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Edwin Fulwider donated materials relating to the residents of Lakeview, Idaho, to the University of Idaho Library in December 1993. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in April 1995.


The majority of the Edwin Fulwider papers consist of the reminiscences of Nan Scanlon, in which she recounts her early life near Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho. Other items include taped interviews with residents of Lakeview, Idaho, and a book about early residents of Glengary, Idaho, including the O'Donnell family.

Edwin Fulwider was born in Bloomington, Indiana in 1913, and educated at the John Herron Art School where he received his B.A. in 1938. He taught at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, from 1940-1942, and 1949-1973. He retired to a studio in north Idaho where he had spent the previous 26 summers. There he began to collect the history of the Lakeview region. In the fall of 1992 he and his wife Kathryn moved to Green Valley, Arizona.

Nan (Annie Margery) O'Donnell Scanlon was born December 24, 1900, near Hope, Idaho, the daughter of Louise Mabel (Schroeder) and Archie O'Donnell. She was educated in local schools, and taught in a one room school on Lopez Island for one year before going to Seattle where she worked as a bookkeeper while taking courses at the University of Washington. She moved to Chicago in 1928 and married artist Tom Burroughs on February 21, 1929; he died five years later of tuberculosis. On July 3, 1939 she married Paul Scanlon who was employed by the Disney Studios; they had two daughters. He died June 1, 1984.

The papers of Nan Scanlon consists of several types of material. First are photocopies of the letters between Edwin Fulwider and Richard Davis of the University of Idaho Library concerning the background of the papers. Next are letters from Nan to the Fulwiders, many containing reminiscences of her life. Then come Nan's typescript of her mother's notes of her early life in Iowa and the move west with her husband and children, and their arrival in the area of Lake Pend Oreille in 1893; also included is a photocopy of a 12 page holograph memoir of Mrs. O'Donnell. The largest group of material is Nan's own memories of the Lake Pend Oreille area. Some of these are transcribed from tape recordings she made, and some have additional notes by Edwin Fulwider identifying people or places attached. Subjects include family life, school days, places, and people; one memoir discusses her life after she left Idaho for Seattle and Chicago. Also included are photocopies of newspaper clippings about the O'Donnell family and photocopies of newspaper articles about the area. The final group of material contains photographs of the O'Donnell family, 1896-1906, and photographs of art work by Tom Burroughs and his friends.

The next series consists of four tape recorded interviews done by Fulwider with residents of Lakeview, Idaho. The reel to reel interviews are with George R. Cerveny, Margarete Chalfont and Caro Lou Weber Bastian; the interview with Leo Ambrose Payne is on two cassette tapes.

George Robert Cerveny was a University of Idaho graduate who taught in the English department from 1930-1933 and again from 1935-1936. He also taught at New York University and Long Beach University in California. He is the author of Mark the winds power, a novel based on the lake country of northern Idaho. He was interviewed by Fulwider in Lakeview, Idaho, on June 12, 1967.

Margarete Chalfont was the daughter of a Washington State University Professor whose family were summer residents of the Lakeview area. On the tape she recalls many episodes of early life in this mining community. She spent her entire career as a librarian at the Seattle Public Library. She was interviewed in Lakeview on July 24, 1969.

Caro Lou Weber Bastian was interviewed by Fulwider in Lakeview on September 3, 1969. The tape includes her reading of her father's history of the Weber Mine. For more information on Caro Lou and the Weber family see Manuscript Group 360, also collected by Ed Fulwider.

Leo Ambrose Payne was a first cousin of Nan Scanlon. His interview, taped September 6, 1978, contains much local lore.

The final series contains the vita of Edwin Fulwider, some f his research notes on Lakeview, and a book, At final anchor -- Glengary, by Dorothy L. Nelson, Fairfield, Wash. : Ye Galleon Press, 1984.


I. Annie (Nan) Margery (O'Donnell) Scanlon Papers, 1983-1993

II. Tape Recordings of Interviews, 1967-1978

III. Other Papers, 1984-1992



I. Annie (Nan) Margery (O'Donnell) Scanlon Papers, 1983-1993

1 Correspondence concerning the transfer of the papers, 1993 5 2 Correspondence from Nan Scanlon to Edwin and Kathryn Fulwider, 1983-1993 16 3 Notes of Louise Schroeder O'Donnell, 1884-1893 (Typed in 1983) 10 4 Memoirs of Nan Scanlon, 1982-1987 10 5 Newspaper articles, 1889-1986 11 6 Photographs, 1896-1973 20

II. Tape Recordings of Interviews, 1967-1978

7 George Cerveny interview, 1967 1 8 Margarete Chalfont interview, 1969 1 9 Caro Lou Weber Bastian interview, 1969 1 10-11 Leo Ambrose Payne interview, 1978 2

III. Other Papers, 1984-1992

12 Vita of Edwin Fulwider, 1992 1 13 Notes on Lakeview and surrounding areas, ca.1970 12 14 Nelson, Dorothy L. At final anchor--Glengary, 1984 1

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