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Manuscript Group 235

Aurum Mining Company

Records, 1916-1953
15 cubic feet

The records of the Aurum Mining Company are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done under the direction of Richard Davis in 1987 and 1988. Processing was completed by Michael Tarabulski in August 1991. Funds for processing were provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the U.S. Department of Education HEA Title II-C "Strengthening Research Library Resources" program, the Library Associates of the University of Idaho and other donors.


The Aurum Mining Company was incorporated late in December 1927 to take over the property and equipment of the Republic Mines Department of the Northport Smelting & Refining Company, a smeltery located in northeastern Washington treating silver-lead concentrates from the Coeur d'Alene Mining District in Idaho. The Northport smelter had acquired several properties in the Republic District and operated them intermittently to supply its demands for siliceous flux. The smelter was sold in 1922 and its plant scrapped. When Northport's affairs were being wound up the Republic interests were turned over to a new company owned by the former Northport stockholders.

The company held its first stockholders and directors meetings in Wallace, Idaho, on December 27, 1927. Present were: Frank J. Davey, John F. Murphy, Charles A. Solberg, Charles A. Betts, and W. A. Devan, representing all 1350 shares of the subscribed capital stock. They agreed to purchase all of Northport's property in Ferry and Stevens counties, Washington, for 670,000 shares of Aurum capital stock. Because Aurum was incorporated in Idaho, George S. Bailey of Republic, Washington, was appointed as its Washington agent, and a copy of its articles of incorporation filed with the Washington Secretary of State.

The directors met again on May 10, 1928. Resignations were accepted from John F. Murphy, Charles A. Solberg, and Frank J. Davey. Jerome J. Day, Henry L. Day, and H. H. Miller were elected to replace them. The new board of directors elected Jerome Day president, Henry Day vice-president, and H.H. Miller secretary-treasurer. Miller died early in 1931, and a new board -- Jerome and Henry Day, F.M. Rothrock, E.H. Knight, and P.J. Maggy -- was assembled. Maggy was replaced within a year by W.H. Hoover.

In 1932 Aurum consisted of a half-dozen old properties in the Republic Mining District, comprising more than 800 acres of mineral land. This included thirty-five patented mining claims, eight unsurveyed claims, and eighteen lots on patented ground. Northport had paid $175,700 for its original holdings in the Republic District, and spent approximately $111,400 in exploration and development up until December 31, 1926. Between then and September 1932 Aurum spent another $31,650 acquiring patented ground in the district and on annual assessment work required on unpatented claims.

The stockholders met in Wallace in 1933 and unanimously elected a new board of directors: Jerome, Henry, and Harry Day, Frank M. Rothrock, and E.H. Knight. At the directors meeting Jerome and Henry Day were re-elected president and vice-president, respectively, and S.F. Heitfeld was elected secretary-treasurer. A.P. Ramstedt replaced Harry Day as a company director in February 1935 but, due to extended illness, was himself replaced by Clarence I. Paulsen in February, 1937.

Aurum expanded its operation in 1938 by acquiring additional mining and milling properties near Republic, Washington. It purchased the Quilp and Quilp Fraction patented lode mining claims in the Eureka Mining District for 30,000 shares of its stock. Simultaneously, it purchased the Ferry County property of the Eureka Mining & Milling Company--several lode claim groups, a millsite, and other mining claims--for 121,458 shares of unissued capital stock and $27,500 in cash. Other mines and mining properties in the area were also purchased.

Prior to these purchases the money necessary to carry on work and acquire new mining properties came in equal proportions from the Aurum's principal stockholders: the Hercules Mining Company, and the Tamarack & Custer Consolidated Mining Company. In 1938 Aurum's indebtedness equaled $60,000, and both creditor companies held Aurum stock. In fact, Aurum's directors were proxies for one or both companies, and the Aurum stock in their names were actually qualifying shares belonging to the Hercules and/or the Tamarack & Custer. They authorized borrowing an additional $40,000 from Hercules and Tamarack & Custer.

In February 1939 Aurum's stockholders authorized the purchase of the Last Chance mine, an office building, and other property in Republic, Washington, for $40,850. They also approved the action of their officers in borrowing $62,662.50 each from the Hercules and the Tamarack & Custer, and future additional amounts not over $75,000 from each. This figure exceeded, an additional loan of $8,325 from each was made and, after the fact, authorized.

In 1940 and 1941 the Aurum stockholders re-elected their directors; and the directors, their officers. Additional appointments included Paul B. Jessup as comptroller and John H. Wourms as Aurum's attorney. At the February 1942 meetings Paul B. Jessup was elected to the board to fill the vacancy created by Jerome Day's death early in the previous year, and Howard C. Paulsen replaced his brother, Clarence. Henry Day was elected president and manager; Frank M. Rothrock, vice-president; and S.F. Heitfeld, secretary-treasurer. Jessup and Wourms were reappointed to their posts. The company directors and officers remained unchanged until 1946.

In 1945 the stockholders and directors addressed the problem of the company's indebtedness. Additional capital was needed to defray expenses, to pay for the recently purchased Old Republic and Blaine-Republic groups of mining claims, and to reduce monies owed to the Hercules and the Tamarack & Custer. Rather than incurring more debt, an assessment of three cents per share was levied on Aurum's capital stock.

At the 1946 stockholders meeting Clarence Paulsen resumed his previously held board position in place of his brother, Howard. Until the company became part of Day Mines, Inc. (DMI), in 1950, the Aurum board and officers remained unchanged.

On July 8, 1950, Aurum's directors met to discuss dissolving the company and transferring its assets to DMI. By 1950 Aurum was -- and had been for some time -- a wholly owned subsidiary of DMI. For Aurum's property holdings, materials, and equipment, DMI would surrender its Aurum stock for cancellation and assume all of Aurum's obligations and liabilities.

On July 26 the Aurum stockholders met for the last time and voted to support the directors' resolution to dissolve the company. Accordingly, on August 31, 1950, the Aurum Mining Company transferred its assets to DMI. It was officially dissolved in June 1951.


The records of the Aurum Mining Company span the years 1916 to 1953, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1927 to 1947. Included are minutes of meetings, annual financial reports, correspondence, legal documents, capital stock records, financial ledgers and journals, ore settlement records, and payroll records.

Of particular note in these records is the relative absence of stock and personnel records and, in contrast, the great amount of correspondence and related records. This latter, for reasons not easily apparent was divided into three separate alphabetical files, all from the same office but overlapping somewhat in time and much in subject matter.

Related materials can be found in the records of the Northport Mining and Smelting Company.


The records of the Aurum Mining Company are arranged in six series: Director's Records, General Correspondence, Capital Stock Records, Financial Records, Ore Records, and Personnel Records.

The first series, Director's Records, contains the minutes of stockholders and directors meetings. Also included are legal documents, certificates, and memos pertaining to the dissolution of the Aurum Mining Company; correspondence; lease agreements and permits; Washington State corporation licenses (1939-42); tax registration certificates and refund permits; stock receipts; legal documents pertaining to assessment taxes; proxy forms and authorization letters; stockholders and directors lists, meeting announcements, minutes and order of business checklists; directors election ballots and return forms; affidavits; balance sheets and profit/loss statements; company officer's (secretary) oath of office forms; annual operations reports; resignation letters of company officials.

The second series, General Correspondence, contains three subseries of general records, divided by date, (with some overlapping) and arranged alphabetically by subject. There is much subject overlap among these three subseries. Included are: correspondence, telegrams and memos; legal documents (claim notices, contracts, leases); claim lists; lease, claim, mine, and district evaluation reports; treasurers' reports; annual reports; accident reports and testimony, labor reports, timebook pages, Washington State payroll forms; general ledger accounts classifications, stores and supply inventories; bills of lading, ore schedules, assay reports, production and shipping schedules, smelter returns; delinquent tax statements, county tax receipts, state mine tax regulations; mining district and claim maps; magazine and newspaper clippings; photographic negatives and prints.

Also in the second series is a subseries of Miscellaneous Business Records, 1927-1950. These 33 folders include: correspondence and memos; ore schedules; mine and claim maps; silver regulations; railroad rate books and records relating to the abandonment of the railway line to Northport; papers and materials concerning Aurum's acquisition of various mines and mining companies and documents pertaining to those properties; and legal documents (indentures, wills, court orders and decrees, petitions, easements, contracts, bills of sale, permits, depositions and affidavits, leases, patents, applications, notices).

The third series, Capital Stock Records, contains only a stock ledger and a stock journal.

The fourth series, Financial Records, includes ledgers, journals, cash books, voucher registers, and general records. Folders are arranged chronologically by month and year and contain general financial and operating records of the Northport Smelting and Refining Company. Materials include correspondence; receipts; credit memos; cash statements; vouchers and voucher lists; deposit slips; income account sheets; photographs; annual statements and monthly balance sheets; freight bills; expense accounts; power bills; payroll disbursement statements; ore settlement sheets; monthly stores distribution and inventory statements; bank statements and cancelled checks; bank drafts; check lists; tax returns; IRS information; corporation license certificates and tax receipts.

The fifth series, Ore Production & Shipment Records, 1937-1940, includes an Ore Record Book, 1916-1941. Entries, by consecutive lots, include the lot number, assay date, wet and dry weight, metal content and value per ton and per lot, freight rate and amount, proceeds, and mill lot number. On some pages the car number, ore grade, bill of lading date, voucher number, net return, umpire value, and settlement number are also recorded.

Also here are Ore Settlement Records, 1917-1945, arranged by property and year; these folders contain ore settlement, assay, and shipping forms and information on ore for mines and mining properties in the Aurum group. Most of these records date between 1933 and 1945, but one folder, for the Canada Copper Corporation, Ltd., contains ore settlements from the Black Tail Dump for the period 10/31/17 through 3/28/18.

In the final series, Personnel Records, there are nine monthly time books from various mines in the Aurum group which list employee names, hours and wages for the years 1937 through 1943. Also included is a Payroll Record, 1944-1950, (unbound), and employee payroll and compensation records for the period Feb. 1948-Aug. 1950. The Aurum pay roll, Jan. 1936-Jan. 1948, is in the records of Day Mines Inc.

Removal of vouchers, bank statements, and paid checks reduced the bulk of this collection by 15 cubic feet.


	Box or volume
I.	Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, 1927-1951	1
II.	General Correspondence and Related Records, 1927-1953	2-7
A.	General Records, 1930-1937
B.	General Records, 1936-1953
C.	General Records, 1937-1942
D.	Miscellaneous Records, 1927-1950
III.	Capital Stock Records, 1927-1948	7
IV.	Financial Records, 1921-1950	8-16
V.	Ore Production and Shipment Records, 1916-1950	16-21
A.	General Records
B.	Settlement Records
VI.	Personnel Records, 1937-1950	21-23


Box Folder Description

I. Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, 1927-1951

1	1-2	Minutes, 1927-1950
	3	By-laws, 1928
	4	Records relating to incorporation and dissolution, 1927-1948
	5-10	Records relating to meetings, 1927-1950
	11	Decree dissolving corporation, 1951
	12	Manager's annual reports, 1940-1945
	13	Financial statements, 1946-1947

II. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1927-1950

A. General Records, 1930-1937

	14	A
	15	ASARCO Smelter
	16	Anaconda Copper Mining Co.
	17	Assessment work
	18	B
	19	Baby Fraction
	20-23	Bailey, George S., 1930-1936
	24	Belcher Mine
	25	Bodie Mine
	26	Bunker Hill Smelter
	27	Bourne Property
	28	C
	29	Carmichael, C.H., 1938
	30	Central Republic
	31	Check, E.E.
	32	Ben Hur and Trade Dollar
2	33	Hercules
	34	Minnie
	35	Palo Alto
	36	Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co.
	37	Cusick Lease
	38	D
	39	E
	40	Eureka Queen
	41	Evening Star Group
	42	F
	43	Ferry County State Bank
	44	Fritt's Lease
	45	G
	46	Golden Reef, Myers Falls
	47	Gold Dollar
	48	Great Republic Gold Mines, Inc.
	49	H
	50	Hercules Mining Co., bills
	51	Hermes
	52	I
	53	Insurance, Industrial
	54	Insurance, Fire
	55	Iron Mask and Mountain View
	56	J-K
	57-58	Knob Hill
	59	Knight, E.H.
	60	L
	61	Miscellaneous
	62	Belligerent
	63	Blacktail
	64	Blacktail-Warner
	65	Fairweather
	66	Last Chance
	67	Little Cove
	68	Lost Lode
	69	Lone Pine-Surprise
	70	Lone Pine, vein no. 2
	71	Tom Thumb
	72	Trevitt, C.M. and Wilson
	73	Mc-M
	74	N-O
	75	Ore Production
	76	P
	77	Pfefferle Ranch
	78	Peterson Ranch land
	79	Quilp Mining Co.
	80	R
	81	Reconstruction Finance Co.
	82	Rents
	83	Rentals
	84	Reports: Hershey, Oscar H.
	85	Reports: Wyatt, J.S.
	86-87	Republic Mining Department
	88	Republic Mines Corp.
	89	Richardson, Sam H.
	90	S
	91	Sanpoil
	92	Schimmel Property, etc.
	93	Silver Dollar
	94	Smelter, Tacoma
	95	Standard Group
	96-97	Statements, 1933-1939
3	98	Summary, Monthly, 1938-1939
	99	T
	100	Taxes
	101	Testing, Flotation
	102	Tom Thumb Group
	103	Tom Thumb Group: maps, etc.
	104	U
	105	U.S. Treasury Dept.
	106	U.S. Director of the Mint
	107	U.S. Bureau of Mines
	108	U.S. Dept. of the Interior
	109	U.S. War Dept.
	110	Unpatented Claims
	111	V-W
		Washington State
	112	Dept. of Highways
	113	Dept. of Labor and Industries
	114	Division of Mines and Mining
	115	Wourms, John H.
	116	Yellow Jacket

B. General Records, 1936-1953

	117	Miscellaneous
	118-119	Affidavits, Silver
	120	Accounts Receivable
	121	Accidents
	122	Contingent Obligation
	123	Contract: Tacoma, Republic Gold Ore 
	124	Smelter
	125	Assessment, January 9, 1945
	126	A-B
	127	Bennett's Chem. Laboratory
	128	Blaine-Republic
	129	Carmichael, C.H.
	130	Contracts
	131	Costs
	132-133	Cyanide testing
	134	C-D
	135	Eureka Mining & Milling Co.
	136	E-F
	137	Great Northern Railway
	138	Great Northern Railway vs. Interstate Commerce Commission
	139	G-H
	140	Insurance: Compensation and Fire
	141	I-L
	142	Lease, Fred (foreman)
	143	Grazing and house rental schedule 
	144	Everett Hougland: Old Republic Mine
	145	Lone Pine, 6-7-8 veins: E. Hougland
	146	Lone Pine, 6-7-8 veins: Williams and Schlegel
	147	Wilson Trevitt: Tom Thumb vein
	148	Leasers
	149	Milling data
	150	Mountain Lion Consolidated Mines Co.
4	151	Mountain Lion group: Ben Hur, Trade Dollar, Rebate, Relief, etc.
	152	M-N
	153	Noble, O.W.
	154	Okanogan County Medical Service
	155	Ore reserves
	156	O-P
	157	Pending: Travelling file
	158	Q
	159	R
	160	Reports: C.H. Carmichael
	161	S
	162	Statements, Financial
	163	T
	164	U
	165	U.S. Bureau of Mines
	166	U.S. Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
	167	U.S. Dept. of Labor, wage orders
	168	U.S. Office of Production Management
	169	U.S. Treasury Dept., Gold export license, etc., to Trail, British Columbia
	170	U.S. War Production Board
	171	V-Z
	172	Wages and hours division
		Washington State
	173	Excise tax returns
	174	Dept. of Labor and Industries
	175	Dept. of Licenses, Gas Tax Division
	176	Dept. of State
	177	Washington Unemployment Compensation Division
	178	Western Economic and Mining Affiliates, Inc.

C. General Records, 1937-1942

	179	A
	180	Accidents
	181-182	ASARCO
	183	Assays: Grab and settlements, car shipments
	184	Assets, Capital
	185	B
	186	Bailey, George S.: correspondence
	187	Ben Hur: unwatering
	188	Bennett's Chemical Lab
	189	Bonneville Project
	190	C
	191-193	Carmichael, C.H.: correspondence, 1939-1940
	194	Carmichael Report
5	195	Cascade Machinery and Elec. Co.
	196	Cash requirements, estimated
	197	Claim: Admiral
	198	Claims: Ben Hur and Trade Dollar
	199	Composite monthly smelter adjustment
	200	Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
	201	Contract: Medical aid and aid
	202	Cunningham, E
	203	Cyanide Mill
	204	Day, Harry L.
	205	D-E
	206-207	Eureka Mining & Milling Co.
	208-209	F-G
	210	General Electric Co.
	211	Great Northern Railway
	212	Hoists
	213	Hospital contract
	214	Hudson, W.W.
	215	H-I
	216	Insurance: Compensation and Fire
	217	Inventory
	218-219	J-K
	220	Kirkbridge, George A.
	221	Knob Hill "flood" pictures
	222-225	Knob Hill Mines
	226	L
	227	Last Chance Mine
	228-229	Ben Hur: Ickes and Trevitt
	230-231	Black Tail: Rounds and Warner
	232	Gold Dollar: Trevitt
	233-234	San Poil: Trevitt, Hougland, Wicks
	235	Lone Pine 6,7,8: Fairweather, G.W.
	236	Lone Pine, Vein no. 2: Plant, L.J.
	237-238	Surprise: Fred Lease and Rae Cameron
	239-240	Tom Thumb: Ricks and Trevitt
	241	Trade Dollar: Cameron, Rae L. and W.L.
	242	Leasers
	243	Little Cove progress
	244	Micawber claim
	245	M-N
	246	Ore record
	247	O-P
	248	Plant, L.J.
	249	Production figures
	250	Profits
	251	R
	252	Reconstruction Finance Corp.
	253	Records, Old Republic
	254	Rentals
	255	Reports
	256	Reports, Annual
	257	Reports, Progress
	258	Report: Robert Bailey
	259	Republic Power Company
	260	Republic Power Rates
6	261	Russell, Dr. D.G.
	262	S
	263	Serafin, Fred
	264-265	Statements, Monthly, 1941-1942
	266	T
	267	Testing, Sink and Float
	268	Tonnage ore shipped
	269	Union Iron Works
	270	U.S. Bureau of Mines
	271	U.S. Office of Production Management
	272	W
	273	Wage and Hour Division
	274	Washington Metal Mines Assn.
	Washington State
	275	Ferry County
	276	Dept. of Labor and Industries
	277	Dept. of Licenses, Gas Tax Division
	278	Dept. of Mines and Mining
	279	Public Utilities Commission
	280	Dept. of Social Security
	281	Dept. of State
	282	Tax Commission Division
	283	Washington Tax Commission vs. Aurum Mining Co.: occupational, sales, compensating tax 
	284	Washington Unemployment Compensation Division
	285	Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co.
	286	Wourms, John H.

D. Miscellaneous Records

	287	Complete list of all property assessed to Aurum Mining Co. in Ferry County, WA
	288	Appropriation of water from Mud Lake, 1935-1936
	289	Transcript of record in the abandonment of railway at Republic, WA, 1941
	290	Protest against abandonment of railway at Republic, WA, 1941
	291	Right-of-way deeds, Washington state, 1934-1940
	292	Freight rate increase, ex parte 166, 1947
	293	Correspondence re gold and silver export regulations, 1934-1938
	294	Purchase of half interest in Ben Hur and Trade Dollar lodes, 1937-1938
	295	Claims: Old Republic and Blaine Republic
	296	Eureka Mining & Milling Co., 1938-1939 
	297	G.S.B. Lode: patent papers, 1936-1939
	298	Hercules and Northport lodes, 1937-1938
	299	Last Chance Lode, 1938-1940
	300	Last Shot Lode, 1935
7	301	Little Cove, Mammoth, Gold Dollar, 1931-1941
	302	Lone Pine, Surprise, Pearl, Ireland, Silent Fraction, and fraction lodes
	303	Micawber Mining Co. and lode claims, 1938
	304	Minnie Lode: application, 1938
	305	Northport, Hercules, Plant, Tamarack no. 2, and Last Shot lodes, 1934-1936
	306	Quilp Gold Mining Co., 1936-1938 
	307	Silver Dollar Lode, 1932
	308	Tuesday, Minerva, and Hilo lodes 
	309-314	Leases, deeds, and bills of sale, 1927-1950
	315-318	Correspondence, 1928-1949
	319	Correspondence, C.H. Carmichael, 1938-1939
	320	Freight record, 1949

III. Capital Stock Records, 1927-1948

	321	Ledger, 1927-1948
	322	Journal, 1927-1946

IV. Financial Records, 1921-1950

8-9	Journals, 1927-1950
10	Ledger, 1945-1950
11	Cash book, 1938-1950
12	Northport/Aurum voucher record, 1921-1934
13	Voucher record, 1939-1944
14-15	Voucher registers, 1939-1950
16	323	Voucher ledger, 1938-1944
	324-336	General records, 1923-1934
	337	Federal excise tax, 1939-1949
	338	Federal old-age & unemployment comp., 1938-1950
	339	Return of income tax withheld on wages, 1943-1949
	340	Tax settlement, Ferry Co., WA, 1928
	341	Washington State unemployment, 1938-1950
	342	Working papers: Aurum, 1947
	343	Working papers: DMI, 1945-1948

V. Ore Production and Shipment Records, 1916-1950

A. General Records

	344-349	Silver affidavits, 1934-1945
	350	Estimate of ore reserves, 1950
17	Ore record, 1916-1941

B. Settlement Records

18	351	Canada Copper Corp. Ltd., 1918-1919 
	352-353	Miscellaneous, 1933-1934
	354	Black Tail Leasing Co.
	355	Lone Pine: G.W. Fairweather, Millet and Gendron, etc.
	356	Lone Pine 6-7-8: G.W. Fairweather
	357	Lone Pine-Surprise Cons. Mining Co.
	358	San Poil: G.W. Fairweather
	359	G.W. Fairweather
	360	Miscellaneous
	361	L.J. Plant
	362	Surprise Lease
	363	G.W. Fairweather, lessee
	364-365	L.J. Plant, lessee
	366	Surprise Lease
	367	C.M. Trevitt, lessee
	368	B.E. Warner, lessee, Apex Leasing Co. 
	369	Apex Leasing Co.
	370	Ben Hur: Chester Ickes, lessee
	371	Bodie Vein: Jake Rounds, lessee
	372	G.W. Fairweather
	373	Last Chance
	374	Melett Vein: Jake Rounds
	375	Pearl Vein
	376	Pearl-Surprise
	377	L.J. Plant, Plant
	378	San Poil Dump: L.D. Wicks, lessee
	379	Surprise Lease
	380	Surprise Vein
	381	Tom Thumb Lease: C.M. Trevitt
	382	Trade Dollar: R.L. and W.L. Cameron
	383	Black Tail: C.M. Trevitt
	384-386	Ben Hur: Wilson Trevitt 
19	387	Bodie: Jake Rounds, lessee
	388-390	Last Chance Vein
	391-393	Little Cove
	394	Lone Pine: Jake Rounds, lessee
	395	Pearl Vein
	396	San Poil Vein
	397	San Poil Vein: L.D. Wicks
	398-401	Surprise Vein
	402	Tom Thumb: C.M. Trevitt
	403	Tom Thumb: W.D. Wicks
	404-405	Trade Dollar: R.L. and W.L. Cameron
	406	Apex Lease: C.M. Trevitt
	407-408	Ben Hur Lease: Wilson Trevitt
	409	Black Tail Lease: C.M. Trevitt
20	410-411	Last Chance Mine
	412-413	Little Cove Mine
	414	Lone Pine Lease: Everett Hougland
	415	San Poil Lease: Everett Hougland and C.M. Trevitt, lessees
	416	San Poil Fraction Lease: A. Johnson, et al, lessees
	417	Surprise Lease: Cameron, Rae and Wm.
	418	Surprise Lease
	419	Tom Thumb: W.D. Rick, lessee
	420	Trade Dollar Lease: Rae and Wm. Cameron
	421	Apex Lease: C.M. Trevitt, lessee
	422	Ben Hur Lease: Wilson Trevitt
	423	Black Tail Lease: C.M. Trevitt
	424-425	Last Chance
	426-427	Little Cove
	428	Lone Pine Lease: Everett Hougland
	429-430	San Poil: C.M. Trevitt and E. Hougland
	431	Surprise Lease: Wm. Cameron
	432	Tom Thumb Lease: W.D. Rick 
21	433	Apex Lease: C.M. Trevitt
	434-435	Last Chance
	436	Little Cove
	437	Lone Pine: L.W. Hill
	438	Pearl Lease: E. Hougland
	439-440	San Poil Lease: C.M. Trevitt and E. Hougland
	441	Surprise Lease: C.M. Trevitt and E. Hougland
	442	Trade Dollar
	443-444	San Poil: C.M. Trevitt and E. Hougland
	445	Trade Dollar: Wm. Cameron
	446	Trade Dollar: C.M. Trevitt and E. Hougland
	447	Lone Pine Dump Lease: C.M. Trevitt and Guy E. Williams
	448	San Poil Dump: C.M. Trevitt and E. Hougland
	449	San Poil Lease: C.M. Trevitt and E. Hougland
	450	Black Tail Dump: E. Hougland
	451	Pearl: E. Hougland
	452	San Poil Dump
	453	Trade Dollar

VI. Personnel Records, 1937-1950

	454	Time books, 1937-1940
22	Payroll ledger, 1938-1940
23	Payroll record, 1944-1950

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