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Records, 1952-1986
2 cubic feet

The records of the University of Idaho chapter of the National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi were donated to the University Library in December 1988. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in January 1989.


The National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was established at the University of Maine, Orono, in 1897; it was incorporated May 17, 1972. It is unique among such organizations in that it recognizes outstanding scholastic attainments in all divisions of the university rather than restricting its membership to scholars in a specific area.

The University of Idaho chapter was established in May 1960. Although the idea of establishing a local chapter was first considered in 1952, it was not until 1958 that Donald Marshall, Associate Dean of Agriculture, approached several faculty members, including President Donald Theophilus, and gathered the information necessary to petition the national organization. There were twenty charter faculty members, with forty eight undergraduates and six graduate students initiated at the first meeting.

Students are chosen for membership in the society on the basis of both scholarship and character. No more than 10 percent of the senior class together with a smaller number of juniors and graduate students may be considered. Faculty members are selected on the basis of outstanding academic records or significant accomplishments in their professional fields.


The records of Phi Kappa Phi span the years 1952 to 1986, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1960 to 1979. The papers include correspondence, national and local constitutions and by-laws, minutes of meetings, membership lists, banquet programs, financial records, society handbooks, newsletters, and journals.


The material in this record group was in two separate filing systems when received. The earlier material appeared to be in no discernible order, while the later material was in a straight alphabetical arrangement. Material in both sections was combined and sorted by type, thereby forming six series. Folders in each series were arranged chronologically.

The first series contains correspondence, both within the local chapter and with the national office. The "Chapter Officer Communications" folder contains a numbered newsletter of that name sent from the national office to local chapters.

The organizational features include the petition for establishing a local chapter, constitutions and by-laws, and minutes of local meetings. The third series, "Membership and Initiation," contains eligibility lists, membership lists--both computer generated from the national office and typed lists compiled by the local chapter, the membership signature book, procedures for initiation, lists of initiates, and programs and tickets for the initiation banquets.

The financial materials include the treasurer's account book, financial reports, and checkbooks. The fifth series includes brochures about the society, blank order forms and certificates, several applications for a national fellowship, and photographs taken at the 1974 banquet. The final series contains several editions of the national society's handbook, copies of its newsletter, and the Phi Kappa Phi Journal.

Computer generated membership lists were sent out frequently during the year; during processing it was decided to retain only one list per year, all others were discarded. Also discarded were bank statements, deposit slips, monthly lists of dues paid, and duplicate copies of printed material. In all the records were reduced by one cubic foot.



Box	Folder	Description 	Items

I. Correspondence, 1952-1985

1	1	Establishing a Chapter, 1952-1960	45
	2-3	General Correspondence, 1960-1985	265
	4	Chapter Officer Communications, 1975-1981	17

II. Organizational Features, 1959-1977

	5	"Petition to the Members and Officers of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi", 1959	1
	6	Constitution and Bylaws, National, 1960-1972	5
	7	Constitution and Bylaws, Local, 1959-1964	6
	8	Records of Meetings, National, 1968-1974	6
	9	Minutes of Meetings, Local, 1960-1979	81

III. Membership and Initiation, 1960-1986

	10	Eligibility Lists, 1960-1985	40
	11	Membership Acceptance Forms, 1970-1977	5
	12	Membership Signature Book, 1960-1980	1
	13-15	Permanent Record of Election Cards, 1976-1984	666
	16-17	Computer Generated Membership Lists, 1972-1986	14
	18	Typed Membership Lists, 1960-1982	5
	19	Faculty Membership, 1960-1982	26
	20	Life Membership, 1964-1972	9
	21	Initiation Procedures, 1955-1983	16
	22	Initiates, 1960-1983	5
	23	Banquet Programs, etc., 1964-1984	40
	24	Newspaper Clippings, 1960-1967	3

IV. Financial Materials, 1960-1986

	25	Treasurer's Account Book, 1960-1974	1
	26	Treasurers Reports, 1964-1985	21
2	27-28	Checkbooks, 1960-1986	20
	29	Interest Income Statements, 1969-1985	20
	30	Orders and Invoices, 1972-1986	88
	31	Treasurer's Annual Report to National Office, 1963-1972	8
	32	Financial Notices from National Office, 1974-1982	6

V. Forms, Brochures, and Other Records, 1963-1986

2	33	Brochures, 1966-1980	9
	34	Blank Certificates, n.d.	5
	35	Forms, n.d.	21
	36	Applications for Fellowships, 1973-1986	5
	37	Honor Cards & Emblems, 1966-1976	15
	38	Lists of Officers, 1963-1983	9
	39	Other Activities, 1965-1979	7
	40	Photographs of Jean'ne Shreeve, Local President, and Albertine Krohn, National President, 1974	16

VI. Handbooks, Publications, 1955-1983

	41-44	Handbooks, 1955-1973	4
	45	Communications Handbooks, 1975-1977	2
	46	Programming Key Plan, 1979	1
	47	Newsletter, 1969-1983	46
	--	Phi Kappa Phi Journal, 1962-1978	53

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