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Treasure Vault Mining Company

Records, 1906-1947
1 cubic foot

The records of the Treasure Vault Mining Company are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Judith Nielsen in December 1987 as part of the project funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Processing was completed by Judith Nielsen in June 1992.


The Treasure Vault Mining Company was organized on October 17, 1906, by George Champagne, Charles M. Johnson, Hugh Ross, Eugene R. Day, and George Miner. In 1914 the first assessment of 2 cents per share was levied in order to pay for development work. Directors of the company changed periodically; by 1925 they were Jos. A. Brown, W.B. Heitfeld, W.A. Devan, P.J. Maggy, and George Miner. The property was located on Nine Mile Canyon in the Placer Center Mining District of Shoshone County, Idaho.

Records for the stockholders meeting in 1933 showed Henry L. Day owning 1,000 shares of Treasure Vault stock. In that year he was elected to the board of directors along with George Miner, R.W. Anno, S.F. Heitfeld and W.B. Heitfeld.

A report written for the company in 1939 showed that prospecting and development work consisted of three tunnels and one shaft. The upper tunnel, a short one, was caved, as was the middle tunnel, about 300 feet in length. The lower tunnel was open and about 200 feet in length. All tunnels were drifts on the Treasure Vault Vein. The workings of the lower tunnel indicated that the vein at this point, although generally quite strong, was in places broken up and split into several parts. It was unlikely sufficient quantities of ore would be found to make continued mining profitable.

In 1945 three more mining claims, Big, Little, and Keith, were located and an assessment of 1 mill per share was levied to cover the cost of surveying and locating these claims.

On June 18, 1947, the directors met to consider and approve the plan to consolidate the Treasure Vault, Hercules, Tamarack & Custer, Dayrock, Sherman Lead, Monitor, Happy Day, Duluth, King, Stanley, Western Union and Crystal Lead companies to form Day Mines, Inc. At this time the property consisted of four patented and three unpatented claims, with approximately 740 feet of development work done.


The records of the Treasure Vault Mining Company span the years 1906 to 1947. Included are minutes and other records of meetings, financial statements, general correspondence, annual statements and reports to state agencies, stock ledgers and journals, assessment records, lists of stockholders, financial ledgers and journals, vouchers, check registers, and tax returns.


The records of the Treasure Vault Mining Company Mining Company are divided into four series.

The first series, Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, includes minute books, lists of stockholders, reports of tellers for elections of directors and officers, proxy statements, and other records relating to the meetings.

General Correspondence and Related Records, the second series, is an alphabetically arranged series of folders which contains correspondence, annual reports to state agencies financial statements leases, and tax returns.

The third series is Capital Stock Records. Included are stock ledgers, a stock journal, assessment records, a 1947 list of stockholders, and a 1933 stock audit

The fourth series, Financial Records, contains financial ledgers, check and voucher registers, check stubs, and a bank deposit book.

Removal of cancelled stock certificates, vouchers and duplicate materials reduced the size of this collection by 0.5 cubic feet.


I.	Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, 1906-1947	1
II.	General Correspondence and Related Records, 1906-1947	1
III.	Capital Stock Records, 1906-1945	1
IV.	Financial Records, 1914-1946	1


Box	Folder	Description                

I. Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, 1906-1947

1	1	Minute book, 1906-1947
	2	Records relating to meetings, 1906-1947

II. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1906-1947

	3	Annual reports to the State of Idaho, 1922-1947
	4	Annual statement of domestic corporations, 1921-1947
	5	B-L, 1906-1947
	6	Bylaws, 1906
	7	Financial statements, 1932-1947
	8	Leases, 1940-1942
	9	M-Z, 1914-1947
	10	Mining claims: Big, Little, and Keith, 1945
	11	Ore settlements: Burns & Small, 1941
	12	Taxes, 1918-1928
	13	U.S. Bureau of Mines, reports to, 1928-1946
	14	War Production Board. Metallic Premium Payments, 1942-1943

III. Capital Stock Records, 1906-1945

	15	Stock ledger, 1906-1914
	16	Stock ledger, 1906-1945
	17	Stock journal, 1906-1945
	18	Assessments records #1, #3, 1927, 1945
	19	Stockholders list, 1947
	20	Stock audit, 1933

IV. Financial Records, 1914-1946

	21	Financial ledger, 1914-1915
	22	Financial ledger, 1933-1946
os	23	Check register, 1914-1915
	24	Check and voucher register, 1933-1946
	25	Check stubs and bank deposit book, 1914-1915
	26	Current expenses, vouchers and other financial papers, 1914-1932

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