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Government Document Searches
Now Made Easier at UI’s Library

MOSCOW, Idaho -- Access to government information just got easier as the University of Idaho Library just added nearly 400,000 records for U.S. Government documents into its library catalog.

This eliminates a need to search external databases for items published since 1976 by the U.S. government.

Because UI is a Regional Depository Library, providing accurate and easy access to information gathered by the government is a library goal.

“For library users, this means they don't need to think of government documents as a separate category of information resources when they are researching a topic,” said Lynn Baird, associate dean of UI’s library services.

The UI Library is one of the nation’s 53 Regional Depository Libraries and receives all federal publications. Currently, the library has nearly 1.5 million items in this collection and adds an average of 20,000 items each year, including information published by the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as the U.S. Censuses and the Congressional Records.

A federal depository library since 1907, UI stores federal publications in vast stacks of moveable shelves, designed so they can slide tightly together in a basement preserve. Some publications date back more than a century.

The UI Library manages the government documents collection for the benefit of all Idahoans. Students and researchers use them as sources of official information. To access these documents via computer, visit the library’s catalog.

Modified: Friday May 15, 2009