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Theophilus Tower , 1967-

Architect:Dropping & Kelley (Boise)

Cost: $2,500,000

Location: 46.7308, -117.014033 | Paradise Creek Street
Description: 11 story building with accommodations for 416 students; 90,779 sq. ft.
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Use History: Construction began Nov. 1967, completed Sept. 1969. Single student dorm, co-ed.
Name History: Named for Donald R. Theophilus, U.I. President 1954-1965; Forney Hall, 2nd & 3rd floors; French Hall, 4th and 5th floors; Hays Hall, 6th & 7th floors; Sweet Hall, 8th & 9th floors; Chrisman Hall, 10th & 11th floors
Cost Notes: $2.5 million (Regents bonds)
Sources: Morton, Bookmark, Argonaut, VF

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