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Navigate the Lightest Foot Print with a Green Map of Moscow

MOSCOW, Idaho – Just in time for Earth Week, an online Green Map of Moscow developed by the University of Idaho's Sustainable Idaho Initiative will help locals navigate the Moscow area while leaving the lightest carbon footprint.

"This map is interactive, which makes it very cool and certainly different from most maps," said Bruce Godfrey, a geographic information specialist for the University of Idaho Library’s INSIDE Idaho Project. The Green Map Project included the efforts of several library Geographic Information System programmers and technicians, including Ed Flathers, Josh Tomlin, Benny Husted, and Joe Mierzwinski.

The Green Map, located online at www.greenmap.uidaho.edu, highlights some 157 different green features. It includes parks – both dog and human, arboreta, Valley Transit bus routes, recycling venues, bicycle lanes and parking, environmentally friendly buildings like the University of Idaho power plant on the corner of 6th and Line St. in Moscow, and much more.

“Users of the map can mark locations and submit comments about new green features or activities about their community,” Godfrey said. “This is a powerful way to communicate. This functionality trends toward a community mapping effort that folks can participate in and thereby shape the content of the map."

Each icon on the map can be clicked for more information about the green feature. Most have pictures of the area, and some have links to separate Web sites.

“We hope that everyone can get something out of the Green Map," said Gail Eckwright, project director for INSIDE Idaho who helped with the Green Map Project. "It is a different kind of map. With the communities help, it will continue to grow.”

The Green Map Project creation is sustainable, too. The online map is easier to update than printed maps and no paper products are involved in creation, Godfrey said.

“With today's focus on environmental efficiency, the green map project allows us to identify and recognize local contributors to that goal,” Flathers said.

Users also can suggest features to be added to the map. On the Green Map and zoom in to a location. In the left-hand column, select the down arrow of the ‘Tools’ tab, select the little pencil, click on the map location of the suggested feature and a form will pop up requesting information. Users may have to temporarily allow pop-ups.

To learn more about Green Map or to add another green feature, contact Godfrey at bgodfrey@uidaho.edu or (208) 292-1407.

Modified: Friday May 15, 2009