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Day Development Company

Records, 1917-1963
5 cubic feet

The records of the Day Development Company are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Dixie Miller in April 1988, with funds provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Processing was completed by Judith Nielsen in July 1992.


The Day Development Company was created in October of 1930 when the Hercules Exploration Company, which had existed since November 1928, officially changed its name. Day Development was a geological exploration company whose purpose was to "seek for and secure openings for employment of capital in the U.S. and throughout the world, and the view thereto to prospect, inquire, examine, explore and test, to dispatch and employ expeditions, commissions, experts and other agents." The company was organized under the laws of Delaware and maintained an office there as well as in Wallace.

The stockholders in the company were Eleanor Day Boyce, Harry L. Day, Henry L. Day, Jerome J. Day, Wray Farmin, W.B. Heitfeld, F. Wallace Rothrock, Frank M. Rothrock, and William H. Simons. After Jerome's death in 1941, part of his stock went to his wife directly and part went into trusts for his wife and his daughter. Ownership of stock in the company was quite expensive. There were only 10,000 shares, each with a par value $100 and only 518 shares were ever issued.

Harry Day and Eleanor Day Boyce were the principal shareholders, each with over 100 shares. Apparently ownership of stock in the company was by invitation only. All the stockholders were either members of the Day family or close family friends. Whenever the company needed money, it invited the stockholders to buy more stock.

Information on how successful the mines were is not contained in this record group. Most of the correspondence represents the efforts of persons attempting to get the Days to invest in their properties. The exploration included properties primarily in the western United States. Several companies located outside the U.S., usually in the Northwest Territories of Canada, did ask Day Development to have a look at their property. But, for the most part Henry Day refused to expand out of the United States, no matter how good the prospect might have looked.

The board of directors of the Hercules Exploration Company consisted of Jerome, Harry, and Henry Day, Frank Rothrock, and J.M. Perry of Yakima Washington. John Wourms acted as designated agent until his death in 1945; Paul Jessup was appointed to replace him.

In 1936 Day Development sold all of its machinery. The company was dissolved on December 29, 1947 apparently because Day Mines had its own exploration arm.


The records of the Day Development Company span the years 1917 to 1963, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1928 to 1935. Much of the early material consists of reports or correspondence describing mining properties. Included are a minute book, correspondence with suppliers, information on the mining properties, tax returns, reports to state agencies, capital stock records, and financial records.


The records of the Day Development Company are divided into four series.

The first series, Records of the Board of Directors and Stockholders contains a minute book spanning the years 1928 to 1933

The second series, General Correspondence and Related Records, is divided into two subseries. Series A appears to have been maintained by Harry L. Day and includes mainly organizational records relating to the company such as correspondence with suppliers, tax returns, reports to state agencies, and financial statements. There is, however some material related to specific mining properties such as the Bresnahan Group and the Center Star Group. The Hercules Exploration folder contains many letters from Henry to Harry about mining properties, as well as financial reports, and minutes of meetings. Series B contains records relating to each of the properties in which Day Development Company had an interest. Folders are arranged alphabetically by property or correspondent and include reports on the property, assays for ore sent to the Days, maps showing the location of the property,

Capital Stock Records, the third series contains a combined stock journal and ledger.

Financial Records, the fourth series, contains a voucher register, general ledger, property distribution ledger and check register.

By combining less bulky folders and discarding duplicates the bulk of this group was reduced by three cubic feet.


I.	Records of the Board of Directors and Stockholders, 1928-1933	1
II.	General Correspondence and Related Records, 1917-1963	1-4
	A.	Organizational Records, 1928-1948
	B.	Property Records, 1917-1963
III.	Capital Stock Records, 1928-1943	5
IV.	Financial Records, 1922-1951	5


Box	Folder	Description                

I. Records of the Board of Directors and Stockholders, 1928-1933

1	1	Minute book, 1928-1933

II. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1917-1963

A. Organizational Records, 1928-1948

1	2	Alexander Freidenrich Company, 1930-1931
	3	Annual reports - Delaware, 1930-1947
	4	Annual statement - Idaho, 1929-1947
	5	Assays, 1930-1931
	6	B; Leo Bresnahan - Note and mortgage, 1930-1939
	7	Bresnahan - Lease and bond, 1929-1931
	8	C (Cracker Creek District, Oregon), 1930
	9	Center Star Group; Center Star - Lease and bond, 1930-1932
	10	Claim for exemption - Capital stock tax, 1933-1945
	11	Corporation Trust Company, 1928-1930
	12	D; Day, Harry L, 1930-1943
	13	F-H, 1929-1932
	14	Hercules Exploration Co., 1928-1930
	15	Special stockholders meeting, November 6, 1930
	16	I, 1931
	17	Income tax return, Federal, 1928-1948
	18	Income tax return, State, 1931-1948
	19	K-M, 1929-1933
	20	Minutes of meetings, February 16, 1931
	21	Rogers Peale; R; F.M. Rothrock, 1929-1933
	22	S; State Inspector of Mines - Reports, 1929-1948
	23	Statements, Financial, 1928-1942
	24	Stock subscriptions; Stockholder list; W, 1929-1943

B. Property Records, 1917-1963

	25	A; Adams, J.E.; Advance; Ajax, 1928-1941
	26	Alaska Continental; Alaska Dano; Alaska Treasury; Allan, 1931-1939
	27	Allison Ranch; Alps; American Eagle; American Mine, 1930-1931
	28	American Property; American Tungsten; Andy-O; Arizona, 1928-1939
	29	Arizona Placer; Atkinson, S.K.; Atlantic; Auxer, 1929-1934
	30	B, 1929-1947
	31	Baker District; Baltimore, Barkas; Basin Bell, 1926-1936
	32	Basin Placer; Batopilas Silver Mines; Batchelor; Bayhouse, 1928-1935
	33	Belshazzar; Bennett, C.E.; Beowawe; Bertois, Mr. & Mrs., 1930-1938
	34	Betsy Baker; Billy Mack; Blackbird Mining District; Black boy, 1927-1939
	35	Black Friday; Black Pine; Blossom; Blue Bell, 1930-1933
	36	Blue Bird; Blue Bird Consolidated; Blue Creek; Blue Creek Mining Company, 1927-1937
	37	Blue Point Mine, 1932
	38	Blue Ribbon; Boulder; Boss Tweed & Clipper; Boundary County; Boyer, 1929-1942
	39	Bresnahan, 1928-1931
	40	Brooklyn; Brooklyn & Olympia; Buckeye; Buckhorn, 1926-1939
	41	Budge, Hon. Alfred; Buffalo; Buffalo Hump, 1928-1938
	42	Bullion, 1929
	43	Bunker Hill Copper; Burns; Burnt Cabin; Butte; Butterfly Consolidated, 1925-1938
	44	C, 1931-1939
	45	California Placer; Callahan, California; Canyon Placers; Carissa; Carpie, 1929-1938
2	46-49	Center Star, 1930-1936
	50	Century Drift; Chandler; Channel Gold Mines; Chapman, 1927-1939
	51	Cherry Hill, Manzanita, & West Bend properties; Cimmaron; Cinnabar, Clancy, Clark, George C., 1928-1939
	52	Clarks Creek dredge, 1932
	53	Clarksfork Mill, 1928-1930
	54	Clayton; Clearwater Timber; Cochron Hill; Columbia Northern, 1928-1935
	55	Combination; Comeback; Commonwealth, 1929-1935
	56	Continental, 1932
	57	Copper Queen; Corbett, 1931-1933
	58	Corncracker; Cornucopia; Cow Creek, 1932
	59	Cracker Creek, 1926-1963
	60	Critic; Crystal, 1928-1929
	61	D, 1929-1943
	62	Darrah, Ben; Davis, P.M.; Day, H.L.V., 1928-1939
	63	Daybreak; Deer Creek; Demming Mines; Detillian H.G., 1928-1937
	64	DeVaux, Mrs. Renee; Dewey Dailey; Diamond Butte; Annie Dillon, 1930-1938
	65	Dodge Mine; Dominion; Dull Pick Mine; Dunphy Dyke, 1824-1935
	66	E, 1928-1942
	67	East Camp; Edison-Ajax; Edna Mae; El Crucero, 1927-1934
	68	Electrum; Eliza; Elk City; Elkhorn Mine (Sofia Syndicate), 1930-1938
	69	Elliott; Dr. Robt. H. Ellis; Emmons Hydraulic Placers, 1932-1939
	70	Empress; Enterprise; Enterprise Quartz; Era Mining and Development Co., 1928-1939
	71	Ermont, 1930-1940
	72	F, 1928-1943
	73	Falcon; Falls Creek; Fausnat, J.L.; Fical, 1929-1934
	74	Financial, etc, 1928-1947
	75	Fisher Mine; Flint; Forty Five, 1927-1932
	76	Fremont; Frisco; Fryett, 1931-1936
	77	G, 1927-1941
	78	Gallagher; Garrett-Walsh; Gem; General Custer, 1927-1938
	79	Gilt Edge; Giraffe; Goat Mountain; Gold Blossom, 1929-1934
	80	Gold Coin; Gold Creek; Gold Crown; Gold Dust, 1928-1932
	81	Gold Fissure Group; Gold Flotation Development Co.; Gold Fork; Gold Hill, 1929-1935
3	82	Gold Leaf; Gold Mountain; Gold Nugget; Gold Valley Placer, 1930-1933
	83	Golden Bowl; Golden Eagle; Golden West; Goldstone, 1926-1932
	84	Granite, Fall & Canyon Creek dredging area, Boise Basin; Granite Group; Granite-Poorman; Grattan Placers, 1932-1936
	85	Great Bear Lake; Green; Grunter, 1930-1932
	86	H, 1930-1938
	87	Hahns Peak; Hall-Interstate; Hansom Mine; Hartery Property; Haywire Mining and Milling Co., 1932-1935
	88	Helena; Helena Silver-lead; Hennessy; Henrietta, 1928-1947
	89	Hercules Exploration, 1928-1930
	90	Hermit; Hewer; Hidden Treasure; Hobby Horse, 1929-1932
	91	Homestake; Homestead; Horse Heaven Mines, inc.; Horse Mountain Copper Co., 1929-1939
	92	I; I.X.L.; Ibex, 1924-1931
	93	Imperial Group, 1934
	94	Imperial Mine, 1934
	95	Independence Mine, 1928-1942
	96	Indian Creek Placers; Indio Gold-Silver Prospect; International Lead & Iron Co., Iron Mountain, 1927-1939
	97	J, 1930-1940
	98	Jacy; Japan; Lean Lee; Jefferson & Franklin, 1928-1934
	99	Jewel Box; Jib Consolidated; Johnny, 1929-1931
	100	K, 1930-1942
	101	K.C.; Katherine; Kennon Property (Pony Gulch); Keystone (California), 1930-1939
	102	Keystone (B.C.); Kimberly Placers; Kleesattel; Klondyke Mines, 1931-1938
	103	L, 1927-1941
	104	LaBelle Mine; Lady Brian; Lee's Ferry; Lehigh, 1931-1935
	105	Letterman, T.S.; Liberty; Liberty Gem Co.; Liberty Gold Mining Co., 1929-1939
	106	Lindberg, Jafet; Linden Property; Little Arctic; Lion Hill, 1931-1939
	107	Little Chieftain; Little Gem; Log Cabin (Collins); Log Cabin (Massam), 1926-1932
	108	Lone Star; Long Chance; Long Tom, 1927-1937
	109	Lowden Hydraulic Mine; Lucky Boy (Oregon); Lucky Boy (Idaho); Lucky Strike, 1927-1935
	110	M, 1927-1945
	111	Mackay Mine; Magrath; Mammoth; Marysville Gold, 1929-1938
	112	Mascot; Masonic; May, J.A., Mayflower, 1930-1931
	113	McBroom; McCaffrey; McConnel Creek Placer Area; McKinnon, D.B., 1929-1934
	114	McPhee; Meadow Creek; Melrose; Metal Cove, 1929-1939
	115	Mexican Graphite; Mica Bay - Kroetch; Midas Mine; Middleport, 1932-1935
	116	Mike Horse; Mill Creek Mine, 1928-1929
	117	Minerva Mine; Mohawk; Molybdenum; Montana Park, 1930-1934
	118	Moore's Creek dredging proposition; Morning Star Group; Morrison Carlock; Mother Lode, 1931-1935
	119	Mountain King; Mulkey, Charles, 1929-1933
	120	Muscovite; Musick Mine; Mutual Gold; Myheerah, 1927-1932
	121	N; Naciemiento; National Gold, 1925-1941
	122	Neely; Neocene; Nesbitt, A.P.; Nevada Creek, 1927-1933
	123	Never Sweat; Norambagua; North Fork Mining Co., Northern Consolidated, 1928-1935
	124	O; Oest Mine; Ohio-Keating, 1929-1940
4	125	Old Baker Mine; Old Dominion (1931); Old Dominion Mine (1924), 1924-1933
	126	Olympia; Ophir Consolidated Mining & Milling Co., Oriental Mine; Oro Mine, 1925-1938
	127	P, 1928-1940
	128	Pacific McGregor; Paramount Mines Corp., Peerless; Phillips, C.A., 1928-1934
	129	Phoenix Group; Pidgeon, A.J.; Pine Hill Mine; Pioneer Lode Mining Co., 1934-1939
	130	Platner; Plymouth Mining Co., Port Wine Channel; Portland Consolidated, 1927-1938
	131	Primrose; Prospect; Prowell, M.W., 1925-1932
	132	Quail Mining Property; Quartz Hill; Queen of the West; Quick Action, 1930-1936
	133	R, 1926-1940
	134	Rae-Wallace; Rainbow; Rand Group; Rasche, 1917-1930
	135	Red Bird; Red Chief Mine; Revenue Mine, 1933-1935
	136	Revett, Ben Stanley, 1922-1923
	137	Revlis Co., Rice, B.W.; Rice Placer; Ross, J.M.; Rowland, R.L., Ruby Creek, 1930-1938
	138	S, 1931-1941
	139	Financial Statements, 1935-1943
	140	Sacramento; Sadie Lynn; San Juan Queen; Scossa Red Top, 1929-1933
	141	Selle; Shamrock Mine; Sheep Ranch Mine; Shenandoah, 1931-1935
	142	Shenandoah Wulfenite; Shook, H.H.; Silver Butte; Silver Dome; Silver Hill, 1927-1938
	143	Silver King; 1926-1927
	144	Silver Star; Simons, W.H., 1927-1933
	145	Simmons Group; Smigaj; Snook, 1931-1935
	146	Snow Creek, 1926-1933
	147	Snowdrift; Snowshoe; Snowstorm; Sofia Syndicate; Sombrio Placers, 1927-1938
	148	South Eureka; South Fork; South Mountain; South Mountain District; Spring Hill, 1926-1932
	149	St. Elmo Mines Co.; Stein, H.; Sterling; Stroble; Sulphide, 1926-1939
	150	Summit; Sunbeam; Sunny Slope Mine; Sunset, 1926-1935
	151	Sunshine Silver Queen; Surprise Claim; Sylvanite; Syringa, 1930-1933
	152	T, 1927-1942
	153	Tango, 1928
	154	Theodore; Three Queens; Tri-Metal, 1928-1931
	155	Troy Canyon Mine; Trust Buster; Twenty Grand; Tyson Creek, 1932-1936
	156	U; United Treasure; V; Vermillion, 1928-1942
	157	W, 1929-1938
	158	Wagner Mines; Walker, H.G.; War Eagle; Warm Springs Mining Co., Waterloo, 1931-1936
	159	Waverly Mining Company, 1921
	160	Weaver Mine; Weed Estate; Weisenberger; Wells, 1931-1934
	161	Wenatchee; Westerner; White Elephant, 1926-1931
	162	Whitedelf Mine (Compton I. White), 1939
	163	Wild Rose Prospect, 1935
	164	Winchester Copper; Wishard; Wishard Mountain; Wolf Lake; Wonder; World's Fair Mine, 1928-1935
	165	Y; Yakima-Shoshone Mining Co., Yellow Nugget; Young America, 1929-1946
	166	Ypres; Yuba Mine; Yukon Gold, 1931-1935
	167	Z; Zaballos; Zulu Property; 1933-1938

III. Capital Stock Records, 1928-1943

5	168	Stock journal and ledger, 1928-1943

IV. Financial Records, 1922-1951

	169	Voucher register, 1928-1948
	170	General ledger, 1929-1948
	171	Property distribution ledger, 1922-1934
	172	Check register, 1938-1951

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