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The University of Idaho Library's


Photograph Collection

Documenting the history of the UI Campus

Library , 1957-

Architect:Whitehouse, Price (Spokane); 1991 addition: Ellis-Feeney (Lewiston)

Cost: $1,362,295

Location: 46.7274, -117.014217 | University Ave. (across from Memorial Gym) 850 Rayburn St
Description: Reinforced concrete frame, brick facing, flat roof, basement, ground and three floors 138' x 205', 89,606 sq. ft. Modular construction allows flexibility of interior arrangement
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Additions: 1988 basement was remodeled; $12.3 million, 66,000 sq. ft. addition built in 1991. New tower is 86 ft above ground level
Use History: Book collection, research space, campus branch of U.S. Post Office, 1957-1990
Sources: Cards, UG 44, Morton, UG 12 (2311)

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