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Electronic Green Journal (EGJ) Publishes Winter 2005 Issue

The issue 22 of the Electronic Green Journal, has been just published
at:  http://egj.lib.uidaho.edu/egj22/index.html. The EGJ was recognized
by the Timeline of the Open Access Movement at:
<http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/fos/timeline.htm> as an early free
online peer-reviewed journal.

This time we published Terry Link's editorial on the responsibilities of each of us in making everyday choices in order to protect our "one planet, one family and only one future."  In this issue we also published five articles, two essays, three poems, and 21 book reviews.  The first article, by authors from University of Newcastle in Australia, presents a content analysis of 41 Australian newspaper articles pertaining to the grey nurse shark.  The second article by Clare D' Souza from La Trobe University, also of Australia, proposes proactive environmentalism support ed by mechanisms from government and business. In the third article N. Persadie and R. Ramlog from the University of West India paint a grim picture of the North-South divide by providing a statistical viewpoint of the challenge facing proponents of the principle of sustainable development. Also by authors from India is our article on water quality in Upper Lake of Bhopal. The last article published by the fo ur authors from Texas U& M University presents study results determining the effects of weather and economic construction factors on residential water consumption in Austin Green Builder homes. Issue 22 also contains 21 book reviews and two essays.  The first essay is by R. W. Miller on why we are not ready to send people to Mars.  The second essay by W. T. Johnson is on the idealism of untouched nature and famine. The poems ­ Albatross and Whale by L. Czuchajowski and the Mountain's Morning Love by R. Blaustein provide poetic realism background.  Finally, Maria A. Jankowska also contributed her editorial on an environmental tribute to Pope John Paul II that was published in issue 21.

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