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Western Union Mining Company

Records, 1917-1951
4.5 cubic feet

The records of the Western Union Mining Company are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Lena M. Johnson in October 1987, with funds provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Processing was completed by Judith Nielsen in June 1992.


The Aurora Sampson Mining Company and the H.E.M. Mining Company, holders of adjoining properties including a large group of claims and a millsite on Revenue Gulch in Evolution Mining District, Shoshone County, Idaho, about two miles west of Wallace, merged early in 1916 to form the Western Union Mining Company, as incorporated under the laws of the state of Idaho. The first set of directors for the new company included D.H. Anderson, J.E. Burbank, William Bjorklund, George Allen, William Holm, Erick Hagman and Russell F. Collins, essentially the group which would run the company for its first eight years. A considerable amount of galena lead ore was extracted, with the years 1921-1923 showing the highest profit. In addition to working the mine and a millsite, Western Union leased property on what was known as The Western Union Townsite, later Silverton, Idaho.

The Western Union Mining Company continued to develop and operate its property until the lead market became unfavorable. Thereafter portions of the land were worked and mined by lessors. About 1923 the Hercules Mining Co. began purchasing all available stock in the Western Union company. The discovery that the Western Union secretary Ben L. Collins had sold all his stock and advised his friends to do the same led to a public quarrel among the Western Union directors. By 1924 Hercules had obtained enough Western Union stock to be able to take control of the company and install a new board of directors including Harry L. Day, Jerome J. Day, August Paulsen, L.W. Hulton, and Frank M. Rothrock. M.H. Sullivan and Herman J. Rossi were carried over from the old board, apparently because of their connections at the Bunker Hill Smelter and their contract with Western Union.

For the next twenty-three years the Western Union Mining Company operated mainly by leasing out its property, including claims and tunnels for mining, timberland for logging, property for the operation of a fish hatchery, and the Western Union Townsite for residential development. In 1930 the Western Union bought out one of their lessors, The Wilbur Mining Company, and took over that firm's remaining property.

In 1934 Western Union decided to abandon twenty-seven unpatented mines in order to avoid the expense of annual assessment work. Western Union Mining Company stock was dropped from the Standard Stock Exchange of Spokane in 1939. The Western Union Mining Company continued to exist until 1947 when it merged with other companies to become Day Mines, Inc.


The records of the Western Union Mining Company span the years 1916-1951, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1922-1947. Included are minutes of meetings and related material, general correspondence with stockholders and suppliers, annual statements and reports to state agencies, records relating to stock assessments and transfers, stock ledgers and a stock journal, financial ledgers and other related material, records of silver shipments, assays and ore settlements, and employee time books and payrolls.


The records of the Western Union Mining Company are divided into five series.

The first series, Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, includes minutes of the meetings and other records such as financial statements, proxy statements, lists of stockholders, proofs of publication and reports of elections for officers and directors.

General Correspondence and Related Records, the second series, is an alphabetical file containing, in addition to correspondence, agreements, annual reports to state agencies, audits, contracts, deeds, leases and other legal documents, and lists of stockholders.

The third series is Capital Stock Records. Included are correspondence with stockholders regarding assessments and stock transfers, an assessment journal, several stock ledgers and a stock journal, and capital stock tax returns.

Financial records comprise the fourth series. Included are a ledger for the Western Union townsite, a financial ledger, financial statements, appraisals, and correspondence concerning the company's 1922 corporate income tax return.

The fifth series, Ore Production and Shipment Records, contains records of silver shipments, assays, and ore settlement sheets

The final series is Personnel Records, which includes employee time books, an employee earning ledger, payrolls for the years 1922-1927, and workmen's compensation reports filed with the Aetna Insurance Company.


I.	Records of the Board of Directors and Stockholders, 1916-1946	1
II.	General Correspondence and Related Records, 1917-1951	1-2
III.	Capital Stock Records, 1916-1947	2-3
IV.	Financial Records, 1922-1947	3-4
V. 	Ore Production and Shipment Records, 1920-1927	4
V.	Personnel Records, 1922-1927	4-5


Box	Folder	Description                

I. Records of the Board of Directors and Stockholders, 1916-1946

1	1	Minute book, 1916-1925
	2	Minutes, 1925-1946
	3-6	Records related to meetings, 1924-1937

II. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1917-1951

	7	Agreements, Sales, 1940
	8	Annual reports, Idaho, 1924-1947
	9	Annual reports, Securities and Exchange Commission, 1935-1940
	10	Annual statements, Idaho, 1924-1947
	11	Assessment work, Western Union, 1922-1931
	12	Assessment work, Wilbur mine, 1926-1930
	13	Audits, 1917-1923
	14	B-C, 1938-1954
	15	Contracts, Hospital, 1922-1925
	16	Contract, Morris Howard logging, 1934-1940
	17	D, 1938-1954
	18	Deeds, Lots, 1941-1949
	19	E-F, 1941-1947
	20	Federal Housing Administration, 1940-1951
	21	Fire Insurance, 1941-1943
	22	G-M, 1927-1947
	23-25	Leases and other legal documents, 1918-1930
	26	Mackey, Larry, contractor, 1939
	27	Miscellaneous, 1923-1935
	28	N-R, 1933-1947
	29	Rothrock, F.M., 1921-1926
	30	S, 1929-1941
	31	Securities and Exchange Commission, 1939
2	32	Smelter contract, Proposed, 1922-1923
	33	Spokane Stock Exchange, 1934
	34	Stockholders lists, 1924-1925
	35	T-U, 1938-1947
	36	U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1937-1947
	37	V-W, 1932-1947
	38	Wage and Hour Division, 1939; Water rights, 1928; Western Sanitation Corps, 1938-1943; Western Union Townsite Sewer System, 1941

III. Capital Stock Records, 1916-1947

	39-41	Correspondence related to stock transfers and assessments: Assessment #1, 1923-1924
	42-45	Assessment #2, 1924-1925
	46-48	Assessment #3, 1925
	49-51	Assessments, 1926-1930
	52-54	Assessments, 1932-1937
	55	Assessment 13, 1933
	56	Assessment 14, 1937
os	57	Assessment journal, assessments 6-14, 1924-1937
3	58	Stock ledger, 1916-1922
	59	Stock ledger, 1916-1925
	60	Stock ledger, 1917-1925
	61	Stock ledger, 1918-1942
	62	Stock journal, 1916-1917
	63	Stock journal, 1925-1947
	64	Capital stock tax returns, 1917-1918; 1925-1926

IV. Financial Records, 1922-1947

	65	Western Union Townsite Ledger, 1922-1947
4	66	Financial ledger, 1922-1924
	67	Financial statements, 1924-1947
	68	Monthly treasurers reports, 1922-1923
	69	Outstanding bills, 1923-1924
	70-71	Appraisals, 1931-1937
	72	Corporate income tax for 1922, 1922-1926
	73	Property taxes, 1917-1919
	74	Property relief act, 1931
	75	H.E.M. Mining Company bond, 1912-1918
	76	Hercules bills, 1926-1930
	77	Vouchers, 1927-1930
	78	Bank deposit books, 1923-1927
	79	Check stubs, 19l6-1947

V. Ore Production & Shipment Records, 1920-1927

	80	Silver shipments and summaries, 1921-1923
	81	Assays, 1922-1926
	82	Settlements, 1920-1927

V. Personnel Records, 1922-1927

	83-84	Employee time books, 1925-1926
	85	Employee earning ledger, 1926
5	86-89	Payrolls, 1922-1927
	90	Workmen's compensation reports, 1925-1926

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