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Robert Elroy McDole, 1930-

Papers, 1966-1990
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The papers of Robert McDole were donated to the University of Idaho Library by Professor McDole between September 1990 and January 1991. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in February 1993.


Robert Elroy McDole was born in Eugene, Oregon on October 7, 1930. He received his B.S. degree from Oregon State College in 1952, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Idaho in 1968 and 1969 respectively. Before beginning his graduate study in 1965, he worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a soil scientist. He began his University of Idaho career in 1969 doing soil science research at the Aberdeen Research and Extension Center. In 1977, he moved to Moscow where he worked as an extension soils specialist, studying soil fertility, soil erosion, and land-use questions across the state.

He has served on many committees concerned with various aspects of soil management as well as being active in a variety of university governance committees. He was a member of the Idaho Soil Scientists Association, Idaho Soil Improvement Committee, Northwest Plant Food Association, Soil Conservation Society of America, Soil Science Society of America, American Society of Agronomy, Western Society of Soil Science, Sigma Xi, and was a certified Professional Soil Scientist. He has a long list of technical publications and has earned a variety of awards, including Idaho Future Farmers of America Honorary State Farmer, a commendation from the Soil Conservation Society of America, and listing in Who's Who in the West. He retired to Fort Townsend, Washington in the fall of 1990.


The papers of Robert E. McDole span the years 1966 to 1990. Included are chronological files of papers given by McDole to professional groups, copies of publications, press releases, newspaper clippings, and correspondence related to presentations. Also included are photographs of soil conservation methods, a soil survey of the University of Idaho which includes not only the publication, but also slides and photographs, and loess survey notebooks from 1966-1968. Two items, folders concerning the use of bark in soil and a collection of reprints on soil testing predate McDole's arrival at the university and may have been originally maintained by Roger Harder and G. Orien Baker.

The material was kept in its received order, and original folder headings were retained.


Box Folder Description Items 
1	1	Papers and talks, 1970-1971	4 
	2	Papers and talks, 1972	11 
	3	Papers, Abstracts, 1973	14 
	4	Papers, Abstracts, 1974	11 
	5-6	Papers, Abstracts, 1975	18 
	7	Papers, Abstracts, 1976	15 
	8	Papers, Abstracts, 1977	45 
	9	Papers, Abstracts, 1978	37 
	10	Potato Schools, 1978	7 
	11	Phosphate fertilizer trials, NWPFA, 1978	13 
	12	Potato nutrient survey, NWPFA, 1978	9 
	13	Soilborne inoculum & cropping inter. phytopath, 1978	3 
	14	Papers, Abstracts, 1979	20 
	15	Papers and talks, 1980	33 
	16	Papers and talks, 1981-1982	54 
	17	Papers, presentations, etc., 1983	38 
	18	Papers, presentations, 1984-1985	79 
	19	Papers, etc., 1986-1990	80 
	20	Soils subject matter committee meetings, 1978-1980	6 
	21	Soil surveys of Warm Springs Indian Reservation by Robert McDole, 1954-1959	3 
	22	Soil survey of the University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station and Campus, Moscow, Idaho, by Robert McDole and P.N. Peterson, 1979-1989	66 
	23-24	Photographs: Cultivation and soil conservation, 1970-1983	82 
	25-26	Loess study notebooks, 1966-1968	2 
2	27	Bark study: Sawdust and its use, 1945-1959	14 
	28	Bark information - Boise Cascade Corp., 1958-1960	22 
	29	Bark-base fertilizer, 1959-1969	11 
	30	Potlatch Forests, Inc., 1959	2 
	31	Reference - Bark and sawdust, 1951-1960	18 
	32	Bark soil conditioner, 1958	16 
	33	Mulch (sawdust), 1953-1964	5 
	34	Soil testing reprints, 1929-1947	1 

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