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Fletcher Fisheries Collection

Papers/Records, 1938-1998
5 cubic feet


The reference files of Douglas H. Fletcher were donated to the University of Idaho Library by Mr. Fletcher in February 2006. They were processed by Angelique Holt in June 2006.


The Fletcher Fisheries Collection was Douglas H. Fletcher’s private reference files when he worked for the US Bureau of Commercial Fisheries (1962-63), the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (1965), The US Bureau of Sport fisheries and Wildlife (1966-67), the Florida Game and Fresh Water Commission (1967-71), and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (1971-98). These papers, articles, notes, publications and personal research span the years from 1938 to 1998.


Douglas Fletcher was born in McCook, Nebraska in 1939. He graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Biological Science in 1964 and a BS in Fisheries Science in 1966. He was a life member of the American Fisheries Society, and a Certified Fisheries Scientist since 1982.

Scope and Content

The records of Fletcher Fisheries span the years 1938 to 2003, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1958 to 1994.

Included in the records are Department of Fish and Wildlife publications; interdepartmental correspondence; articles related to fish physiology, fish cultures, fish habitat, and fish stocking; correspondence with professional colleagues; and reports from various studies and research projects.

Arrangement and Description

The papers were left in their received order, and original folder headings were retained. Each area of interest forms its own series.

Some materials were transferred into main circulation or government documents (lists are attached). This reduced the collection by 2.5 cubic feet.

Series List

I. Miscellaneous Fish
II. Warm Water Fish
III. Invertebrates
IV. Shellfish
V. Fish Physiology
VI. Fish Culture Equipment
VII. Habitats
VIII. Fish Related
IX. Diseases
X. Water and Flows
XI. Logging
XII. Research
XIII. Fish Management Actions
XIV. Chemicals
XV. Range Management, Plants, Soils, and Forage
XVI. Birds
XVII. Invasive Species
XVIII. Salmonids
XIX. Unsorted Papers


I. Miscellaneous Fish
Box Folder Description  
1 1 “Alewife” ca.1957
  2 “Bait” 1962-79
  3 “Billfishes” ca.1961
  4 “Buffalo” ca.1957
  5 “Carp and Goldfish” 1968-86
  6 “Carp” 1986-87
  7 “Croaker” ca.1969
  8 “Eels (Catadromous)” ca.1969
  9 “Lamprey” 1950-64
  10 “Paddlefish” 1965
  11 “Shad” 1952-91
  12 “Striped Bass” 1950-89
  13 “Synopsis of Biological Data on the Striped Bass” 1978-81
  14 “Sturgeon” 1988-90
  15 “Suckers” 1968-69
  16 “Tilapia” 1954-89
II. Warm Water Fish
  17 “Bluegill” 1960-88
  18 “Bullhead Catfish” 1951-82
  19 “Channel Catfish (1)” 1967-90
  20 “Channel Catfish (2)” (With 35mm Slides) 1961-85
  21 “Crapple” 1977-78
  22 “Flathead Catfish” 1964-90
  23 “Largemouth Bass – Florida Strain” (1) 1949-85
  24 “Largemouth Bass – Florida Strain” (2) 1968-69
  25 “Largemouth Bass – Florida Strain” (3) 1967-68
  26 “Largemouth Bass – Northern (1)” a 1974-80
  27 “Largemouth Bass – Northern (1)” b 1950-85
2 28 “Largemouth Bass – Northern (2)” a 1982-94
  29 “Largemouth Bass – Northern (2)” b 1984
  30 “Musky, Tiger Musky” 1988-96
  31 “Pike and Pickerel” 1977-89
  32 “Roanoke Bass” 1969
  33 “Pumpkinseed” 1955-78
  34 “Redear Sunfish” 1969-79
  35 “Smallmouth Bass (1)” 1981-95
  36 “Smallmouth Bass (2)” 1955-92
  37 “Spotted Bass” 1962-83
  38 “Walleye (1)” 1959-93
  39 “Walleye (2)” a 1950-94
  40 “Walleye (2)” b 1984-94
  41 “White Bass” 1969-84
  42 “White Catfish” 1965
  43 “Yellow Bass” 1947
  44 “Yellow Perch” 1938-85
  45 “Taxonomy and Identification of Fishes” 1954-71
III. Invertebrates
  46 “General” 1937-80
  47 “Zooplankton” 1963-65
IV. Shellfish
  48 “Clams” 1965-97
  49 “Crayfish” 1969-86
V. Fish Physiology
3 50 “Natural Feeds and Feeding” 1956-90
  51 “Reproduction” 1950-66
  52 “Respiration” 1961-68
  53 “Stress and Mortality” 1967-93
  54 “Temperature Preference” 1969-74
  55 “Vision” 1968
VI. Fish Culture Equipment
  56 “Harvesting Equipment” 1968-81
  57 “Tanks, Aquaria, Raceways” 1966-87
  58 “Transport and Stocking” 1978-82
  59 “Nursery Ponds” 1950-69
  60 “Private Fish Farms” ca.1985-97
  61 “Pest Control (Ponds), See Also Specific Animals” 1953-1984
  62 “Water Quality (in Culture Ponds) 1961-79
VII. Habitats
  63 “High Lakes” 1965-94
  64 “Electric Eels and Catfish” n.d.
  65 “Gambusia” 1973-84
  66 “Gar” 1953-66
VIII. Fish Related
  67 “Broodstocks and Genetics” n.d.
  68 “Catfish Culture” 1991
  69 “Trout Culture” ca.1955-60
  70 “Walleye Culture” 1971-97
IX. Diseases
  71 “Black Grub” n.d.
  72 “Channel Catfish Virus Disease” 1968-88
  73 “Columnaris” 1968
  74 “Dactylogyrus” 1966-67
  75 “Diplostomum Spatheceum (Eye Fluke)” 1973-88
  76 “General (Diseases, Treatments)” 1966-82
  77 “Gyrodactylus” 1965-68
  78 “Ichthyophthirius” 1972-74
  79 “Lernaea (Anchor Worm)” 1966-76
  80 “Mycosis (Fungus) 1969-84
  81 “Proteocephalus (Bass Tapeworm)” 1968-69
  82 “Redmouth” ca.1982
  83 “Trichodina” 1967
  84 “Vibrio” n.d.
  85 “Viral Hemorraghic Septicemia” 1989
  86 “Posthodiplostomum (White Grub) ca.1965
  87 “Eutrophication” 1956-86
  88 “Pollution, Fish Kills” 1961-94
  89 “Summerkill” 1966-74
X. Water and Flows
  90 “Water and Flows” 1971-76
XI. Logging
  91 “Logging” ca.1973
XII. Research
  92 “Age and Growth” 1953-88
  93 “Bioeconomic Values” ca.1985
  94 “Length and Weight (Condition)” 1965-94
  95 “Population Estimates” 1984-95
  96 “Tags and Tagging, Marking” 1955-98
  97 “Electrofishing” 1962-89
  98 “Introduced Game Fish, Washington State, and Research Notes” n.d.
  99 “Nutrition” 1976-82
XIII. Fish Management Actions
  100 “Aeration, Destratification” ca.1972
4 101 “Aquatic Plant Control” 1957-90
  102 “Aquatic Plants Versus Water Levels” 1969
  103 “Fertilizer, Other Water Amendments” 1965-81
  104 “Man-Placed Habitat” 1967-94
  105 “Rehabs (General Information)” 1981-96
  106 “Size Limits” 1979-88
  107 “Stocking” 1950-87
  108 “Water Level Fluctuation” 1967-82
XIV. Chemicals
  109 “Anesthetics” 1971-95
  110 “General Pesticides” 1969-83
  111 “Herbicides” 1960-85
  112 “Antimycin” 1966-83
  113 “Cyanide, Thanite” ca.1962
  114 “Explosives” ca.1963
  115 “General Piscicides” 1966-91
  116 “Rotenone” 1968-95
  117 “Squaxin” 1972-73
  118 “Toxaphene” 1961
XV. Range Management, Plants, Soils, and Forage
  119 “Wildlife Management” 1978-80
  120 “Range Management, Plants, Soils, Forage” 1968-79
XVI. Birds
  121 “Raptors” 1970-78
  122 “Waterfowl” 1963-97
XVII. Invasive Species
5 123 “Piranha” 1967-90
  124 “Prohibited Fish” 1969-91
  125 “Rusty Crayfish” ca.1994
  126 “Walking Catfish” (Clarias Species) 1968-88
  127 “Zebra Mussel” 1995-97
XVIII. Salmonids
  128 “Cutthroat and Steelhead” 1940-93
  129 “Immigration and Spawning” 1966-81
  130 “Kokanee, Coho, and Chinook Salmon” 1966-85
  131 “Technical Reports and Studies” 1940-86
XIX. Unsorted Papers
  132 “Bowfin” 1964
  133 “Brook, Brown, Rainbow and Lake Trout” 1950-74
  134 “Burbot” 1970
  135 “Channeling and Erosion” 1967-80
  136 “Char” 1989-92
  137 “Compost and Waste Disposal” 1965-70
  138 “Fishes of Nebraska” 1972
  139 “Frogs” ca.1949
  140 “Grass Carp” 1969-92
  141 “Introduced Fish” 1954-91
  142 “Marine Identification Guides” 1964-89
  143 “Newspaper and Magazine Articles” 1969-2003
  144 “Photocopied Articles 1962-98
  145 “Photocopy of ‘Freshwater Fishes of the World’” n.d.
  146 “Photocopy of ‘Trout Pond Management in Massachusetts’” n.d.
  147 “Preserving Specimen Fish n.d.
  148 “Road Building” 1971-79
  149 “Sportfishing” 1957-96
  150 “Whitefish” 1972-73
  151 “Resume” 1998


Items removed for cataloging: Government Documents

  1. Feeding Pattern of Game Fish from the Lower Clearwater River, Idaho (Earl William Fleck. Department of Biology, Whitman College Walla Walla, WA November, 1978)
  2. Some Factors Affecting Fish Production In the Mid-Columbia River: 1934-1983 (James Mullan, Michael B. Dell, Steven G. Hays, and James A. McGee. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Report Number FRI/FRO-86-15, June 1986)
  3. Artificial Propagation of Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout, with Notes On Three Other Species (Glen C. Leach. U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Fisheries. Fisheries Document Number 955, 1939)
  4. Care and Diseases of Trout- Research Report Number 12 (H. S. Davis. Fish and Wildlife Service U.S. Department of the Interior 1947)
  5. Range Plant Identification: Grass (Part 1 of 3)
    Range Plant Identification: Weeds (Part 2 of 3)
    Range Plant Identification: Shrubs (Part 3 of 3)
    Region 6, U.S. Forest Service (n.d.)
  6. To Save America’s Small Lakes. (Third Report by the Committee On Government Operations. Union Calendar No. 226 Washington D.C. 1967)
  7. National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation: State Overview (U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 1991)
  8. Black Bass Fishing in the U.S. Report 91-4 (U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 1996)
  9. Aqua-Talk, No. 3, February 1993 (U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service)
  10. Aquatic Weed Control Studies Research Report No. 2 ( N. E. Otto and T. R. Bartley, United States Department of the Interior 1966)
  11. Plant Tolerance To Flooding (Richard W. Harris, Andrew T. Leiser, and Robert E. Fissell, Department of Environmental Horticulture, University of California, Davis 1975)
  12. Development of Technology and Methodology for Introduction of Terrestrial Vegetation In Reservoir Drawdown Zones (Delbert A. Kerrick, Willamette National Forest 1983)
  13. The Effects of Pesticides On Fish and Wildlife (United Sates Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service 1965)
  14. Systematics and Biology of the Gizzard Shad and Related Fishes (Robert Rush Miller, Fishery Bulletin 173, Vol. 60. United States Department of the Interior 1960)

Items removed for cataloging: Main Stacks

  1. Symposium On Overharvest and Management of Largemouth Bass in Small Impoundments (John Funk, editor. American Fisheries Society Special Publication No. 3, 1974)
  2. 2. Rotenone and Trout Stocking: A literature review with special reference to Washington Department of Game’s Lake Rehabilitation Program (Alex Bradbury. WA Dept. of Game, Fisheries Management Report 1986-2)
  3. Registration of Squoxin for Control of Squawfish: Final Report (Robert L. Rulifson. Dept. of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration, Division of Fish and Wildlife 1985)
  4. Annotated Bibliography on Introductions of Some Species of Fishes as Forage for Predatory Fish into Various Waters (unbound) (Rex C. Herron. Utah Cooperative Fishery Department of Wildlife Science, Utah State University 1980)
  5. Mortality of Walleye Caught on Sport Gear and Released (Doug Fletcher. WA Dept. of Game August, 1985
  6. Transportation of Live Fish, Draft- Third Report to the Fish Farmer (Harry K. Dupree and Jay Huner. Fish Farming Experimental Station U.S. Wildlife Service Stuttgart, AR 1982)
  7. Fishing and Other Recreation Behavior At Roadless High Lakes: Some Management Implications (John C. Hendee, Roger Clark, and Thomas Dailey. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, September 8, 1974, Honolulu)
  8. Yakima Species Interactions Study Annual Report (Todd Pearsons et al. U.S. Depaertment of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration, Division of Fish and Wildlife Portland August 1993)
  9. Trout Growth in Hatcheries (Douglas H. Fletcher. New York State Conservation Department n.d.)
  10. Length Increment and Calorie Method Calculating Food Requirements of Trout (Douglas H. Fletcher. New York State Conservation Department n.d.)
  11. Water Quality Standards, Interoffice Memorandum from Weyerhaeuser Company July 31, 1973
  12. Identification of Saprolegnia SPP Pathogenic in Chinook Salmon, Final Report (Howard Whisler. U.S. Dept. of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration, and Environmental Fish and Wildlife Jan. 15, 1992 to June 14, 1996)
  13. Control of Ceratomyxos with Ozone at the Cowlitz Trout Hatchery (Jack M. Tipping. WA State Game Dept. Fisheries Management Division 1986)
  14. Biological Impacts of Bass Tournaments in Washington State (Douglas H. Fletcher 1984)
  15. Evaluation of Electrofishing-Induced Spinal Injuries Resulting from Field Electofishing Surveys in Montana (Wade Fredenberg. Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks 1992
  16. Mechanisms Controlling Migration of Sockeye Salmon Fry (E.L. Brannon. International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission Bulletin 21Westminster, B.C.1972
  17. Prohibited Fish Species in Washington as of January 18, 1991( Douglas Fletcher and Molly Hallock. Washington Department of Wildlife Report 92-10 1992)
  18. Age and Size of Steelhead Trout (Salmo Gairdneri) In Anglers’ Catches from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Streams (David W. Narver and Fred C. Withler. Fisheries Research Board of Canada Biological Station Nanaimo B.C. Circular 91 June 1971)
  19. An Evaluation of the Effects of Triploid Grass Carp Grazing On Lakes in the Pacific Northwest (G.L. Thomas and Gilbert B. Pauley, editors. Fifth Progress Report to the Washington Department of Wildlife and the Washington Department of Ecology March 1989)
  20. Columbia River Sockeye Salmon Study, 1971-1974 Progress Report (Richard L. Allen and Thomas K. Meekin. State of Washington Department of Fisheries 1980)
  21. Status, Biology, and Alternatives for Management of Walleye in John Day Reservoir: A Review (Raymond C. Beamesderfer and Anthony A. Nigro. Information Reports Number 89-2. Fish Division Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 1989)
  22. Mid-Columbia Walleye: Fisheries, Life History, Management 1979-1982 (Larry Brown and Ken Williams. Washington Department of Game 1985)
  23. Stocking Walleye to Improve Growth and Reduce Abundance of Overcrowded Panfish In a Small Impoundment- Research Report #RAD97-05 (Bruce Bolding and Scott A. Bonar. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1997)
  24. Hooking Mortality of Walleye Caught from Deep Water- Research Report Number IF96-07 (Sally Bruesewitz, Doug Fletcher, and Marc Divens. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife July 1996)
  25. A Review of Walleye in the Lower Columbia River Reservoirs- Report Number 91-9 (Molly Hallock and Doug Fletcher. Washington Department of Wildlife March 1991)
  26. Environmental Assessment of the Introduction of Walleye Beyond Their Current Range in Montana (Prepared by OEA Research, Helena MT for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, February 1989)
  27. A Study of White Bass, Morone Chrysops (Rafinesque), In Dale Hollow Reservoir, Tennessee, Kentucky (Anders I. Myhr, III thesis for Tennessee Technological University 1971)
  28. Spawning and Early Life History of Yellow Perch in the Lake Winnebago System- Technical Bulletin Number 130 (John J. Weber and Betty L. Les. Department of Natural Resources Madison, WI)
  29. Methods for Sampling the Distribution and Abundance of Bull Trout and Dolly Varden- Research Report Number RAD97-05 (Scott A. Bonar, Marc Divens, and Bruce Bolding. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife July 1997)
  30. Guidelines For Evaluating Fishkill Damages and Computing Fishkill Damage Claims in Washington State (State of Washington, Department of Ecology 1972)
  31. Report on High Seas Salmon Interception (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service 1990)
  32. Estimation of Stream Discharges Preferred by Steelhead Trout for Spawning and Rearing in Western Washington (U.S. Department of the Interior Geological Survey 1976)
  33. Formulas To Be Used In Determining Instream Flows for Steelhead Propagation In Western Washington (John W. Hunter, Fisheries Management Division, Washington State Game Department n.d.)
  34. A Discussion of Game Fish In the State of Washington As Related To Water Requirements (John W. Hunter, Fishery Management Division, Washington State Department of Game 1973)
  35. The Alsea Watershed Study: Effects of Logging on the Aquatic Resources of the Three Headwater Streams of the Alsea River, Oregon, Parts 1-3 (Fishery Research Report Number 9, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 1975)
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  37. Applied Research: A Short Form for Bio Economic Evaluations of Wildlife In Washington State Bulletin No. 7 (Wendell H. Oliver, Curt Young, and Duane Eldred 1975)
  38. A Survey of Resident Game Fish: Anglers In Washington (Paul E. Mongillo and Peter K. J. Hahn, Washington Department of Wildlife 1988)
  39. A 1995 Survey of Resident Game Fish Anglers In Washington State (Technical Report Number IF96-04 1996)
  40. Warmwater Volunteer Angeler Diary Data (5 issues) (William J. Zook and Doug Fletcher, Washington Department of Wildlife 1992-1996)
  41. Warmwater Fishing Contests In Washington (10 issues) (Doug Fletcher and Molly Hallock , and Kurt Perry, Washington Department of Wildlife Fisheries Management Division 1987-1996)
  42. Symposium On the Methodology for the Survey, Monitoring and Appraisal of Fishery Resources In Lakes and Large Rivers, Vol. 2 (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 1975)
  43. Mass Marking Warm Water Fish by Compressed Air and Fluorescent Pigment (Forrest Ware, Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission 1968)
  44. Notes On Marking Salmon Fingerlings With Tetracyclines (Irving W. Jones, Fish Commission of Oregon 1989)
  45. Benign Recovery of Coded Wire Tags In Largemouth Bass: Progress Report Through April 23, 1992 (Northwest Marine Technology, Shaw Island, Washington 1992)
  46. Estimation of Standing Crops and Rates of Feeding Fish In Ponds (H. S. Swingle, Auburn University. Paper presented at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 1966)
  47. Forage Organisms for Carnivorous Fish (J. Mayo Martin, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Stuttgart, Arkansas n.d.)
  48. The Feeds and Feeding of Warmwater Fishes (Thomas Brandt, National Fish Hatchery and Development Center San Marcos, Texas n.d.)
  49. Artificial Destratification of El Capitan Reservoir By Aeration, Part 1 (Arlo W. Fast, California Department of Fish and Game 1968)
  50. Aquatic Weed Control In Warmwater Fish Culture Ponds (Craig S. Tucker, Delta Branch Experiment Station, Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station 1980?)
  51. Evaluating Sediment Blankets and A Screen for Macrophyte Control In Lakes (Sandy Engel, Department of Natural Resources, Madison WI 1982)
  52. Annotated Bibliography to Largemouth Bass Habitat Requirements, Artificial Cover, and Terrestrial and Aquatic Plant Introduction, (Technical Report 17. Jennifer Haley, Suzanne Leavitt, Lisa Heki, Larry Paulson, and Donald Baepler 1987)
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  70. Largemouth Bass Growth Rates (Merrill H. Spence, Fishery Management Division Washington State Department of Game 1955)
  71. Hatchery Production of Advanced Largemouth Bass Fingerlings (Joseph P. McCraren, National Fish Hatchery, Tishomingo, Oklahoma 1973)

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