drew Thompson leads the team on and off the track (p5); Milestone victory: A victory over Sacramento State marks Jon Newlee’s 143rd win (p5); Vandal tennis on the road: Idaho’s women’s tennis team earned two victories in Portland (p5); Thousands of reasons to celebrate: Junior crosses a historic landmark and defeats Sacramento State (p6); Celebrating the world music: Guest artist Magda Giannikou describes UI’s music students as excellent collaborators (p8); A doggone way to relax: Therapy dogs visit with students at the Idaho Commons to help students cope with stress (p9); It’s fair enough (p10); Alternative idols: Recent events in the federal government have me seeking alternative role models (p11); More than a hostess: Melania Trump will find her place in a long line of first ladies (p12);
Protestors; Track and Field; Tennis; Basketball; First Lady
December 05, 2017 Dissecting UI’s priorities; The man behind the suit: An in-depth look at the jolly man many know as Santa Claus (p3); The future of Vandalstar: VandalStar will consolidate students’ academic data (p4); Small change, big impact: University of Idaho to add gender-inclusive housing (p5); The yarn store for mindful knitters: Locally sourced yarn, classes and more at The Yarn Under ground (p7); UI Jazz Choir gives community gift of music: Local music groups come together for Jazz Choirs Holiday Concert (p7); Painting a new playground: Moscow art studio raises funds for an ADA-complaint playground (p10); Women rocking the wall on Ladies Rock night: Ladies night in the Climbing Center gives the opportunity to build confidence (p11); Taming the Titans: The Vandals rode an incredible shooting night to a dominant home win (p12); The Vandals finish with an explosive finale: Aaron Duckworth breaks 1000 yards rushing this season (p15); Prioritizing campus voices: Program prioritization should involve student input now more than ever (p17); Surviving the holidays: Three ways to combat common holiday dangers (p8); Friendship at full capacity: The value of making room for new friends and relationships (p19);
Christmas; VandalStar; Yarn; Jazz Choir; Football; Basketball; Climbing; Holidays; Friendship
April 11, 2017 Stories that last a lifetime: UI alumni of 50 years or more visit campus for Golden I Reunion; Connect with community: Saturday of Service gives students volunteer opportunities across Moscow; To break the silence: First-year student’s video project documents the experiences of women at UI; For the love of Idaho: I Heart Idaho week provides entertainment and connection for all Vandals (p3); A future without sexual violence: Women’s Center and Violence prevention programs to host poetry slam for sexual assault awareness month (p4); Championships and charisma: Ben Doucette opens his freshman year with extensive impacts both on and off the track (p6); Big Sky defeat: Vandal women’s tennis drop first conference matchup of season (p6); Vandals fall in overtime: Idaho men’s club lacrosse dropped its final home game to Gonzaga over the weekend (p7); Vandals fall in Boise: The Vandals missed a step against an old familiar foe (p8); Summer sports are in session: Summer is considered uneventful for sports, but that depends on perspective (p9); A community for art: UI senior will share his short film with the community at the annual Kino Film Festival (p10); A bit of humor for UI: Three comedians visit UI and connect with students (p11); Understand the ballot: Vote in the ASUI election—but wait, what’s ASUI again? (p12); Stuff happens: Life can be unpredictable, but there are silver linings (p14);
Volunteer; Idaho; Track and Field; Tennis; Lacrosse; Kino Film Festival
November 28, 2017 Phishing for data: UI enhances security in response to phishing; Genes, drugs and mice: UI-led research working to treat brain disease injuries; Opening the dark door of horror: UI professor teaches students what the real monsters are; Technology in the classroom: The Doceo Center held a workshop on screen casting Monday afternoon (p3); A feast of tournaments: Idaho wraps up Great Alaska Shootout with a win in the third-place game (p5); An Aggie advantage: The Vandals suffered their seventh Sun Belt loss of the season by one possession (p5); Lackluster leadership, soaring salary? Roger Goodell is asking for compensation he doesn’t deserve (p7); Christmas, but no carol: UI Theatre Arts Department will present ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’ (p9); A snippet of a play: Cornerstone Theatre presents a short version of “ Death of the Ego” (p10); After break, take a break: Take time to destress before dead week and final exams (p11); Redundant recognition: Time Magazine’s person of the year award should not exist (p12);
Data; Monsters; Basketball; Football; Leadership; Theatre; Winter break
June 07, 2017 Summer blockbusters: Current and upcoming movies you don’t want to miss this season (p3);Going the extra mile: Moscow man receives Cicerone certification, becomes beer connoisseur (p4); I hate to burst your bubble: It’s important to break out of political bubbles every once in a while (p4); Creativity on the Palouse: Local activity center provides fun and creativity during the summer months (p5); Racial violence in America: Society has to address racial violence before moving forward (p6); News Roundup: This week’s top news stories (p7); Mowing down the competition: More cracks added to the glass ceiling in professional sports (p9);
Blockbusters; Cicerone certification: Creativity; Violence
February 22, 2017 What rehearsal demands: Jazz choir rehearses in preparation for the upcoming Jazz Festival; Jazzing up the university: New Academic Resource Fair gives visiting students a glimpse of UI; More connection, less isolation: Women’s Center reflects on the high tournout for “ The Vagina Monologues”; Studies for daily life: UI professor to talk on the benefits of studying liberal arts at UI; Starting on the right note: 50th year limited edition Jazz Fest poster revealed at reception (p3); Hurdling over roadblocks: Senior Wednesday Walton looks back on her career at Idaho (p5); Weekend wallop: Vandals claim doubleheader to extend win streak (p5); Vandals claw the Eagles: Idaho pulls a big win over Eastern Washington as the postseason quickly approaches (p6); From defeat to sweep: Idaho looked for revenge after a loss to Gonzaga (p7); Coffee house queens: One World Café’ hosts Drag Bingo (p8); From acting to directing: Theater students showcase directing talents for the student directing competition (p9); Advertising its assets: UI will pitch university’s academic elements to Jazz Fest visitors (p10); Life off the list: Yellowstone grizzly bear management is poised to take its next steps, but that may be harder than imagined (p11); Sounds like a plan: Sometimes making plans means being flexible for the future (p12);
Jazz Choir; Academic Resource Fair; Bingo; Basketball; Hurdles
April 18, 2017 Taking back the power: UI student credits on-campus resources for helping her after she was sexually assaulted; Four injured in explosion: NORE fuel test gone wrong results in four injured; Second time’s the charm: MacDonald and Yenne win ASUI presidential election by 75 votes; Big plans for a small town: Moscow Police Chief James Fry celebrates one year as chief; Staff council frustrated with transition process (p3); Dancing with diversity: India Night 2017 showcases culture to the Palouse, brings Indian community together (p4); Finding ways of survival: Junior Brayon Blake fought his whole life to find a home (p6); Preparation makes perfect: Idaho places 10th overall at the El Macero Invitational, Marin finishes top-10 (p6); Success along the West Coast: Idaho finds success as the team moves through California competitions (p7); Not messing around anymore: The Idaho men’s rugby team sets its sights high for future seasons (p8); Leaders and playmakers: Making plays isn’t everything, sometimes a team needs a leader (p9); Straight on ‘til morning: UI Theatre department gives a new take on the classic Peter Pan in “Wendy & Peter: Into Neverland” (p10); An alternate film school: University of Idaho adds Film and Television Studies to its degree options (p11); Growing with mom: PSSC offers fourth annual Moms’ Weekend planting event (p11); It’s not cock-blocking: It is everyone’s responsibility to stop sexual violence, resources for survivors are available (p12);
Sexual Assault; explosion; Dance; Basketball; Track and Field; Rugby; Theatre
September 12, 2017 A voice for all immigrants: DACA rally sheds light on all undocumented immigrants, not just DACA recipients; Reclaiming spaces: Women’s Center’s take back the night march combines with Katy Benoit safety forum; DACA students aren’t alone: UI and WSU students work together to help DACA classmates; Vandals united, never divided: Vandals join together to protestrecentDACAdecision (p3); An opportunity abroad: Education abroad fair gives students the opportunity to travel the world (p4); Wrecked by the Rebels: Idaho drops a six-game win streak with a tough loss at home to UNLV (p6); Missing the momentum: Idaho suffers a loss at the hands of a UNLV team that outdid them in everyway (p6); Idaho honors Kristen Armstrong: Part of Paradise Path is dedicated to Olympic gold medalists and UI graduate Kristin Armstrong (p7); Vandals dominate GCU Tournament: Idaho seeps three games and takes home the GCU tournament title (p8); NFL Non-Functioning: The NFL is incapable of properly disciplining its players (p9); Women’s voices take the stage: Staged reading to support endowment for UI playwriting students (p10); Setting the stage: Sept. 10 Drag 101 class welcomes student to TabiKat Productions (p12); The evidence is in the air: Recent wildfires should prompt thought and discussion on environmentalism (p13); Identity theft by association: Pinkwashing is a harmful process not many know about (p14);
Immigrants; DACA; Football; Soccer; Kristen Armstrong; Volleyball; Drag
March 28, 2017 Fumbling the budget: Majority of UI students believe athletics is profitable when it’s at a $1 million deficit; Bound for greatness: UIdaho Bound events had new students register for class and explore campus; Sacred tradition: The 18th annual Tutxinmepu Powow offers cultural experiences and traditions; Vandal spirit guide: UI tour guide loves interacting with prospective students and families (p3); Top performer to team leader: Geraldine McCorkell heads into her senior season to continue helping her team on and off the court (p5); Hit the ground running: Vandals opened the outdoor season with a myriad of top performances at the Sam Adams Invitational (p5); Picking up where they left off: Women’s tennis did not miss a step against Seattle U (p6); Vying for validation: Idaho football eyes consecutive bowl berths with favorable 2017 schedule, highlights include six home games and road meeting with Missouri (p7); Changing history with her story: “Medea: Her Story” wins national awards at KCACTF (p8); Power rangers power reality: “Power Rangers” reboot is morph-enomenal fun (p8); Graceful, powerful, united: University of Idaho will host the 2017 Northwest Horn Symposium (p9); Nullifying numbers: The deficit in UI Athletics affects all departments (p10); Let’s talk politics: Americans need to start voting on the basis of the issues and not the political party (p11); Expect the unexpected: Theft in college is a well-known problem, but theft in the dorms is severely overlooked (p12);
Budget; UIdaho Bound; Powwow; Sam Adams Invitational; Theft; Lacrosse; Basketball; Football
October 03, 2017 A photo frenzy: Photo Scavenger Hunt encourages healthy competition; Shout Vandal pride: Homecoming traditions fost a sense of vandal pride; ‘Twas the night before homecoming: Previewing Friday night’s homecoming event line-up; A passion for marching: Freshman Emily Branham is reunited with her passion (p3); Adapting antelope: UI receives $700,000 to study antelope in Mazambiaque (p4); Combat stresses from midterms: Manage stress, utilize time to improve midterms (p5); Breaking the ban: Banned Books Week brings together UI faculty, staff and students (p6); Timeless traditions: Vandals across campus will compete in annual skit competition for Homecoming (p7); A ‘Super Bowl” for gamers: Seventh annual Vandal Overnight Games build campus gaming community (p8); Dance for the masses: Guest artist brings technological twist to UI Dance (p9); Scary story series: H.P. Lovecraft’s “Cool Air” is a chilling way to start the Halloween season (p9); Tracing his footsteps: Local author to read from book about her father and WWII (p10); Backing the Vandals (p11); Chance meeting: Idaho could, and should, meet Boise State one more time (p12); Hitting the ground running: Andrea Condie has come a long way for her athletic success (p14); From Bronco to Vandal: Volleyball transfer Reece Carman has been impactful in her first official season at Idaho (p15); A feeling too familiar: As mass shootings continue to occur, compassion is key in creating a unified front (p17); Career planning blues: Students should plan for internship and career opportunities and attempt to stay encouraged (p18); Pondering postgrad life: Follow these tips to alleviate postgrad fear and stress (p18); Honesty is the best policy: White lies perpetuate dishonesty (p19); Vietnam revisited: The latest Vietnam War documentary is especially educational and timely (p19);
Homecoming; Antelope; Stress; Dance; Volleyball; XC; Football; Gamers
May 24, 2017 Shooting for the stars: UI first-generation student lands NASA internship with help of TRiO Program (p3); Singing into the summer season (p4); Out with the old, in with the new: UI Swim Center closes for summer renovation (p5); Destined to meet again: Cleveland and Golden State are too good not to meet again (p6); Raiderettes strike back: NFL cheerleaders set precedent for being treated like humans (p6); Reduce, reuse, relax at the fair: Moscow Renaissance Fair provides fun, sustainability (p8); Summer eating in Moscow: The best places to eat in town during the summertime (p9); Bleeding for a cause: Thirty-eight states in the U.S. believe that feminine hygiene products are a “luxury” not a necessity (p10);
NASA; Singing; Swim Center; NFL; NBA; Renaissance Fair; Hygiene
July 05, 2017 Arts and culture roundup: This week’s top arts and culture news and events on campus and in the community (p3); Catching up on construction: City communicates with business owners as Sixth Street construction progresses (p4); The breakage below the surface: “Orange is the New Black” gives a glimpse into America’s broken prison system (p5); Timeless tales: Get back to your childhood with these classic Disney films that are sure to have you reminiscing (p6); News Roundup: This week’s top news stories and events on campus and in the community (p7); Barbecues and mattress sales: Military life is divorced from civilian life due to government policy (p8); Sexism strikes again: There is no more room for blatant sexism in board rooms in 2017 (p8); Beme me up: Consumers of traditional news are getting older, forcing platforms to make radical changes (p9); A heroic decision: Individuals who identify as pro-choice should actually respect others’ choice to get an abortion (p10);
Art; Construction; Prison; Disney; Sexism; News
August 18, 2017 Moscow grandstand for eclipse: The Argonaut covered the last eclipse of the century which occurred Feb. 26, 1979 and cast its shadow over the Moscow area. This year, The Argonaut will cover the second eclipse to hit the Moscow area since then. The following article was written in 1979 in anticipation for the eclipse; Building a strong foundation: UI physicist receives $6 million grant from National Science Foundation; New year, same plan: President Chuck Staben highlights strategic plan goals; Fighting stereotypes (p3); Reflecting back, looking forward: Graduating seniors from different backgrounds face similar challenges going into last year (p4); More than just a match: The Vandal soccer team kick starts the season with a big game and a bigger venue (p6); A Big Sky of opportunity: Fans should be looking for the silver lining of the upcoming move (p7); Glimpse into the future: Idaho’s 2017 soccer schedule is set as the Vandals look to take the Big Sky by storm (p8); Glimpse of golf: The 2017-2018 Idaho men’s golf schedule is released as the season approaches (p9); Underdogs again: Idaho football must get past itself before looking to add another (p10); Performing new perspectives: International theater artist Marco Magoa uses art to provide perspective on refugee crisis (p11); Syncing up with a club: Student clubs and organizations provide personal and professional growth opportunities (p12); A celebration of suffrage: UI Women’s Center celebrates Women’s Equality Day with outdoor feminist fair (p13); Standing together: Students should reflect on Charlottesville protests, while staying safely engaged (p14); Newcomer notions: Dispelling misconceived ideas about freshman year (p15); Palousafest 2017 (p16);
Palousafest; Eclipse; Stereotypes; Soccer; Golf; Football
April 04, 2017 A purposeful powwow: Tutxinmepu Powwow helps honor Native American traditions and culture; Touring Titan: UI researchers propose new NASA spacecraft to land on Saturn’s largest moon; Letting voices be heard: ASUI to allow those outside the senate to engage in debate conversation; Validating invisible work: Women’s Center recognizes gender activists with Virginia Wolf Distinguished Service Awards; The continued promotion of peace: UI’s 70th annual Borah Symposium to focus on push for nationalization in a globalized world (p3); Trend-setting brothers: Idaho tennis blurs the line between team and family (p4); Narrow win for women: Idaho women’s tennis paved the way for more Big Sky success (p5); International appeal: Jessica Brzozowska shows promise during her freshman campaign for the Vandals (p6); Tennis takedown: Vandals rebound with consecutive conference (p7); ‘The best opera in the region’: UI produces opera in Moscow (p8); Promoting arts education: RTOP offers seasonal acting workshops (p9); Congrats, White Iverson: Post Malone selection exhibits recent hip-hop trend for Vandal Entertainment (p10); Words aren’t noise: All people are bad at listening, but can be better (p11); Religion without spirituality: Being religious means more than being spiritual (p12);
Powwow; NASA; Tennis; ASUI; Opera; Religion