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ARTstor trial for University of Idaho Library

ARTstor, a repository for over 500,000 digital images designed to promote scholarship and teaching with digital technology, is being offered to the UI community for a one-month period beginning Feb.1, 2007 (ending March 1, 2007).

Before you begin
Before beginning the trial, you will want to confirm that the technical requirements to run ARTstor are properly updated on your campus machines. Please note that updated versions of Java and Flash are needed, as well as pop-up blockers disabled for the ARTstor domain.

Accessing ARTstor
Accessing ARTstor is as easy as linking to the ARTstor main web page and then linking into the digital library. On the homepage, you will see a link to Search and Browse for Images in the lower right hand corner. Click that text to enter the ARTstor Digital Library. To view a "Guide to Getting Started" you can click the Help button in the upper right hand corner and select ARTstor Help." Please see the attached applications document for an outline of search options and image organizing tools.

Instructor Privileges
Instructors will want a higher level of access that will allow them to create folders and share Image Groups with other students or colleagues. They will need to register for a user account and then upgrade their account by selecting "Obtain Instructor Privileges" from the "Tools" toolbar menu. When registering for Instructor Privileges, users will be prompted to obtain the required authorization code and password from Jodi Haire haire@uidaho.edu

*Note: All users are not required to register but individuals who want to use instructor privileges will need to be registered and logged in to ARTstor first You need only to register for Instructor Privileges once.

There are a variety of ready-made documents and instructional materials on-line that will help facilitate your ARTstor trial. At the Using ARTstor page, there are resources tailored for faculty, students, primary contacts, and IT professionals, such as: technology requirements, training policies, instructional handouts, and suggestions for best uses of ARTstor. At the About Collections page, there are specialized collections handouts created by ARTstor that highlight current and forthcoming content and that are designed to be printed and distributed to faculty, researchers, and students. This includes unique interdisciplinary handouts that accentuate the value and relevance of ARTstor to scholars in fields such as anthropology, classical studies, literature, music, photography, and religious studies.

Offline Image Viewer (Offline Image Viewer Install Instructions)
The Offline Image Viewer (OIV) is an additional tool that will allow end users to create presentations in an off-line environment. You can also incorporate personal images in this tool. To download the ARTstor Offline Image Viewer 2.6, please select the download option from the Tools menu.

Personal Collections (Personal Collections Instructions)
Personal Collection tools have been developed to allow individuals to add local images into the on-line ARTstor environment. Once uploaded, those images can be added to public or private image groups and used like any other image in ARTstor. There are steps that need to be taken to initiate Personal Collections on your campus during the trial.

Evaluative comments
To assess the feasibility of this product, your comments will be critically important. Please send your thoughts about how this product may support your teaching and scholarship and its worth as a tool to Gail Eckwright, gze@uidaho.edu, Humanities Librarian, by March 5, 2007.

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