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Records, 1976-1987
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The records of the Equinox Food Exchange of Springdale, Washington, were donated to the University of Idaho Library by Equinox trustee David Cook, via Bob Thyberg of Moscow, in January 1991. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in September 1991.


The Equinox Food Exchange, Springdale, Washington, was organized in December 1976 as a cooperative association, and was reorganized in August 1983 as a miscellaneous and cooperative corporation by trustees Frank Bellinger, David W. Cook, and Sue Burbach. It served as the principal cooperative wholesale distributor for buyers and producers of natural foods in the Inland Northwest, providing deliveries from the Cascades to the Rocky Mountains. One did not have to be a member to buy from the warehouse, but members, who were also owners and provided a share of the operating capital, did receive special benefits such as a share of the profits, special discounts, and "member only" sale prices.

David Cook's records concerning the Equinox Food Exchange, of which he was a founding member, were in no discernible order when received, therefore a series order was imposed during processing.

The first series consists of organizational material including articles of incorporation and by-laws, minutes of the board of trustees, personnel matters, a policy manual and financial material.

The second series contains catalogs, correspondence, information on Equinox and co-ops in general, several talks given by Cook, and course outlines and notes from a workshop given at the University Center for Cooperatives in Madison, Wisconsin, which Cook attended.


I. Organizational Records, 1976-1987	1
II. General Material, 1976-1987	2


Box 	Folder	Description					Items

I. Organizational Records, 1976-1987

1	1	Articles of incorporation and by-laws, 1976-1987	13
	2	Minutes of Board of Trustees' meetings, 1978-1985	33
	3	Other board material, 1980-1987	42
	4	David Cook's notes on board meetings, 1982-1983	1
	5	Personnel matters, 1982-1983	11
	6	Equinox policy manual, 1981, 1984	2
	7-8	Financial material, 1977-1987	44

II. General Material, 1976-1987

2	9	Catalogs, 1984, 1986/87	2
	10-11	Correspondence, 1979-1986	53
	12	Information on Equinox, 1977-1984	27
	13	Information on food co-ops, 1978-1982	14
	14	"Strategic marketing options for...cooperative wholesale food distribution...," n.d.	1
	15	Miscellaneous manuscript notes of David Cook, 1976-1983	20
	16	Newsletters from other co-ops, 1979-1985	6
	17	Typescripts of talks given by David Cook, ca.1983	3
	18-19	University Center for Cooperatives, workshop, ca.1983	8

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