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Harold Lough

Papers, 1957-1968
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The descriptive inventory of the Papers of Harold Lough in the University of Idaho Library was prepared by Judith Nielsen, June 1979.


The papers in the Harold Lough collection are contained in three boxes. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically, the original letter and copy of the reply being stapled together in many cases. Budgets and reports of committee meetings are arranged in chronological order.


Harold Laugh was born in Nebraska and spent his early years on a farm. He married Helen Low of Milwaukee, Wisconsin whom he met in Denver where she was teaching school. They had one daughter.

He came to the Pacific Northwest in 1939 as a representative of the Cleveland Tractor firm. He spent two years in Lewiston before moving to Moscow, Idaho in 1944. In Moscow he was co-owner of the State Tractor and Supply Company.

Before seeking election to the Idaho Senate he was a member of the Moscow City Council. He represented Latah County in the Senate from 1957 to 1968. He did not seek re-election in 1968. His main interest in the Senate was the financing of education. The committees on which he served were Finance, Gubernatorial Appointments, and Legislative Administration and Elections.


The papers of Harold Lough consist of correspondence, legislative committee reports and state budgets for the twelve years he was the state senator from Latah County. The letters are mainly from constituents expressing their opinions on matters before the legislature. There are many letters from Senator Frank Church, which discuss federal legislation which is of interest to Idaho; there is also a letter from Senator Len Jordan concerning the Wild Rivers Bill.

State budgets and records of the budget committee form another portion of this collection. A third section consists of material relating to the legislature -- journals, copies of bills, lists of all bills introduced and their disposition. This is perhaps the most useful series to the student of Idaho legislative history. There are also minutes of several committees on which Lough served.

The contents of each section is outlined in full in the following Description of Series

Series Description

I. Correspondence File Box 1

II. Published Material File Box 1

III. The Legislature File Box 2

IV. The Budget File Box 3

V. Miscellaneous File Box 3


I. Correspondence

The first series in the Harold Lough papers consists of Lough's correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, while he was serving as State Senator from District 5 (Latah County) from 1957 to 1968. Many of these letters are from constituents and express their views on matters before the legislature; Lough's replies are often attached to the original letter. There are also some letters from Idaho's Senators in Washington, D.C. requesting information on local opinion in regard to bills in the U.S. Congress; an example of this is a letter from Senator Jordan concerning the Wild Rivers Bill. There are also letters from U.S. Congressmen concerning the status of Federal projects in Idaho, such as the new post office-federal building in Moscow.

An Alphabetical List of Correspondents

Adams, Donald E.
Agidius, James P.
Agricultural Affairs Committee, Idaho State Legislature
Airhart, Charles
All Idaho Congress
Anderson, Kenneth
Anderson, Wayne
Andrus, Senator Cecil D.
Andrus, Arnold
Asgro Seed Co., Filer, Idaho
Aslett Construction.
Associated General Contractors of America
Associated Students, University of Idaho
Ayers, John M.
Baird, Thomas D.
Bateman, Vernon L.
Beattie, Iris.
Beenders , Roy
Berg, Norman J.
Blaine , John R.
Blood, Marjorie
Bode, Nicholas
Boise Citizens for Improved. Idaho Colleges
Bower, Wayne E.
Boyd, Clay
Braun, Mrs. Richard
Brocke, Frank 0.
Brooks, R.D.
Brotherton, W., Seed Co.
Bull, Mrs. Cecil.
Burlison, John
Buxton, Senator O.J.
Byers, Everett
Caldwell, Harry H.
Callison, Norla
Carrell, Don
Carlsen, Albert
Charter Seed Co., Twin Falls.
Chase, Senator Cy.
Chavez, Joan
Chrysler, Mrs. Russell
Church, Senator Frank
Clements, Joe
Clemm, Lester V.
Clyde, Earl H.
Collett, Senator Harold
Connelly, Lee
Cook, Earl F.
Coon, J. Howard
Cornelison, Harold
Council of State Governments. Roster of legislative officers and leaders.
Cox, Cynthia
Cox, Tom
Craine, Mrs. Lloyd B.
Crites Moscow Growers
Danielson, Leo
Davis, Mrs. H. T.
Davis, Mrs. Richard L.
Davis, William E. President, Idaho State University.
Day, Stan
Deary Boosters Club
Dee, Senator William J.
Dennler Brothers, Juliaetta.
Dixon, John E.
Drevlow, Lieut. Gov. W.E.
Driscoll, J.L.
Dunham, C.A.
Dunn, Edward North
Edwards, Cecil C.
Edwards, Hal
Edwards, Linda A.
Employment Security Agency
Ensign, R.D.
Erickson, Hilding
Erickson, Lambert C.
Espe, Oliver J.
Fahrenwald, Dick
Fanning, Margaret
Felton, Tom
Fey, Helen
Fike, Mrs. Marion C.
Finkle, Linda
Fiscus, Howard
Fish and Game Dept., State of Idaho
Forest, Joseph B.
Frazier, Agnes
Freeman, Marilyn
Gale, Cope R.
Galis, Mrs. Dale
Garmize, Lewis
Gem State Blind, Inc.
Genesee, City of
Giles, Eugene
Grahn, Elna H.
Green Giant Company
Gritman Memorial Hospital
Guernsey, Roger L.
Hagen, Everett
Hall, Chester D.
Hansen, Representative George V.
Hansen, Senator Rodney A.
Hanson, H.H.
Hanson, Leonard 0.
Hanson, Nancy
Harden, Richard E.
Harding, Senator Ralph
Hartung, Ernest W. President, University of Idaho
Hatley, George B.
Hathaway, Cecil W.
Hause, E. M.
Hechtner, Howard D.
Heiskari, Carol
Helen Francis, Sister
Helbling, A.E.
Higer, Clarence
Highway Department, State of Idaho
Hilliard, Rev. Elton
Hoene, August
Hosack, Nancy
Hosack, Robert E.
Humphrey, Senator Hubert H.
Idaho Bean & Elevator Co., Troy, Idaho.
Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
Idaho First National Bank, Boise
Idaho Hospital Association, Boise
Idaho Library Association
Idaho State College, Pocatello
Idaho State College, Alumni Association
Idaho State College, Associated Students
Idaho State Nurses Association, Dist. 8
Idaho State University, Pocatello
Idaho Transportation Council
Iiams, Charlotte C.
Ingle, Gerald A.
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union No. 77
Johnson, Mary Ann
Jordan, Senator Len
Keeling, Alma Lauder
Kendrick, Village of
Kendrick Education Association
Keresey, Eve
Lanting, Representative William J. 
Larson, Phil
Latah County Democratic Central Committee
Latah County Pioneer Association
Latah Nursing Home 
Law Enforcement Dept., State of Idaho
Lawrence, Don
League of Women Voters, Moscow
LeGresley, Roscoe
Lettenmaier, Delores
Lewis, Norman F.
Lewiston Grain Growers
Lindsay, Elvin
Long, J.R.
Lough, Senator Harold
Lovel, R. Cecil
Lucas, James R.
Lundy, Richard A.
Lyle, Jim
Lynn, Everett
McAteer, Thomas
McClure, Representative James A.
McCrea, Winston
McCroskey, Virgil
McGoran, J.E.
McQuade, Jack
McRoberts, Donald D.
Mager, T. Russell
Maris, H.C.
Marineau, A.J.
Marineau, William
Martin, Boyd
Martin, J.F.
Martson, Bill
Martson, Bob
Merl, Lawrence H.
Miller, Margaret
Mix, Gainford
Moore, Senator Carl
Morken, Ed
Morrison, H.W.
Moscow, City of
Moscow Chamber of Commerce
Moscow School District 281
Mullaley, Walter
Mountain Home Grange No. 285, Potlatch
Muneta, Joan
Murphy, Jack M.
Muscat, James V. 
Nagle, Donald A.
National Federation of Independent Business 
Nelson, Elmer E.
Nelson, Roy
Nelson, Rudolph V.
Nez Perce Jockdae Co. 
Nez Perce Storage Co. 
Nezperce Public Schools 
Nock, Senator Harry 
Nord, Beth
North Idaho Chamber of Commerce 
Oleson, Donald E.
O'Reilly, Bernie
Pacific Northwest Hardware & Implement Association
Packenham, Howard
Palmer, Jenkin L.
Penetentiary Land and Site Subcommittee
Perry, Allan
Perryman, H.
Peterson, Philip E.
Peterson, Robert W.
Pfost, Representative Gracie
Pleiades Club, Early History Committee
Pocatello Chamber of Commerce
Porter, Nancy N.
Potvin, Representative Gregg 
Pratt, Robert B.
Public Employees Retirement System 
Pullen, Myrick W.
Pureline Seeds, Inc., Moscow 
Rahmlow, Harold F.
Rawls, Lester L.
Reid, Garth 0.
Reid, Rolland R.
Reynolds, Howard B.
Rice, M. June
Roberts, Mrs. Leonard
Robertson, Clifford A.
Robinson, A.B.
Rogers Brothers Co., Idaho Falls
Ross, P.A.
Ross, Mrs: Richard H.
Rudisill, Maun
Samuelson, Governor Don
Savage, Richard M.
Schlechte, Myran H.
Schrank, A.W.
Schumacker, Andy
Severson, Mrs. Alfred
Shepard, Stanley A.
Shove, Ruth
Siegel, Sol C.
Simplot, J.R.
Slade, Gene
Sleep, Frances
Smith, Barbara
Smith, J. Malcolm
Smith, Jerry V.
Smith, Melvin
Smylie, Governor Robert
Snow, Gerald
Snow, Orville
Staley, W.W.
State Youth Training Center
Steffens, H. Walter
Steiner, Heather
Stewart, Walter
Strobel, Robert J.
Strong, Dwight
Sullivan, Fank W.
Sutherland, R.H.
Tax Commission, State of Idaho
Tax Payers Protective Association
Terrell, T.F.
Theophilus, D.R., President, University of Idaho 
Thomasson, Ray E.
Thompson, Eugene
Thompson, JoAnn
Thompson, Laurence E.
Tunnicliff, R.J.
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Union Warehouse and Mercantile Co., Craigmont, Idaho 
Valder, David C.
Waldron, Ell1is
Walker, Donald E. President, Idaho State College 
Walters, John G. 
Waterman, Merton
Webbert, Charles A.
Welker, Senator Herman
Western Valley Seed Co., Lewiston.
Wetherell, Senator R.M.
Wheeler, A.B.
White, Representative Compton I. 
White, Ruth
Whitepine Education Association 
Wilcox, Mrs. Howard 
Williams, Richard D.
Williams, Roy E.
Wilson, Joseph G.
Wood, Senator Jack
Young, R. H.
Youngman, Vern
Youngstrom, Carroll 0.
Zimmerman, Lee

A Partial List of Subjects

Legislation is listed under subject, followed by the bill number and the year.

Amending the constitution (SJR 3, 1967)
Blaine Moscow Telephone Company
Chief Joseph, plans for a movie of his life
Chiropodists inclusion under Medical Service Bureau (HB 47, 1965) 
Commission on Arts and Humanities
Community Antenna Television System
Constitutional Revision
Control of the practice of dentistry (HB 119, 1967)
Educational appropriations (HB 78 & 228, 1965)
Extension of tavern hours (HB 14, 1965) 
Federal Highway Program, 1967
Hells Canyon Dam
Idaho Commission for the Blind
Idaho State College
Idaho State Library Budget Request, 1967/69
Insecticides, House hearings on, 1964
Liability responsibility on vehicles operated in the state (HB 12, 1967) 
Liberty amendment, 1967 
McCroskey State Park 
Medical School, Proposed 
Moscow, Idaho. Post Office & Federal Building
Moscow, Idaho. Post Office improvements, 1957 
North-South Highway, U.S. 95
Optometry Bill (HB 18, & 19, 1967)
Out of state fees for hunters
Pari-mutuel betting
Pea and Lentil Commission (HB 163, 1965)
Reapportionment of State Legislature
Removal of the Supt. of Public Instruction as an elected position (SJR 5, 1967)
Right to Work Law (HB 117, 1957)
Salaries for Court Reporters
Salaries for Judges
Salaries for Public Health Nurses
Salaries for University of Idaho Clerical Staff 
Sales Tax
Sales tax on automobiles sold to non-Idaho residents (HB 222, 1965) 
Saturday closure of banks (SB 98, 1959) 
S1ackwater Navigation, Lewiston
Soil Conservation Commission
State Retirement System
Sunday closure of retail stores 
Timber Tax Law
Time zone change
Trading stamps
Troy, Idaho sewage project, 1966
Tussock Moth
Weed control appropriation
West Coast Airlines operations at Pullman/Moscow airport 
Wild Rivers Bill

II. Published Material

There is a small collection of published material, chiefly reports of government agencies, which may be described as follows:

Coordination and planning for higher education in Idaho. Boise? Office of the Executive Director for Higher Education. State Board of Education. 1966. 10 p.
Idaho. Dept. of Public Assistance. Bureau of Research and Statistics. Quarterly Statistical Bulletin, April, May, June 1967. Boise. 1967. 20 p.
Idaho Children's Commission. Report. Boise, 1962. 391 p.
Idaho Citizens Committee on the State Legislature. A report to the people of the state of Idaho. Boise, 1968. 40 p.
The Idaho Democrat. v.3, Dec. 1963. Twin Falls, Idaho. (Kennedy memorial issue)
Newspaper clipping. Lough enjoying first term. Lewiston Morning Tribune. March 5, 1957.
Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho. Second annual report. July 1, 1966-July 1, 1967. Boise, 1967. 55 p.
Reynolds, Robert G. Tax benefits from retirement plans for the self-employed. Moscow, University of Idaho, Bureau of Business and Economic Research. BBER, Monograph No. 7. 1968. 28 p.
Standing Committees of the Senate. Thirty-fifth session, Idaho Legislature. 1969. (Pamphlet)

III. The Legislature

This series consists of the minutes of the various committees of which Lough was a member. There are also notebooks containing copies of bills and reports of their disposition, plus copies of the Senate journal for the years 1965-1968. The contents of this series may be described as follows:

Democratic Caucus Meetings. Minutes. January-March 1963; January 1965. 
Joint meeting of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committee. (indexed); January - March 1957; January-February 1961 (indexed); January-March 1967, June 1967.
Senate Committee on Printing, Legislative Expense and Elections. Minutes, 1967.
Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare. Minutes. 1965.
Senate Finance Committee. Minutes. January-March 1967.
Senate Transportation and Defense Committee. Minutes, January-March 1965.
Notebook: Associated Industries of Idaho. Legislative Bulletin. 38th session, 1965; 39th session, 1967.
Notebook containing legislation and journals. Extra sessions, 1966, 1968.

IV. The Budget.

The fourth series contains material relating to the state budget. The first portion of this series is the biennial budget book for the years 1955-57; 1957-59; 1959-61; 1961-63; 1963-65; 1965-67.

The second folder, labeled "Budget Committee" contains the following items:

Department of Public Assistance. Budget hearings, 1967.
Department of Public Assistance. Operating procedures.
Idaho Department of Public Assistance. Foster homes and day care. Boise, 1963.
Social security amendments, 1965.
Washington (State) Legislative Budget Committee. Public assistance in Washington. Olympia, 1966. (2 parts)

In addition to various memoranda concerning the legislative Council Budget and Fiscal Committee, the final folder in this series, labeled "Fiscal Budget, 1968", contains the following individual items:

Boise State College. Budget figures for 1969-1971. ("Sample figures" written in red pencil on top page)
Idaho. Department of Public Assistance. Handbook: County Councils of Public Assistance. Nov. 1967. 6 p.
Idaho. Department of Public Assistance. Quarterly Statistical Bulletin. January, February, March 1968. 22 p.
Idaho Task Force Committee for Education. Recommendations for the public schools of Idaho. Boise, 1968.
The Idaho Work Experience Program. Prepared by Sydney Duncombe and Ben Cavaness. August 1968. 10 p.
Interim Progress Report. Extent to which the new social security amendments act will require additional state funding between now and 1975. Prepared by Sydney Duncombe and Ben Cavaness. August 1968. 6 p.
Interim Progress Report. Field Office consolidation. Prepared by Sydney Duncombe and Ben Cavaness. August 1968. 3 p.
Interim Progress Report. Program inter-relationships between the Department of Public Assistance and other state agencies. Prepared by Sydney Duncombe. July, 1968. 25 p.
Interim Progress Report. Public assistance programs and procedures used in other states - July 17, 1968. 21 p. Prepared by Madge Ertel. July 1968. 21 p.
Interim Progress report. Summary of changes made in Title IV of the Social Security Act by Public Law 90-248 enacted January 2, 1968. Prepared by Sydney Duncombe, William Yost and Ben Cavaness. July 1968. 21 p.
Locating of absent parents. 9 p.
Legislative Council Staff. Memorandum concerning program budgeting and program appropriations. July 1968. 63 p.
Legislative Council Staff. Memorandum concerning the Board of Public Assistance. 4 proposals. 66 p.
Probable effect on Idaho public assistance programs of the present durational residence requirement being ruled unconstitutional. Prepared by Sydney Duncombe and Ben Cavaness. August 1968,. 6 p. 
Proposed legislation for the state of Idaho for enforcement of support payments by absent parents. Prepared by Sydney Duncombe and William Yost. August 1968.
Statistical background information of AFDC families. Prepared by Sydney Duncombe. July 17, 1968.
Summary of the full report. Program inter-relationships between the Department of Public Assistance and other state agencies. Prepared by Sydney Duncombe. August 1968.

V. Miscellaneous.

There are three sections in the Miscellaneous series. The first is an envelope of newspaper clippings dealing with Harold Lough's legislative activities.

The second folder contains some of Lough's speeches on a variety of topics including Highway 95, the University of Idaho budget, Public school finance, the proposed name change for Idaho State College, proposed annual meetings of the state legislature and a series of six radio talks which originated in Boise.

The third folder contains items relating to the University of Idaho, legislative recommendations on education, HB 3--the recodification of laws governing municipalities (1967), the Bruces Eddy project and miscellaneous budgetary matters.

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