Eligibility and Guidelines

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to speak with Jylisa Doney, U of I - OAPF Fund Manager, or their library liaison to determine whether their application meets the eligibility criteria.

Article and Journal Criteria

  • Must be accepted for publication before submitting an OAPF application
    • Official invoices and receipts must have issue dates and payment dates between July 1, 2020 and June 15, 2021 to qualify for the OAPF
  • Funding per article is capped at $2000.00
Journal Publishers

We use DOAJ and OASPA membership criteria to verify that publishers and journals adhere to responsible, sustainable, and non-exploitative publishing behavior. Please note that “hybrid journals,” toll-access journals that make certain articles freely available, are ineligible for funding.

Open access membership fees, such as PeerJ Memberships, will be considered on a case-by-case basis if other eligibility requirements are met.

Author Criteria

  • Current U of I faculty, staff, researchers, and enrolled students are eligible to apply for the OAPF
  • Funding per author is capped at $3000.00 per fiscal year
  • Authors may apply for funding multiple times until their cap is met or funds are exhausted

For multi-authored works with more than one U of I author, the article maximum ($2000.00) is prorated by dividing the article processing charges (APCs) by the number of U of I authors.

External Funding

We strongly encourage researchers to request funding for open access publications from their funding agency if they can do so. Authors with sufficient funding from grants or contracts are encouraged to use those funds to allow others to share in the benefit of open publications.

Priority will be given to OAPF applications without other sources of funding available.

Documentation Requirements

U of I - OAPF funding is contingent upon providing proper documentation to the U of I - OAPF Fund Manager and the Library’s Fiscal Officer. In FY 2021, documentation (including official invoices and receipts) must have issue dates and payment dates between July 1, 2020 and June 15, 2021.

Invoices or receipts with issue dates or payment dates that have been changed (including, but not limited to: reissued invoices, credit notes, etc.) do not meet the U of I – OAPF’s documentation requirements.

Conditions for Funded Articles

Funded authors must include the following statement in their article’s acknowledgements section: “Publication of this article was funded by the University of Idaho - Open Access Publishing Fund.”

Funded authors must also deposit a copy of their funded article in the U of I institutional repository (IR).