Forestry Collections

Special Collections and Archives contains a vast amount of forestry related information. We are also currently building a forestry portal to better organize and present our many digital collections related to forestry resources, such as the Experimental Forest and Savenac Nursery Photo Archive, the Family Tree Collection, and the Potlatch Lumber Company Photograph Collection

Title Group Links
Title Group Links
Craig Mountain Lumber Company Records MG 12
J. Neilson Barry Papers MG 26
College of Forestry Records MG 29
George Frederick Jewett, Sr. Papers MG 43
Gracie (Bowers) Pfost Papers MG 44
Potlatch Forests Inc, Camp 6 Papers MG 52
Warren Thompson Shepperd Papers MG 65
White Pine: King of Many Waters Material MG 69
Carl Krueger Papers MG 84
Sierra Club – Northern Rockies Chapter Records MG 86
Chales Odell Brown Papers MG 88
Society of American Foresters – Inland Empire Section Records MG 90
Compton I. White, Jr. Papers MG 93
Potlatch Forests, Inc. Records MG 96
George Frederick Jewett, Sr. Papers MG 114
Claude and Catherine Simpson MG 115
Archive of Idaho Folklore MG 126
James Cawston Evenden Papers MG 134
Potlatch Lumber Company Records MG 135
Harold Thornton Stearns Papers MG 138
Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway Company Records MG 139
Albert Bruce Curtis Papers MG 147
Michael Frome Papers MG 174
Herbert Baldwin McKean Papers MG 180
Potlatch Forests, Inc. Records MG 191
Potlatch Forests, Inc. Wood Products Research And Development Records MG 191
Potlatch Forests, Inc. Records MG 192
Potlatch Lumber Company Records MG 193
Earl Junior Larrison Papers MG 233
U.S. Bureau Of Entomology And Plant Quarantine Field Station Reports MG 355
John Albright Schenk Papers MG 376
Harold Lyman Ryan Papers MG 378
Fletcher Fisheries Collection MG 414
Western Forest Insect Work Conference Archives MG 417
Howard B. Carpenter Papers MG 429
Idaho Conservation League Records MG 431
Hornocker Wildlife Institute - Selway River Survey Records MG 440
Doris Milner Papers MG 442
Gerald A. Jayne Papers MG 443
William R. Meiners Papers MG 446
The Wilderness Society - Idaho Regional Office Records MG 448
Conservation Reports and Publications MG 449
Moose Creek Ranger District Historical Files MG 453
Potlatch Corporation Historical Archives MG 457
Sources Related to the History of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area MG 458
Ronald W. Stark Papers MG 462
Idaho Department of Lands, Forest Insects Files MG 463
USFS Pacific Southwest, Forest Insects Files MG 464
William E. Waters, Forest Insects Files MG 465
Forest Insects Reports MG 466
Arthur W. Stevens, Study of the lumbering methods of the Potlatch Lumber Company MG 5153
The National Forests of Southern Idaho: Industrial Activities, Recreation Advantages MG 5335
Bess Levengood Reminiscences MG 5736
Survey of exotic tree plantations in Northern Idaho and Western Montana MG 5739
Priest River Experiment Station Annual Reports MG 5755
Idaho Glass Lantern Slides PG 105
University of Idaho Stillinger Herbarium Glass Lantern Slides Collection PG 106
Water Resources Research Institute Records UG 36
University of Idaho Research Office Records UG 46