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Success Mining Company

Records, 1906-1953
16 cubic feet

The records of the Success Mining Company are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Dixie Miller in February 1988, with funds provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Processing was completed by Judith Nielsen in June 1992.


In 1905, H.F. Samuels and associates bought the Granite Company, a formerly successful lead-silver producer that had been abandoned after encountering excessive zinc in the ore. The new firm, incorporated under the laws of the state of Idaho on April 5, 1905 as the Success Mining Co., was to be operated primarily for zinc. Samuels owned 2/3 or more of the stock. The Success paid frequent dividends between 1911 and 1917. In the latter year the U.S. Geological Survey's Mineral Resources of the United States ranked the Success mine second among smelter producers in the state of Idaho.

Early in 1915 rapidly advancing zinc prices spurred a brief boom in Success stock. The company had owed $77,825.14 at the beginning of the year; by April it was out of debt and able to declare a two-cent dividend on the $1.5 million par value of stock; a similar dividend followed in May and again in June, yet a surplus continued to accumulate. Then, near the end of the latter month, H.F. Samuels resigned the presidency and his cousin C.C. Samuels quit the secretaryship. P.J. Gearon, and C.M. Carroll, both of whom had been directors, became president and secretary-treasurer, respectively.

After that, the flow of dividends dried up. Two years later, a stockholder and attorney, Franklin Pfirman, circulated a report charging Gearon, Howarth, and other directors with having disposed of most of their own stock and conspiring to rob the company of the money accumulated in the treasury. Securing the proxies of the scattered small stockholders now in the majority, Pfirman took over the Success at its next annual meeting and installed new officers, with himself as president. Nevertheless, by 1918, the mine was closed. Between 1918 and 1925, there were seven assessments levied against Success stock.

The Success continued to ship small amounts of ore while successive managers, first Allen G. Kennedy and then Herman Rossi, tried to encourage stockholders with reports of development work and hints of a forthcoming rich strike and an end to the continual assessments. In 1925 when Kennedy and his entire staff were fired, Success stock rose briefly, but even exploration work soon ceased. With the Success supposedly played out and the stock down, the Day family took over control. Henry Day became manager, although Rossi remained as a director. John Fahey, in The Days of the Hercules, suggests the Days bought the Success hoping for a hidden vein. Later a variety of lessees tried their luck without finding anything of value. The mine was soon allowed to fill, much of the equipment sold, and one liquidating dividend paid. The last known sale of Success stock was for 1/4 cent per share in 1932.

Although inoperative and the stock completely worthless, the Success Mining Company continued to exist for many decades. The Henry L. Day Papers, Subject Files, contain information on the Success Mining Co. into the 1980s.


The records of the Success Mining Company span the years 1910 to 1953, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1915 to 1926. Included are records relating to the meetings of the directors and stockholders, correspondence concerning mine operations, correspondence with stockholders and suppliers, financial statements, tax returns, leases, ore contracts, ore shipment records, information on the sale of equipment, capital stock records, financial records, and accident and payroll records.


The records of the Success Mining Company are divided into seven series.

The first series, Records of the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, does not contain minute books. However, some years do contain minutes as well as other material relating to meetings, such as by-laws, lists of stockholders, proxy statements, and ballots for directors. Meetings were not held annually, but at widely scattered intervals.

General Correspondence and Related Records, the second series, is broken down into three subseries. The first is an alphabetically arranged file of the Secretary/Treasurer, and contains correspondence relating to mine operations, correspondence with stockholders regarding stock transfers and assessments, correspondence with suppliers, reports to the U.S. Bureau of Mines in 1927 and 1937, records of the sales of mine equipment in 1925 and 1926, financial statements, income and capital stock tax returns, leases, and ore contracts. The second subseries contains the incomplete files (A-O) of the General Manager and includes ore shipment records, information on the sale of equipment, capital stock tax returns, and correspondence with suppliers. The final subseries contains leases, contracts, coroner's inquests and insurance policies which were loose in the original received order.

The third series is Capital Stock Records. Included are stock ledgers and journals, incomplete sets of bound volumes of receipts for assessments 1-7, correspondence concerning assessments 4, 6 and 7, and a dividend register.

The fourth series, Financial Records, contains check stubs for the years 1939 to 1943, an alphabetical file of correspondence, financial ledgers and journals, and a voucher register.

Ore Production and Shipment Records, the fifth series, contains smelter returns which include shipping information, assays, and settlement sheets for ore the mine shipped to American Smelting and Refining Co, Anaconda Copper Mining Company and Vieille Montagne Zinc Co., and a daily record of production for the years 1915-1925.

Series six, Plant and Equipment Records, contains inventories of equipment and supplies for the years 1920 to 1925, and a 1925-1926 order book.

Personnel Records, the final series, contains accident reports for 1923-1926, time check records, and payroll journals for the years 1915-1926.

Material relating to the Idaho Memorial Association found with the Success Mining Company papers appeared to have no relation to the mine or its officers and was therefore removed. Also removed were the stock ledger on cards since the stock ledger books were more complete, returned notices of meetings and assessment notices, and paid checks which were listed in the voucher register. This reduced the bulk of the material by four cubic feet.


I. Records of the Board of Directors and Stockholders, 1916-1953	1
II. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1906-1946	1-3
A. Secretary/Treasurer's Files, 1910-1946
B. General Manager's Files, 1917-1930
C. Other Files, 1906-1930
III. Capital Stock Records, 19l5-1928	3-5
IV. Financial Records, 1914-1943	5 & os
V. Ore Production and Shipment Records, 1915-1925	6 & os
VI. Plant and Equipment Records, 1920-1926	6
VII. Personnel Records, 1915-1926	6 & os


Box	Folder	Description                

I. Records of the Board of Directors and Stockholders

1	1	Records relating to meetings, 1916, 1918, 1924
	2	Records relating to meetings, 1925-1926
	3	Records relating to meetings, 1927
	4	Records relating to meetings, 1930-1932
	5	Records relating to meetings, 1933, 1936
	6	Records relating to meetings, 1939, 1942
	7	Records relating to meetings, 1946, 1953

II. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1910-1946

A. Secretary/Treasurer's Files, 1917-1930

	8-9	A-B, 1918-1939
	10	Bureau of Mines, 1927, 1935-1937
	11	C, 1924-1939
	12	Consolidated Insurance Agency, Hartford, 1924-1927
	13	D, 1925-1938
	14	Dividend file, 1927, 1930
	15	E, 1925-1936
	16	Equipment sales, 1927-1929
	17	F, 1925-1939
	18-19	Financial statements, 1915-1946
	20-22	G-J, 1920-1940
	23	Income and capital stock tax returns, 1912-1916
	24	Industrial Accident Board, State of Idaho, 1925
	25	K, 1925-1939
2	26	L, 1925-1939
	27	Lidell and Clarke, Inc., 1925-1936
	28	Lease: Bloyed & Clark, 1937
	29	Lease: Roberts, 1936
	30	Lease: Ross & Hillstrom, 1937
	31-32	M, 1925-1939
	33	Minerals Separation Corporation, 1925
	34	N-O, 1925-1937
	35	Ore contracts, 1910-1926
	36	P, 1925-1937
	37	Price list, 1915-1936
	38	R, 1925-1938
	39	Rossi Insurance and Investment: Aetna, 1924-1930
	40-41	S-U, 1925-1939
	42	Thomas & McDonell, lessors, 1927
	43	V, W, Wage schedule, 1925-1939
	44	Y-Z, 19226-1935

B. General Manager's Files, 1917-1930

	45	A; Aetna, 1924-1925
	46	American Smelting and Refining Company, East Helena, Montana, 1922-1927
	47	Applications; Austin-Henderson Company, Spokane, 1923-1925
	48	B; Brokers; Bureau of Mines; Bureau of the Census, 1919-1928
	49	C; Capital Stock Tax, 1918-1926
	50	Change of address; Claims; Coal, 1924-1925
	51	Coeur d'Alene Hardware & Foundry; Collector of Internal Revenue, Boise; Connersville Blower Company; Continental Oil Company; Cowles, A.E., 1918-1925
	52	Corporation Income and Profit Tax, 1917-1930
	53	D; Denver Rock Drill Manufacturing Company; Department of the Interior; Dier, E.D. and Company, 1923-1925
	54	DuVal Moore & Company, 1925-1926
	55	E; Edison Lamp Works; Export Lumber Company, 1924-1933
	56	F; First National Bank, 1923-1933
	57	G; Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, 1924-1925
	58	H; Hallidie Company, 1924-1925
	59	Housman, A.A. & Company; Hartford Accident and Indemnity; Herrin, H.M. and Company; Hutton, E.F. and Company, 1923-1925
	60	I; Insurance "Compensation"; J; Jessen, Dewey; K, 1923-1925
	61	L; Labor unions; Lauzier, Wolcott & Company, 1924-1925
	62	Mc; Motors; Operating statements, 1925-1926

C. Other Files, 1906-1930

3	63	Agreements, 1913-1917
	64	Contracts: Hospital, 1917-1922
	65	Contracts: Mine work, 1922
	66	Contracts: Washington Water Power, 1915-1930
	67	Coroner's inquests, 1915
	68	Deeds and Proofs of labor, 1906-1924
	69	Explosives license, 1917-1918
	70	Indemnity bonds, 1915-1923
	71	Insurance policies, 1928-1929
	72	Leases, 1917-1922
	73	Legal cases, 1916
	74	Miscellaneous correspondence, 1916-1925
	75	Property records, 1903-1906
	76	Reports on property, 1912-1918
	77	Rights of way, 1911-1914
	78	Settlements of mine injuries, 1910-1914
	79	Stock settlement, sale February 28, 1919

III. Capital Stock Records, 1915-1928

	80	Stock journal, 1915
os	81-82	Stock ledgers, 1915
os	83	Stock journal, 1915-1922
os	84-89	Stock ledgers, 1915-1928
os	90	Dividend register, 1915-1917
	91-95	Correspondence relating to assessment #4, 1924-2925
	96-98	Correspondence relating to assessment #6, 1925
4	99-101	Correspondence relating to assessment #7, 1925
	102-110	Assessment receipts, assessment #l, 1919
	111-117	Assessment receipts, assessment #2, 1919
	118-124	Assessment receipts, assessment #3, 1921-1922
	125-131	Assessment receipts, assessment #4, 1924-1925
5	132-136	Assessment receipts, assessment #4, 1924-1925
	137-149	Assessment receipts, assessment #5, 1925
	150-156	Assessment receipts, assessment #6, 1925
	157-159	Assessment receipts, assessment #7, 1925

IV. Financial Records, 1915-1943

os	160	Voucher register, 1915-1932
os	161	Debit/Credit ledger, 1915-1942
os	162	Distribution of expenses journal, 1915-1925
	163	Applications, 1926
	164	Boarding house statements, 1926
	165	Continental Oil Company, 1926
	166	Development, 1926
	167	Dupont (explosives shipment), 1926
	168	Insurance claims (accident), 1926
	169	Orders for money to be paid from salary, 1923-1926
	170	Spokane Nash Motor Company, 1926
	171	Check stubs, 1939-1943
	172	Bank deposit books, 1915-1924
	173	Paid checks, 1915
	174	Paid checks "In partial liquidation", 1930

V. Ore Production and Shipment Records, 1915-1925

os	175	Daily record of ore production, 1915-1925
6	176-181	Smelter returns: American Smelting and Refining Company, East Helena, Montana, 1922-1926
	182-184	Smelter returns: Anaconda Copper Mining Company, Butte, Montana, 1923-1925
	185-190	Smelter returns: Vieille Montagne Zinc Co., San Francisco, California, 1925-1927

VI. Plant and Equipment Records, 1920-1926

	191-192	Inventories, 1920, 1924-1925
	193	Order book, 1925-1925

VII. Personnel Records, 1915-1926

	194	Accident reports, 1923-1926
	195	Time check record, 1915-1926
os	196	Payroll journal, 1915-1921
os	197	Payroll journal, 1922-1926
os	198	Mill payroll journal, 1925
	199	Miscellaneous payroll, April-June 1925

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