Kate and Sue McBeth, Missionary Teachers to the Nez Perce

Kate McBeth's Letters

These letters were transcripted from The American Indian Correspondence: The Presbyterian Historical Society Collection of Missionaries; Letters, 1833 - 1893. The University of Idaho Library owns this microfilm collection.

Please note: the McBeth sisters subscribed to the ethnocentrism of 19th century middle-class whites. Their observations are often patronizing and offensive by contemporary standards. 

1-16-80 Rev. McLean
7-10-81 Mr. William Rankin
10-6-81 Mr. William Rankin
3-31-84 Dr. Lowrie
11-19-85 Mr. William Rankin
11-85 Dr. Ellinwood
7-20-86 Dr. Ellinwood
7-20-91 Mrs. Maxwell
3-92 Dr. Ellinwood
8-24-92  Rev. S. Woods
Undated Miscellaneous letters
Undated   Miscellaneous essays