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The Special Collections Reading Room Rules

Because of the nature of the primary resources located in this department, the following user guidelines are provided. If you have questions, please ask for assistance.

  • All researchers will sign-in with the Reading Room attendant for use of the Reading Room.
  • Please request Special Collections & Archives and International Jazz Collections materials from staff by submitting a Collection Request Form noting a complete call number or other item identification information.
  • Special Collections and Archives materials may only be used within the Reading Room under staff supervision and at the tables provided.
  • Eating, drinking (including water), and smoking of any kind is prohibited.
  • Backpacks, coats and other personal articles are not to be kept at the research tables. Storage space is available on shelves behind the reference desk or on the coat-rack, to be used at researcher's own risk.
  • Keyboard devices and pencils are permitted. Pens are prohibited while using collections materials because of the possibility of inadvertent damage.
  • Materials must be handled with extreme care to ensure their preservation for future generations. Turn pages carefully, make no marks on the materials, rest no books or other objects on the face or surface of items used, and preserve the existing order and arrangement of all unbound materials. Notify a staff member if material is found to be out of order.
  • The Reading Room is reserved for the use of collections materials. It is not a general study area.
  • Courtesy requires that cell phones or other disruptive devices be set to quiet mode. Please take phone conversations outside.
  • A photocopier ($0.15 per copy) and a scanning station (free) are available for public use within federal copyright laws and when such copying will not harm or threaten to harm collections materials. When scanning please bring a jump drive. Jump drives are also available for purchase at the Cirrculation Desk for $5.00.
  • Before leaving, return materials to the staff. As a security measure, the department reserves the right to inspect all research materials and personal articles.

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