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Ridenbaugh Hall , 1901-

Architect:W.R. Ritchie (Spokane)

Cost: $17,000

Location: 46.72448, -117.00897 | South side of quadrangle, corner of Blake and Nez Perce
Description: Brick, gabled, three floors, 78' x 96', 15,712 sq. ft. Set on a native basalt foundation, this blocky red brick building rises three stories and is topped with a truncated hip roof. Listed on National Register of Historic Places
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Use History: Was first women's dormitory and site of domestic science classes, then in 1927 was men's dormitory. Later used as music practice rooms, and currently also houses the Art and Architecture gallery
Name History: Named for Mary E. Ridenbaugh, vice-president of the Board of Regents, and regent from 1901 to 1907
Date Notes: Occupied 1902
Cost Notes: $17,000 (state appropriation)
Sources: Cards, Morton, UG 44, IHS 141, Beacon, Facilities Architecture Drawing Archives

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