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Monitor Mining Company

Records, 1937-1947
12 cubic feet

The records of the Monitor Mining Company are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Dixie Miller in December 1987. Processing was completed by Michael Tarabulski and Harriet Essiam in January 1992. Funds for processing were provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the U.S. Department of Education HEA Title II-C "Strengthening Research Library Resources" program, the Library Associates of the University of Idaho and other donors.


In June 1940, John Wourms, R.W. Anno, H.J. Hull, S.F. Heitfeld, and Paul Jessup, all executives associated with the Day interests, incorporated the Monitor Mining Company under the laws of the State of Idaho, with the purpose of consolidating management of a number of properties in the Sunset Peak region north of Wallace. The authorized capitalization of the Monitor Mining Co. was two million shares, each with a par value of fifty cents. The first directors of Monitor were Wourms, who served as president; Anno, who became secretary; Hull, vice president; Jessup; and Henry Buhrmester. In December 1940, Henry Day became manager. From 1942 until Monitor's consolidation into Day Mines, Inc., the directors consisted of Henry Day, who succeeded Wourms as president; F.M. Rothrock; S.F. Heitfeld, who also served as secretary-treasurer; H.J. Hull; and Wray Farmin. Jessup served as comptroller and followed Wourms as company attorney.

Throughout its brief existence of little more than seven years, the Monitor Mining Co. constantly acquired additional mines, properties, and stock in mining firms in the Beaver Mining District. By the time Monitor was absorbed into Day Mines, Inc. in 1947 it owned 162 patented claims, covering 2,133.5 acres, and an additional 53 unpatented claims. Most of these claims were in one contiguous group. Many of them had been productive in the decade preceding 1900 and had seen a great deal of activity during World War I. Through exchanges of stock the Monitor initially gained control of the property of the Amazon-Manhattan, Ray-Jefferson, Blue Grouse, and Virginia companies. In 1943 the Portland Mining Company similarly merged its 16 patented and 27 unpatented claims and a majority interest in six other unpatented claims. From the Interstate-Callahan, Monitor in 1945 acquired 79 patented and four unpatented claims, along with a controlling stock interest in the Silver State Mining Company, with its six patented claims adjacent to the Monitor's holdings. In 1945 Monitor also acquired the Reudy Group of nine claims and a mill site on Sunset peaks, and, in the following year, began development of the Galena property of the Vulcan Mining Co. and acquired the Hill property, the McGrath homestead property, and the Callahan cabin.

In August 1942, to finance development, the Monitor Company borrowed $45,000 from its major stockholders. Of this sum, $12,500 came from Eleanor Day Boyce, $7,500 each from Henry Day, the Gallands, and the Paulsens, and $5,000 each from the Leonards and Albert Owes. The Monitor's exploration activities revived this long dormant area, resulting in the establishment of camps and plants at the portals of the Amazon 700 level and the Carlisle adit and the rehabilitation of the Ray-Jefferson mill as a flotation concentrator.

Although Monitor leased out portions of its holdings and itself produced a considerable amount of lead and zinc ore during World War II, as a corporation it was not profitable, claiming a net loss of $320,500 during the last three years of its existence. It never paid dividends. On September 24, 1947, 89.26% of the Monitor stock was voted in favor of consolidation into Day Mines, Inc.


The records of the Monitor Mining Company span the years 1937 to 1947, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1940-1947. Included are minutes of meetings, financial statements, correspondence with suppliers and stockholders, annual statements and reports to state agencies, stock ledgers and journals, cancelled stock certificates, assessment records, lists of stockholders, financial ledgers and journals, vouchers, check registers, and tax returns.


The records of the Monitor Mining Company are divided into six series: Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, General Correspondence and Related Records, Capital Stock Records, Financial Records, and Ore Production Records.

The first series, Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, includes minutes of meetings, by-laws, and annual reports.

General Correspondence and Related Records, the second series, contains a wide variety of records relating to the financing, claims, operations, production, mill shipments, and other activities of the Monitor Mining Company and its predecessors, the Callahan Zinc-Lead, Amazon-Manhattan, Silver State, and Portland mining companies. It is divided into two alphabetical series. In addition to correspondence files, it includes balance sheets, stock transmittal letters, memoranda, telegrams, press releases, financial statements, accident reports, leases, equipment orders, ore settlements, bus accounts, lists of employees, lists of employees terminated, employment contracts, hospital contracts, federal explosive licenses, federal reporting forms for metal lines and mills, annual statements to the state of Idaho, assay reports, metallurgical summaries, federal and state income tax returns, progress and production reports, lists of stockholders, annual reports to stockholders, minutes, copies of governmental rulings and regulations, deeds for road rights of way, maps, silver affidavits, premium affidavits, and other records. They relate specifically to such topics as the consolidation of the Ray-Jefferson Mining Co. into the Monitor, acquisition of the Interstate Mine, financial returns of the Monitor Mining Co., accidents suffered by and health of Monitor employees, particularly silicosis cases, insurance compensation, operating leases of Monitor property, routine business of the company, financial returns, ore production and milling, transportation of workers, merger of the Amazon-Manhattan property into the Monitor, operation of the Monitor boarding house, employment and military deferments, hiring of soldiers, taxation of the Monitor and of the Silver State Mining Co., mine development, ore tests, sales and transfers of stock, diamond drilling, contributions to the Idaho War Fund, registration of motor vehicles, contracts with the Sullivan and Bunker Hill mills, milling equipment, merger with Portland Mining Co., purchase of claims on Sunset Peak, War Production Board quotas and wartime restrictions, approvals of the Office of Defense Transportation for new vehicles and motor fuels tax refunds, wage regulations of the Nonferrous Metals Commission, mine access roads across national forests, distribution of the workforce, and other matters.

The third series is Capital Stock Records. Included are stock ledgers and journals, and proxy statements for Day Rock, Happy Day, King, Monitor, Sherman, Tamarack & Custer, and Treasure Vault companies.

The fourth series, Financial Records, contains ledgers, journals, voucher registers, a cash book, and voucher index file.

Ore Production Records, the fifth series, contains shipment records of the Amazon vein, Carlisle, Idora, Interstate-Daylight, Parrott, Silver Tip, Sitting Bull and Tough Nut claims.

Ore Production Records, the sixth series, includes time sheets.

Removal of cancelled stock certificates, returned assessment notices, vouchers, paid checks, bank statements, and duplicate materials reduced the size of this collection by five cubic feet.

I.	Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, 1940-1947	1
II.	General Correspondence and Related Records, 1937-1947	1-5
III.	Capital Stock Records, 1940-1947	6
IV.	Financial Records, 1940-1947	7, o.s.
V.	Ore Production and Shipment Records, 1943-1947	8-9
VI.	Personnel Records, 1942-1947	10-12


Box	Folder	Description                

I. Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, 1940-1947

	1	Minutes, 1940-1947
	2	By-laws, 1940
	3-6	Records relating to meetings, 1940-1947
	7	Annual reports, 1940-1947

II. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1937-1947

A. General Records, 1944-1946

	8	A, 1944-1946
	9-10	Accidents, 1944
	10a	Accident reports, 1943-1948
	11	E.C. Harding (silicosis case), 1947
	12	Raymond M. Magrini (silicosis case), 1945
	13	John J. Sirilla, 1944
	14	Annual reports to State Mine Inspector, 1941-1947
	15	Annual statements of domestic corporations, 1940-1947
	16	B, 1944-1947
	17	Boarding house, 1942-1946
	18	C, 1944-1947
	19	Callahan Zinc-Lead Company, 1945-1946
	20	Annual report, 1919-1920
	21	Memorandum of agreement, 1945
	22	And Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining and Concentrating Company: lead contract, 1942-1947
	23	And Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining and Concentrating Company: Zinc contract, 1941-1946
	24	Consolidation, 1939-1943
	25	Contracts, 1943-1944
	26	Contracts: hospital, 1942-1947
	27	D, 1943-1947
	28	Day, Harry L., 1940-1943
	29	Day, Henry Lawrence, 1940-1945
	30	E, 1944-1947
	31	Employment: quits and reasons, 1942-1943
	32	F, 1944-1947
	33-34	G, 1944-1947
	35	Group: Cooney and Friend, 1946-1947
	36	H-I, 1944-1946
	37	Idaho State Insurance Fund, 1943-1946
	38	J-L, 1944-1947
	39	Lease: Doyle & Featherstone, 1947
	40	Idora, 1944-1945
	41	Kellough and Stokes, 1946
	42	Parrott (Quota committee, Caron Brothers), 1946
	43	Silver Tip, Kirby & Semenza, 1944-1945
	44	Silver Tip, Henry E. Olson
2	45	Sitting Bull Dump, Gardner & Wetherton, 1943
	46	Sitting Bull, Dean Wolford and Leland Balley, 1944
	47	Sitting Bull: Zanetti, 1943
	48	Sunset lease, 1944
	49	Tuscumbia and Tough Nut claims, Nelson, Pearson, and Chapen, 1946
	50	Virginia - Dan Murphy, 1941-1944
	51	M, 1944-1947
	52	Mill, 1943-1944
	53	N-O, 1944-1947
	54	P, 1944-1947
	55	Portland Mining Co., prop. by Norman Ebbley, Jr., 1916-1921; 1941-1942
	56-57	Portland to Monitor, transfers, 1943
	58	R, 1945-1947
	59	Ranges, Electric, 1943-1945
	60	Reconstruction Finance Corp., Surplus Property Division, 1945
	61	Reports - Evaluations, Norman Ebbley, Jr., 1928; 1940-1942
	62	Reports, Production, 1943-1948
	63	Reports, Progress, 1943-1948
3	64	Ruedy, Dr. A.H., 1946
	65	S, 1943-1947
	66	Shoshone Credit Association, 1943-1947
	67	Silver affidavits, 1939-1946
	68	Silver State Mining Company, 1945-1947
	69	Sink float, 1943
	70	Soldiers - Contract of employment, 1943
	71	Soldiers - Request for release, 1943
	72-75	Statements, Financial, 1942-1947
	76	Stockholders list, 1941-1943
	77	T, 1944-1946
	78	Taxes - Ray Jefferson, excess, profit, n.d.
	79	Taxes - Return of income tax withheld on wages, 1946
	80	Taxes - State income tax returns, 1940-1950
	81	Truck, 1942
	82	U, 1944-1946
	83	U.S. Bureau of Mines, form 6-953
	84	U.S. Bureau of Mines, Federal explosives act - licenses, 1942-1945
	85	U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Census, 1942-1943
	86	U.S. Forestry Department, access roads, 1943-1946
	87	U.S. Nonferrous Metals Commission, 1942-1945
	88	U.S. Office of Defense Transportation, 1942-1944
	89	U.S. War Manpower Commission, 1944
	90-95	U.S. War Production Board - Premium affidavits, 1945-1947
	96	Premium estimates, 1945-1947
	97	Production for Quota Committee reports, 1945-1946
	98-100	Premium price plan for copper, lead, and zinc, 1943-1945
4	101	Quota purchasing, 1942-1945
	102-104	Quota Committee monthly reports, 1943-1947
	105	W-Z, 1944-1947

B. General Records, 1937-1947

	106	A, 1942-1943
	107-108	Accidents, 1943-1944
	109	B-D, 1942-1944
5	110	E-G, 1941-1944
	111	G.M.C. bus, Gholson and Spekker, 1944
	112	H-I, 1940-1943
	113	Interstate Mine, 1942-1945
	114	J-L, 1941-1943
	115	Lease: Amazon #1-2 dump, Smith, Nibarger, Kirby, 1942-1943
	116	Lease: Hercules Mill - feed settlements, Murphy, 1942-1943
	117	M-N, 1941-1943
	118	Old ledger sheets, 1942
	119	Ore record, Tuscumbia Mining Company, 1911-1930
	120	Ore shipments, Don Murphy Leasing Company, 1939-1943
	121	Ore shipments, 1941-1943
	122	P, 1940-1944
	123-124	Portland Mining Co., consolidation, 1927-1943
	125	R, 1942-1943
	127	Reports - Svendsen, R.H., 1918; 1937-1939
	128-129	Statements, Financial, 1942-1943
	130	S-T, 1942-1943; 1947
	131-133	Transfers, 1940-1943
	134	U-V, 1941-1943
	135	Virginia Patent, 1921-1922
	136	W-Y, 1943-1944

III. Capital Stock Records, 1940-1947

	137	Ledger, 1940-1947
	138	Transfer ledger, 1940-1947
	139	Journal, 1940-1947
	140-141	Proxy Statements: Day rock, Happy Day, King, Monitor, Sherman, Tamarack & Custer, Treasure Vault, 1947

IV. Financial Records, 1940-1947

7	142-143	Ledger, 1940-1945
	144	Voucher registers, 1940-1942
o.s.	145-146	Ledger/voucher registers, 1942-1947
	147	Journal, 1943-1947
	148	Cash book, 1943-1947
	149	Voucher index file, 1942-1947

V. Ore Production and Shipment Records, 1943-1947

	150	Amazon vein: lead and zinc, 1943
	151-154	Amazon vein: lead to ASARCO, 1945-1947
	155-162	Amazon vein: zinc to Sullivan, 1944-1947
	163	Amazon: Hercules Mill, 1945
	164-167	Carlisle, 1944-1947
	167a	Carlisle: monthly summaries, 1951-1952
	168-169	Idora, 1945
9	170-171	Interstate-Daylight, 1945-1946
	172-177	Parrott, 1943-1947
	178-182	Silver Tip, 1943-1946
	183	Sitting Bull, 1943
	184-185	Tough nut
	186	Shipment and Premium Record, 1942-1945

V. Personnel Records, 1942-1947

10	187	Miscellaneous, 1942-1945
	188-218	Time sheets, Apr. 1943- Mar. 1945
11	219-252	Time sheets, Apr. 1945-May 1947
12	233-259	Time sheets, June-Sept. 1947

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