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Eugene Rufus Day, 1873-1922

Records, 1903-1926
4.5 cubic feet

The records of the Eugene R. Day are part of the records of Day Mines, Inc., donated to the University of Idaho by Henry Day in 1984 and 1985. Initial processing of this manuscript group was done by Clay Williams in March 1988 with funds provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Processing was completed by Judith Nielsen in October 1992.


Eugene Rufus Day, the second of the sons of Henry & Ellen Day, was born in 1873. He studied at Santa Clara College in 1891, and showed an early interest in animal husbandry. He took an active role in the mining business of the family, and took part in the development of the Hercules Mine, serving as manager from 1912 until his death in 1922. In addition, he was associated with the ranch in Osburn, Idaho, the Day dairy (Standard Dairy Company), and the general store in Wardner. In 1909 he bought half interest in the Coeur d'Alene Hardware and Foundry, of which he was president from 1913-1922. A subsidiary of this company, beginning in 1915, was the Wallace Powder Company. Eugene was also the proprietor of Burke Teaming, a company owned by Henry L. Day and Son, meaning "Pa" Day and Eugene.

Plagued by illness all his life, he was partially paralyzed from birth. He also suffered from gallstones and Bright's disease which was the official cause of his death.

The major tragedy in Eugene's life was his disastrous marriage to Agnes Loretta Quinlan, daughter of a Mullan miner, on January 25, 1905. They separated soon after the marriage, but were never officially divorced. Eugene left nothing to her in his will and her feud with the Day family over the actual worth of the estate prolonged the probating of the will for several years.

Agnes Day's demand to know the net worth of the Day family in 1922 was similar to a demand previously made by the courts in 1917-1918 during what came to be known as the Cardoner Case which concerned the Hercules Mine. This case pertained to Eugene because Eugene was the principal in the case brought by the widow of Damian Cardoner, a former partner in the Hercules. In 1917 Mrs. Cardoner had accepted an offer from the Days for her share of the mine. Unfortunately for Cardoner that year was the most profitable in years for the Hercules. When she discovered this she claimed the Days had deceived her about the mine's true worth. The courts exonerated the Days, saying they gave a fair price for the widow's share.

These cases allowed the public to discover the exact worth of the family's empire; which because it had been such a closely guarded secret before this time, was a matter of much curiosity. The Days had a well-known penchant for financial reticence, apparently dating from the fights with the smelter trusts at the beginning of the century.

Eugene was principal promoter and president of two unprofitable mining companies, Ray-Jefferson, 1915, and Amazon-Manhattan, 1917-1922. Despite these failures his reorganization of the Coeur d'Alene Hardware & Foundry and Sherman Lead proved sound and profitable.

Near the end of his life he allied himself with Sarah Smith, widow of a discoverer of the Hecla Mine in an unsuccessful suit to control that company. On February 11, 1922, eight days after the Hecla suit ruling Eugene Day died in Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane.


The papers of Eugene R. Day span the years 1903 to 1926. Included are correspondence, legal documents pertaining to several law suits, financial records for his own personal accounts as well as business accounts, personal diaries and appointment books, and materials pertaining to the settlement of his estate.


The papers of Eugene R. Day are divided into five series. The first series, contains correspondence. The correspondence in the first four folders was in a letter box and are filed A-Z. Those in the remaining folders were in labeled file folders and are filed alphabetically by folder heading. Both groups are mainly concerned with mining properties in which Eugene had an interest, but several letters in both groups concern his problems with his wife; included in the first folder are two letters from William Borah.

The second series is comprised of printed and bound volumes of court documents in the Mathilda Cardoner v. Eugene Day case. Also included are transcripts for the Eugene R. Day and Sarah E. Smith vs. Hecla Mining Company and Eugene R. Day vs. Bunker Hill and Sullivan case.

The third series contains bank deposit books and financial ledgers and journals for his personal accounts, those of the Alaska properties, Burke Teaming, H.L. Day & Son, and the Osburn ranch.

The fourth series contains personal material such as diaries and appointment books, and voucher indexes for his personal account and his estate.

The fifth and final series contains material pertaining to the Estate of Eugene R. Day and includes both legal forms and various financial records, including two bound volumes detailing Eugene's income and expenditures, used to calculate his worth at the time of his death.


I.	General Correspondence and Related Records, 1907-1923	1
II.	Legal Records, 1917-1921	1
III.	Financial Records, 1903-1922	2 + os
IV.	Personal Records, 1911-1925	2-3
V.	Estate of Eugene R. Day, 1906-1926	4


Box	Folder	Description 

I. General Correspondence and Related Records, 1907-1923

1	1-4	A-Z, 1907-1909
	5	Alaska mining properties, 1912
	6	Alaskan property - P.J. Bonner, 1916-1917
	7	Babine Mine, 1917
	8	Big Creek Mining Co. - L.J. Tefft
	9	Big Ledge Development Co., 1916
	10	Chicago Boston Mining Co., 1917-1918
	11	Coeur d'Alene mines ore shipments, 1912-1914
	12	Consolidated Insurance Agency, 1920-1923
	13	Cronin, James, 1917-1918
	14	Daxon, William, property, 1908-1914
	15	Day, Agnes Loretta v. Eugene Rufus Day, 1906
	16	The Donald Mines, n.d.
	17	Emerald Group, 1914-1919
	18	Hecla-Federal litigation, 1919-1921
	19	Hecla-Star litigation, 1921-1922
	20	Hercules Mine, 1907-1912
	21	Hilltop property, n.d.
	22	Hope Mining Co., 1918
	23	Imperial Mining Co., 1916-1920
	24	Industrial Workers of the World, 1920
	25	Labor distribution - Expense bills, J.L. Bonner, 1916-1917
	26	Lead Crystal Mining Co., 1916
	27	Ora Plata Group, 1915
	28	Parrott Lode claims, 1918-1921
	29	Ravalli Mine, 1912
	30	Red Cloud, 1919
	31	Scotch Bonnet Group, 1916
	31a	Star Silver Lead Mining Co., 1914-1915
	32	Sunshine Mining Co., 1919-1921
	33	U.S. patents, Indus & Oxus lodes, 1913
	34	Virginia Hill claim, 1915
	35	Waverly Tangier, 1918
	36	Yahk Mining District, 1913

II. Legal Records, 1917-1921

	37	Cardoner vs. Day: Briefs, 1917
	38-40	Transcript of record, 1917
	40a-40c	Eugene R. Day & Sara E. Smith vs. Hecla Mining Co., James F. McCarthy, etc., 1919-1921
	40d	Eugene R. Day vs. Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining & Concentrating Company, 1921

III. Financial Records, 1903-1922

2	41	Alaska Property: Cash book, 1916-1917
	42	Burke Teaming: Ledger, 1914-1921
os	42-45	Voucher registers, 1911-1921
2	46-47	Day, Eugene R.: Statements of income and expenses, 1914-1921
os	48-51	Voucher registers, 1914-1922
2	51a	Check stubs and bank deposit books, 1903-1917
	52	H.L. Day & Son: Order book, 1914-1915
	53	Ledger, 1909-1914
os	54	Check register/journal, 1907-1914
	55	Remittance register, 1908-1914
	55a	Bank deposit books, 1903-1909
2	56-57	Osburn Ranch: Orders, 1915-1917
	58	Ledger, 1914-1920
	59	Ledger, 1914
os	60-62	Voucher registers, 1914-1921

IV. Personal Records, 1911-1925

2	63-67	Diaries and appointment books, 1911-1920
3	68-69	Diaries and appointment books, 1921-1922
	70	Voucher index, 1914-1922
	71	Voucher index, E.R. Day estate, 1922-1925

V. Estate of Eugene R. Day, 1906-1926

4	72-73	Files of A.P. Ramstedt, 1906-1925
	74	A.P. Ramstedt's journal detailing the net worth of Eugene R. Day, 1922
	75	Photostatic copies of notes of E.R. Day, 1921
	76	Address book, n.d.
	77	Correspondence with B.G. Skulason, lawyer for Agnes Loretta Day, 1923
	78	Correspondence pertaining to settlement of estate, 1923-1925
	79	Agnes Loretta Day settlement, drafts with comments, 1923
	80	Agnes Loretta Day settlement, final signed copy, 1923
	81	Inventory, 1923
	82	Inventory & appraisement, 1923
	83	District Court, Shoshone County, 1922-1923
	84	Probate Court, Shoshone County, 1922-1923
	85	Federal Court, 1923
	86	Montana District Court, County of Mineral, 1923-1924
	87	Taxes, 1922-1926
	88	Federal Estate Taxes, 1923-1925
	89	Journal detailing E.R. Day's income, 1923
os	90	Journal, 1922-1923
4	91	Ledger, 1922-1923
	92	Journal, 1922-1924

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