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Library Cell Phone policy

By working with you, members of the University of Idaho academic community, to better understand the issues before us, it is quite obvious that we all have different opinions about cell phones and their appropriateness in the Library.

Given that we (University of Idaho community members) recognize:

  • there is a need for quiet study in the library
  • there will be no active enforcement by library staff of this policy
  • that noise pollution should be reduced in this public place

The Library requests that cell phones and their users respect the wishes of the people who desire a quiet location for study by:

  • changing the setting on their phones to a non-audible signal
  • limiting their conversations in public areas, particularly on the third floor

The Library further requests that all users honor the space on the third floor as a silent area, taking conversations and group work either to group study rooms or to other spaces in the building.

We hope that this policy is something we can accept as a behavior contract, and that this is liberal enough so the community can share in its enforcement.

Thank you for your efforts in discussing this issue.


Modified: Friday May 15, 2009