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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century

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Date: March 01, 1974 Interviewer: Sam Schrager

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1:00 - Stories about sister at university

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Segment Synopsis: Her sister Delia Johnson's skilled presentation of her trip from California to the university class. Sister's loss of diary and work when the Administration building burned down' this led to her withdrawing from the univesity

5:00 - Stories about mom, rattlesnake, and cougar

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Segment Synopsis: Her recollections of home in California; mother's skill and determination. Mother chopped a rattlesnake who hypnotized the calves. A cougar attack. Mother nursed her and other sick people. They came to Moscow so the girls would get an education, and it was hard to run the farm. Mother boarded a boy in Moscow for nothing.

11:00 - Trip on horses from California with family

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Segment Synopsis: Troubles handling horses on trip from California. Their outfit was well prepared for trip. Uncle drank on trip, although he promised he wouldn't. Mother cried when she first saw Moscow. Their uncle who lived here had told them to bring horses because the market was good, but the market collasped and some of the horses died that winter because they didn't have adequate shelter. She had to sell her pony, so she cut off part of his mane. Mother's struggle after she came.

18:00 - JC Penney's in Mosocw

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Segment Synopsis: Beginnings of J.C. Penneys Store in Moscow, it had formerly been the Golden Rule. Recollections of Mr. Penney; his gift to them. Their development of Penneys' Stores. Desire of established businesses to keep competition out. Working people liked Penney's.


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