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Morrill Hall , 1906-


Cost: $55,907

History: The University of Idaho's Morrill Hall (commonly just Morrill) is one of the campus's oldest structures. more ... Morrill was built in 1906 with insurance money gained from the destruction of Old Admin. It served to tide the University over until funds could be gathered to build the New Admin. Built at a cost of $55, 907, Morrill is a four-story, brick and stone, rectangular construction of 28,246 feet. The fourth story was added in 1930.

Morrill Hall was originally constructed as the University's agriculture building. It became the Forestry Building in 1950, but was eventually returned to being called Morrill Hall and presently houses the College of Graduate Studies.

Morrill Hall is named after Representative Justin Smith Morrill of Vermont, whose name adorns the 1862 bill that President Lincoln signed to provide funds for a series of land-grant colleges. Rep. Morrill fought for this bill for many years, which lead to it becoming known as the Morrill Act. Consequently, it is not uncommon to see a landmark or building named for Morrill on land-grant campuses.

Location: 46.728034, -117.010995 | Idaho Ave, N. end of Pine Street 820 Idaho Avenue
Description: Four story brick and stone, 65' x 125', 28,246 sq. ft.
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Additions: Fourth floor added in 1930
Use History: Originally constructed for the College of Agriculture and Agricultural Experiment Station. Became Forestry building in 1950. Currently houses the Idaho Geological Survey, Graduate School offices, classrooms, and Dept. of Philosophy.
Name History: Morrill Hall, named for Senator Justin S. Morrill of Vermont who introduced a bill later known as the Morrill Act which provided fee land for the founding of land-grant universities in each state; Forestry Building
Date Notes: Occupied March 1907
Cost Notes: $55,907 (Insurance money from Administration Building fire)
Sources: Cards, UG 44, Grant Miller, Petersen, Argonaut

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