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Office of Price Administration, Latah County. Records, 1942-1945 MG 1
Francis Laney. Papers, 1867-1938 MG 2
Nell K. Irion. Papers, 1916-1944 MG 3
Republican Party (Idaho). State Assembly. Transcripts, 1970-1980. MG 4
Stanly Easton. Papers, 1900-1916 MG 5
Weldon Brinton Heyburn. Papers, 1889-1911 MG 6
Phi Kappa Phi. Records, 1952-1986 MG 7
George L. Shoup. Papers, 1861-1958 MG 8
James Franklin Ailshie. Papers, 1902-1931 MG 9
William Edgar Borah. Scrapbooks, 1903-1947 MG 10
Clarence A. Bottolfsen. Papers, 1926-1964 MG 11
Craig Mountain Lumber Company. Records, 1909-1956 MG 12
John E. Hayes. Papers, 1902-1937 MG 13
Star Hardware Company. Records, 1914-1931 MG 14
First National Bank of Wallace. Records, 1892-1949 MG 15
Kootenai County, Idaho. Attorney. CAB Hearing Records, 1965-1966 MG 16
Soda Springs Land and Cattle Company. Papers, 1889-1891. MG 17
Cornelius James Brosnan. Papers, 1917-1950 MG 18
George R. Trask. Papers, 1889-1916 MG 19
Idaho Memorial Building Association. Records, 1929 MG 20
American Society for Range Management. Idaho Section. Records, 1951-1969 MG 21
Barzilla W. Clark. Papers, 1937-1938 MG 22
Harry W. Marsh. Papers, 1918-1966 MG 23
James M. Lyle. Papers, 1883-1949 MG 24
The Pleiades Club. Records, 1892-1985 MG 25
J. Neilson Barry. Papers, 1932-1958 MG 26
A.W. Post Family. Papers, 1862-1966 MG 27
Clara Ransom Davis. Papers, 1883-1957 MG 28
Idaho Library Association. Records, 1915-1988 MG 29
Mackay (Idaho). Justice Court. Dockets, 1914-1932 MG 30
Musselshell Mining Company. Records, 1901-1908 MG 31
Charles Hoffman Farm. Records, 1885-1912. MG 32
John H. Botten Hardware and Furniture. Records, 1901-1935. MG 33
Moscow Commercial Bank (Idaho). Records, 1889-1895 MG 34
Fred H. Saylor. Scrapbooks, 1888-1926 MG 35
Charles W. Clarke. Papers, 1889-1894 MG 36
Spurs. University of Idaho Chapter. Notebooks, 1963-1978 MG 37
Herman Welker. Papers, 1950-1956 MG 38
Anton Hanson Family. Papers, 1909-1939 MG 39
Latah County Protective Association. Records, 1917-1918 MG 40
Charles Hayward. Papers, 1830-1885 MG 41
Edward Maslin Hulme. Scrapbooks, 1900-1917 MG 42
George Frederick Jewett, Sr. Papers, 1901-1950 MG 43
Gracie Pfost. Papers, 1950-1962 MG 44
T. B. Keith (Thomas Byron). Papers, 1960-1968 MG 45
Harold Lough. Papers, 1957-1968 MG 46
William Erwin Lee, 1882-1955. Papers, 1932-1956 MG 47
Pontiac Mining Company. Records, 1919-1935 MG 48
Beacon for Mountain and Plain (Rafe Gibbs). Papers, 1919-1962 MG 49
State Bank of Commerce, Wallace. Records, 1901-1911 MG 50
Kendrick Gazette. Records, 1930-1965 MG 51
Potlatch Forests, Inc., Camp 6. Records, 1927-1930 MG 52
Earl David. Papers, 1909-1968 MG 53
James H. and Mary E. Forney. Papers, 1878-1889 MG 54
Burton Lee French. Papers, 1890-1954 MG 55
Ordens der Hermannssohnne, Holzer-Loge No. 11, Uniontown, Washington. Records, 1890-1910 MG 56
George Alexis Kellogg. Papers, 1940-1970 MG 57
United Way of Moscow. Records, 1956-1981 MG 58
Paul Conditt. Idaho Union List of Serials. Papers, 1959-1974 MG 59
Elna Kluver. Ledger, 1901-1902 MG 60
Alpha of Idaho, Phi Beta Kappa. Records, 1921-1967 MG 61
Harry and Argenta Miller. Papers, 1898-1969 MG 62
Juliaetta (Idaho). Justice Court. Docket, 1912-1924. MG 63
Moscow District Camp Fire Girls. Records, 1946-1984 MG 64
Warren T. Shepperd Papers, 1899-1969 MG 65
Standard Dairy Company. Records, 1886-1938 MG 66
Consolidated Insurance Agency. Records, 1921-1964 MG 67
Rural Women's History Project. Papers, 1975-1980 MG 68
White Pine: King of Many Waters. Collection, 1964-1970 MG 69
Faculty Club, University of Idaho. Records, 1945-1971 MG 70
Genesee Union Warehouse Company. Audit records, 1939-1952 MG 71
John B. Miller. Papers, 1910-1973 MG 72
Historical Club of Moscow, Idaho. Records, 1895-1979 MG 73
Knights of Columbus. Records, 1914-1981 MG 74
Earl Malcolm Hause. Papers, 1949-1971 MG 75
Edward John Iddings. Scrapbooks, 1904-1954 MG 76
Ambrose Hammett Burroughs, Jr., Papers, 1919-1954 MG 77
Albert B. Curtis. Public Land Law Review Commission. Papers, 1964-1970 MG 78
Idaho Public Employees Association. Records, 1954-1974 MG 79
Tiger Hotel Company. Records, 1909-1945 MG 80
Princeton-Harvard Highway District. Records, 1919-1950 MG 81
Moscow Post Office. Records, 1887-1959 MG 82
Frederic Corss Church. Papers, 1910-1966 MG 83
Carl Krueger. Papers, 1926-1983 MG 84
Ben W. Davis. Papers, 1931-1976 MG 85
Sierra Club, Northern Rockies Chapter. Records, 1967-2004 MG 86
Moscow (Idaho) Election. Records, 1969 MG 87
Charles Odell Brown. Papers, 1891-1915 MG 88
Latah County Mental Health Association. Records, 1959-1975 MG 89
Society Of American Foresters, Inland Empire Section. Records, 1938-1984 MG 90
C. Ben Ross. Papers, 1922-1945 MG 91
Adam Aulbach. Scrapbook, 1906-1947 MG 92
Compton I. White, Jr. Papers, 1963-1966 MG 93
Faculty Women's Club. Records, 1941-1976 MG 94
American Association of University Professors. University of Idaho Chapter. Records, 1956-1975. MG 95
Potlatch Forests, Inc. Records, 1910-1938 MG 96
Floyd Frank. Papers, 1971-1977 MG 97
W. R. Crawford Papers, 1917-1935 MG 98
Gritman Memorial Hospital. Records, 1939-1985 MG 99
John F. Streiff. Papers, 1965-1977 MG 100
Frank Bruce Robinson. Papers, 1929-1951 MG 101
Village Of Craigmont. Records, 1921-1969 MG 102
National Extension Homemakers Council (U.S.) Edith Archibald homemaker, of Idaho; Dorothy Carlson; Ruth Bright oral historian. Oral History Collection, 1983 MG 103
Nez Perce Farmers County Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Records, 1905-1980 MG 104
Idaho Constitutional Revision Commission. Papers, 1965-1970 MG 105
Lillie Mae Hermann. Papers, 1975-1979 MG 106
James Pinckney Pope. Papers, 1929-1951 MG 107
Palouse Hills Farm Museum Project. Records, 1979-1981 MG 108
Women's Caucus of the University of Idaho. Records, 1971-1980 MG 109
Weisgerber Brothers. Papers, 1863-1918 MG 110
Denault Space Program. Memorabilia, 1969-1977 MG 111
Albert Justin Ohlson. Scrapbook, 1920-1981 MG 112
Allen Conrad Morrill, Eleanor Dunlap Morrill. Papers, 1962-1982 MG 113
George Frederick Jewett, Sr. Papers, 1907-1963 MG 114
Claude and Catherine Simpson. Papers, 1932-1981 MG 115
Center For Native American Development. Records, 1972-1979 MG 116
John H. Eaton. Diaries, 1943-1944 MG 117
Raycide Mosher. Civil War Letters, 1864-1865 MG 118
Robert E. Hosack. Papers, 1947-1982 MG 119
Nelson Auto Electric Co., Moscow, Idaho. Records, 1912-1961 MG 120
Cort Conley. Manuscripts, 1982-1985 MG 121
Glen R. Lockery. Papers, 1946-1980 MG 122
C.W. Hickman. Papers, 1913-1955 MG 123
United Church Women of Moscow, Idaho. Scrapbook, 1957-1960. MG 124
Edmund Chavez. Fund for the Performing Arts Center. Papers, 1959-1976 MG 125
Archive of Idaho Folklore. Papers 1963-1972 MG 126
William John McConnell. Scrapbook, 1890-1925. MG 128
Isabel Miller. Papers, 1973-1981 MG 129
Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining Company. Records, 1894-1937 MG 130
Nez Percé Agency. Correspondence, 1871-1883 MG 131
E. E. Smith (Edward Elmer). Papers, 1914-1994 MG 132
Mark P. Miller Milling Company. Records, 1940-1960 MG 133
James C. Evenden. Papers, 1910-1969 MG 134
Potlatch Lumber Company. Records, 1901-1979 MG 135
Albert L. Alford. Papers, 1913-1972 MG 136
North Idaho Children's Home. Records, 1908-1984 MG 137
Harold Thornton Stearns. Papers, 1905-1975 MG 138
Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway Company. Records, 1903-1962 MG 139
Shoshone County Flood Control Project. Records, 1935-1940 MG 140
University of Idaho, English Club. Records, 1918-1927 MG 141
Howard B. Stough. Papers, 1880-1972 MG 142
Empire Copper Company. Records, 1900-1946 MG 143
Musical Heritage, SE Idaho. Presentations, 1977-1979 MG 144
History of Idaho Journalism. Student Papers, 1932-1960 MG 145
Kenneth Eugene Hungerford. Papers, 1954-1961. MG 146
Albert Bruce Curtis. Papers, 1927-1977 MG 147
Abe Mcgregor Goff. Papers, 1915-1968 MG 148
Allen Sheeley Janssen. Papers, 1926-1980 MG 149
R.C. Halliday and Company, Dillon, Montana. Letters from Idaho, 1885-1893 MG 150
Moscow Recycling Center. Secretary's Records, 1973-1986 MG 151
Waterman's Floor Covering. Records, 1950-1976 MG 152
Ernest William Hartung. Papers, 1974-1989 MG 154
Shepp Ranch (Idaho). Diaries, 1903-1971 MG 155
Rollo P. Perkins. Diaries, 1928-1967 MG 156
Idaho Panhandle National Forests. Oral histories, 1980-1981 MG 157
Priest Lake Museum Association. Oral histories, 1983-[198-] MG 158
Nez Perce County Historical Society. Oral histories, 1982-[198-] MG 159
Tau Mem Aleph. University of Idaho Chapter. Records, 1928-1939 MG 160
Aram and Sons. Records, 1890-1902 MG 161
Edwin Noel Pennebaker. Mine plat maps, 1928-1958 MG 162
Idaho Third District Federation of Women's Clubs. Records, 1946-1986 MG 163
Idaho Mining. Scrapbook, 1927-1928 MG 165
John Ford Sollers. Scrapbook, 1941-[194-] MG 166
Richard B. Ott. Scrapbook, 1915-1919 MG 167
Byrd Fanita Wall. Scrapbook, 1913-1916 MG 168
Charlotte Lewis. Scrapbook, 1913-1921 MG 169
Esther E. Thomas. Scrapbook, 1915-1919 MG 170
Leslie E. Eddy. Scrapbook, [191-]-1978 MG 171
Mary Elizabeth Kostalek. Scrapbook, 1932 MG 172
Hope Lumber Manufacturing Company. Records, 1908-1925 MG 173
Michael Frome. Papers, 1959-1989 MG 174
Mary Walker Eldridge. Diaries, 1907-1949 MG 175
Jay Glover Eldridge. Diaries, 1892-1962 MG 176
Olesen Family. Papers, 1887-1984 MG 177
Corlann Gee Bush. Papers, 1976-1985 MG 178
Kathryn Louise Healy. Scrapbooks, 1921-1926 MG 179
Herbert Baldwin McKean. Papers, 1932-1985 MG 180
Jesse Everett Buchanan. Papers, 1917-1986 MG 181
Lalia Phipps Boone. Papers, 1950-1986 MG 182
Hal Riegger. Papers, 1981-1986 MG 183
University of Idaho Personal Computer Users' Group. Records, 1985-1986 MG 184
University of Idaho Library, Circuit Rider Project. Records, 1984-1985 MG 185
Talbot Jennings. Scripts, 1926-1960 MG 186
Bunker Hill Company, Research and Development Division. Records, 1922-1982 MG 187
Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining and Concentrating Company. Legal Cases, 1899-1902 MG 188
The Brewery. Records, 1985-1988 MG 189
Cougar Dave Lewis. Papers, 1879-1984 MG 190
Potlatch Forests, Inc. Wood Products Research and Development. Records, 1951-1984 MG 191
Potlatch Forests, Inc. Records, 1951-1982 MG 192
Potlatch Lumber Company. Records, 1890-1949 MG 193
John P. Howe. Papers, 1958-1981 MG 194
Strong, Margaret Henderson, Pleiades Club (Moscow, Idaho). Collection, 1897-1904 MG 195
Carol Ryrie Brink. Manuscripts, 1964-1975 MG 196
Eustace Thurman Baker. The cow owner's handbook : typescript, 1950-1951 MG 197
Idaho Club Students Association. Records, 1936-1958 MG 198
Mabel Russell Parks. Scrapbook, 1911-1966 MG 199
Edward John Iddings. Scrapbook, 1905-1908 MG 201
Esther E. Thomas. Scrapbook, 1918-1925 MG 202
Titus George LeClair. Papers, 1917-1968 MG 203
Kenneth B. Platt. Papers, 1964-1970 MG 205
University of Idaho Dames. Scrapbooks, 1941-1977 MG 206
Young Life Campaign. Records, 1970-1972 MG 207
Twin City Lumber Company (Lewiston, Idaho) Records, 1913-1916 MG 208
H.W. Curtis Hardware Store (Blackfoot, Idaho). Daybook, Apr. 23, 1909-Mar. 3, 1910 MG 209
Wylie Andrew Lauder. Financial records, 1911-1936 MG 210
Margaret Ritchie. Papers, 1895-1983 MG 211
John J. Peebles. Papers, 1976-1985 MG 212
Kenneth Andrew Dick. Papers, 1946-1959 MG 213
William John Brockelbank. Papers, 1934-1984 MG 214
Charles Gelbach Store. Records, 1900-1922 MG 215
Melville Harrison Hatch. Papers, 1930-1969 MG 216
Helen McKelvey Oakley. An alphabet of Christmas words, 1933-1967 MG 217
Vardis Fisher. Papers, 1927-1974 MG 218
Jean Chalmers Donaldson. Papers, 1927-1965 MG 219
A. Cypen Lubitsh. The Lion of Idaho : The nation mourns the death of Senator William E. Borah : manuscript, 1940 MG 220
Register of Indian Families at the Nez Perce Agency, 1884-1909. MG 221
Winchester Inn (Winchester, Idaho). Guest register, Jan. 17, 1916-Sept. 14, 1933 MG 222
Horace C. Myers, A Few Bits of Picturesque Idaho. Photograph Album, July 1901 MG 223
Virgo dei genitrix quem totus non capit orbis in tua seda usit vi screa sanctus homo, alleluia. Manuscript, [13--?] MG 224
United States. Bureau of the Census. Census of agriculture: Idaho. Tables, 1945 MG 225
Idaho tax tables, 1934 MG 226
Report on Idaho agriculture, Mar. 24, 1922 MG 227
U.S. Forest Service. Land use plan : typescript, 1934 MG 228
Jerome Day 1876-1941, Whitman Controversy. Collection, 1895-1903 MG 229
Mildred Burlingame. Papers, 1909-1972 MG 230
Lucy Jane Wagy Ramsey. Diaries, 1895-1959 MG 231
Lee F. Zimmerman (Lee Franklin), Richard J. Beck. Papers, 1934-1987 MG 232
Earl J. Larrison. Papers, 1915-1987 MG 233
Northport Smelting & Refining Company. Records, 1898-1936 MG 234
Aurum Mining Company. Records, 1916-1953 MG 235
Hercules Mining Company. Records, 1892-1947 MG 236
Humming Bird Mining Company. Records, 1898-1936 MG 237
Aetna Mining and Milling Company. Records, 1915-1938 MG 238
Basin Mining Company. Records, 1902-1938 MG 239
Idaho and Eastern Mining and Milling Company. Records, 1903-1938 MG 240
Roanoke Mining Company. Records, 1907-1938 MG 241
Laclede Mining Company. Records, 1903-1950 MG 242
Guelph Mining and Milling Company. Records, 1900-1929 MG 243
Honolulu Mining Company. Records, 1906-1924 MG 244
Tamarack & Chesapeak Mining Company. Records, 1897-1915 MG 245
Custer Consolidated Mining Company. Records, 1899-1924 MG 246
Tamarack & Custer Consolidated Mining Company. Records, 1907-1948 MG 247
Puritan Mining Company. Records, 1905-1940 MG 248
Snowy Peak Mining Company. Records, 1906-1916 MG 249
Ambergris Consolidated Mining Company. Records, 1901-1951 MG 250
King Mining Company. Records, 1908-1961 MG 251
Copper King Mining and Smelting Company. Records, 1901-1949 MG 252
Gertie Mining Company. Records, 1900-1944 MG 253
Imperial Mining Company. Records, 1906-1945 MG 254
Marsh Mines Consolidated. Records, 1888-1947 MG 255
National Copper Mining Company. Records, 1906-1944 MG 256
Sonora Mining Company. Records, 1897-1944 MG 257
Homestake Mining Company. Records, 1909-1943 MG 258
Monitor Mining Company. Records, 1937-1947 MG 259
Amazon-Manhattan Mining Company. Records, 1917-1941 MG 260
Blue Grouse Mining Company, Ltd. Records, 1898-1920 MG 261
Callahan Zinc-Lead Company. Records, 1910-1948 MG 262
Idora Mining Company. Records, 1906-1929 MG 263
Portland Mining Company. Records, 1912-1947 MG 264
Ray-Jefferson Mining Company. Records, 1909-1951 MG 265
Tuscumbia Mining Company. Records, 1911-1941 MG 266
West Sunset Mining Company. Records, 1911-1931 MG 267
Sherman Lead Company. Records, 1918-1948 MG 268
Sherman Development Company. Records, 1916-1923 MG 269
Oreano Mining Company. Records, 1902-1929 MG 270
Benton Mining Company. Records, 1894-1920 MG 271
Dayrock Mining Company. Records, 1915-1938 MG 272
Strattons Mines Company. Records, 1923-1930 MG 273
Option Mining Company. Records, 1925-1951 MG 274
Sunshine Mining Company. Records, 1907-1943 MG 275
Coeur d'Alene Mining & Smelting Company. Records, 1904-1937 MG 276
Happy Day Mining Company. Records, 1899-1947 MG 277
Duluth Mining Company. Records, 1909-1947 MG 278
Crystal Lead Mines Company. Records, 1911-1947 MG 279
Phoenix Mining and Milling Company. Records, 1905-1955 MG 280
C & R Mining Company. Records, 1904-1961 MG 281
Hornsilver Mining and Milling Company. Records, 1901-1960 MG 282
Gold Hunter Mines. Records, 1918-1966 MG 283
Ben Hur Mining Company. Records, 1907-1940 MG 284
Bryan Mining Company. Records, 1907-1931 MG 285
Last Chance Copper Mining Company. Records, 1907-1940 MG 286
Woodburn Mining Company. Records, 1937-1940 MG 287
Wilbur Mining Company. Records, 1906-1930 MG 288
Western Union Mining Company. Records, 1916-1951 MG 289
Treasure Vault Mining Company. Records, 1906-1947 MG 290
Success Mining Company. Records, 1906-1953 MG 291
Stanley Mining Company. Records, 1900-1947 MG 292
Trinum Mining Company. Records, 1935-1939 MG 293
Pennsylvania Smelting Company. Records, 1899-1943 MG 294
Cincinnati Mining Company. Records, 1923-1961 MG 295
Dakins Company. Records, 1938-1942 MG 296
Doro Company. Records, 1939-1941 MG 297
Day Development Company. Records, 1917-1963 MG 298
East Standard Mining Company. Records, 1911-1953 MG 299
Howard Company. Records, 1939-1942 MG 300
Mines Contracting Company. Records, 1936-1944 MG 301
Potosi Placers (Mining partnership) Records, 1935-1941 MG 302
Roxbury Placers (Mining partnership). Records, 1895-1946 MG 303
Sunset Lease (Mining partnership). Records, 1940-1969 MG 304
Diem Mines Limited. Records, 1949-1967 MG 305
Day Mines. Records, 1921-1985 MG 306
John H. Wourms. Records, 1891-1963 MG 307
Robert P. Dwyer. Papers, 1946-1967 MG 308
Leonard Gilman Gaffney. Papers, 1897-1978 MG 309
Wallace Press-Times. Records, 1906-1956 MG 310
Wallace Realty Company. Records, 1918-1973 MG 311
Eleanor Bernice Day Boyce. Records, 1917-1963 MG 312
Lucy Mix Day. Papers, 1920-1969 MG 313
Eugene Rufus Day. Records, 1903-1926 MG 314
Jerome James Day. Papers, 1905-1941 MG 315
Day Family Estates & Trusts. Records, 1935-1974 MG 316
Harry Loren Day. Papers, 1889-1956 MG 317
Henry Lawrence Vincent Day. Papers, 1870-1985 MG 318
Kanaka Corporation. Records, 1937-1941 MG 319
Fern Mining Company. Records, 1946-1968 MG 320
Henry L. Day Foundation. Records, 1963-1985 MG 321
Anchor Group. Records, 1935-1941 MG 322
Big Eight Group. Records, 1916-1943 MG 323
Orofino Group. Records, 1925-1945 MG 324
Hercules Oil and Gas Company. Records, 1973 MG 325
Magic Copper Mining Company. Records, 1915-1916 MG 326
Sunset Mercantile Company. Records, 1935-1945 MG 327
General Traffic Department, (Wallace, Idaho). Financial Records, 1934-1935 MG 328
Western Timber Company. Papers, 1926-1931 MG 329
Wolverine Mining Company. Papers, 1937 MG 330
Paramount Mines. Papers, 1930-1946 MG 331
Aaron R. Gould. Letters, 1940-1944 MG 332
Fort Hall. Account Books, 1834-1838 MG 334
John Early. Fort Hall Indian Reservation Economic Study, 1961-1976 MG 335
James R. Fazio. Papers, 1972-1990 MG 336
Clarence H. Sample. Papers, 1925-1930 MG 337
Robert McDole. Papers, 1966-1990 MG 338
Amos Yoder. Papers, 1950-1991 MG 339
George Ellis Burcaw. Papers, 1948-1986 MG 340
Herbert Sydney Duncombe. Papers, 1962-1988 MG 341
Lambert C. Erickson. Papers, 1940-1980 MG 342
William Edgar Borah. Papers, 1899-1940 MG 343
Harry Caldwell. Papers, 1949-1990 MG 344
Karen R. Davis. Papers, 1951-1983 MG 345
F. Leontine Thomas papers, 1908-1949 MG 346
Fred Herbert Winkler. Papers, 1936-1983 MG 347
Equinox Food Exchange. Records, 1976-1987 MG 348
Samuel Chan. Papers, 1962-1988 MG 349
Rafe Gibbs. Manuscript and articles, 1946-1984 MG 350
Tau Kappa Epsilon. Alpha Delta. Papers, 1928-1990 MG 351
Members of the Idaho Legislature. Scrapbooks, 1961-1964 MG 352
Epsilon Sigma Phi (Theta Chapter). Records, 1927-1984 MG 353
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. Records, 1979-1988 MG 354
U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. Field Station Reports, 1930-1976 MG 355
George Arthur Williams. Papers, 1950-1984 MG 356
John Richard Hoskins. Papers, 1947-1989 MG 357
J. Blaine Anderson. Case Files, 1972-1988 MG 358
Robert W. Clark. Papers, 1954-1989 MG 359
Weber Mines. Papers, 1872-1991 MG 360
Idaho Partners of the Americas. Records, 1964-1993 MG 361
Barnard-Stockbridge Collection. Ledgers, 1888-1989 MG 362
Moscow Elks Lodge 249. Records, 1943-1984 MG 363
4-H Clubs of Idaho. Records, 1913-1985 MG 364
Joshua Harlan Carey. Papers, 1934-1988 MG 365
Elaine (Anderson) Mansius. Papers, 1942-1951 MG 366
Bunker Hill Company. Records, 1887-1984 MG 367
Siegfried B. Rolland. Papers, 1945-1988 MG 368
Faculty Women's Club. Papers, 1952-1994 MG 369
Carpenter's Union Local 313. Records, 1903-1989 MG 370
Mortar Board. Records, 1929-1975 MG 371
Moscow Fine Arts Club. Records, 1927-1993 MG 372
University Of Idaho Area Education Office Personnel Association. Records, 1978-1995 MG 373
Edwin Fulwider. Papers, 1969-1993 MG 374
Wallace G. Woolf. Papers, 1924-1980 MG 375
John Albright Schenk. Papers, 1951-1984 MG 376
Paul G. Eimers. Papers, 1901-1989 MG 377
Harold Lyman Ryan. Papers, 1981-1995 MG 378
H. Robert Otness. Papers, 1916-1995 MG 379
Francis Nonini. Papers, 1926-1936 MG 380
Allen Sheeley Janssen. Papers, 1928-1974 MG 381
Latah County. Records, 1888-1959 MG 382
Latah County Sheriff. Records, 1891-1984 MG 383
Kendrick State Bank. Records, 1899-1939 MG 384
Luna House. Register, 1862-1864 MG 385
Abe McGregor Goff. Papers, 1905-1985 MG 386
George Shihei Shitamae. Papers, 1942-1944 MG 387
Potlatch Corporation, Pres-to-log Division. Records, 1933-1989 MG 388
William Healy. Papers, 1908-1913 MG 389
Lily Wai. Committee Records, 1981-1990 MG 390
Agnes Crawford Schuldt. Papers, 1903-1996 MG 391
John Hancock Callender. Papers, 1911-1990 MG 392
William A. Olson. Papers, 1964-1978 MG 393
Werner J. Ripplinger (Werner Joseph). Notes, black, white, and otherwise, 1996 MG 394
Ag Edettes. Scrapbook, 1958-1959 MG 395
Frank Wenz. Records, 1906-1932 MG 396
Alice C'Ceal Phelps Coombs. Papers, 1927-1929 MG 397
Intercollegiate Knights, Ball and Chain Chapter. Records, 1932-1983 MG 398
Earl J. Larrison (Earl Junior). Papers, 1926-1987 MG 399
James A. McClure. Records, 1966-1990 MG 400
Blister rust work in the far West : typescript, carbon. MG 401
Norma Dobler. Papers, 1961-1991 MG 402
Gerlough Family. Papers, 1900-1968 MG 403
Erwin Graue. Papers, 1927-1991 MG 404
Coalition for Central America. Records, 1979-1996 MG 405
Pacific Northwest Library Association. Records, 1969 MG 406
Forrest Anderson. Papers, 1969-1974 MG 407
George Albert Rubedew. Papers, 1891-1977 MG 408
Burton F. Ellis. Papers, 1852-2000 MG 409
William E. Rawlings. Papers, 1932-1973 MG 410
William A. Roth. Papers, 1971-2000 MG 411
F. Neely and Sons Garage. Records, 1931-1984 MG 412
Bunker Hill/Pintlar Corporation. Records, 1887-1996 MG 413
Fletcher Fisheries. Collection, 1938-1998 MG 414
Latah County Oral History Project, 1971-1985 MG 415
William Craig Donation Land Claim. Records, 1899-1919 MG 416
Western Forest Insect Work Conference. Archives, 1909-1917 and 1949-2007 MG 417
Charles Webbert. Papers, 1830-1981 MG 418
Carla Emery. Papers, 1957-2000 MG 419
George H. Curtis. Papers, 1908-1963 MG 420
Farragut College and Technical Institute. Records, 1946-1950 MG 421
The Wranglers. Records, 1912-1992 MG 422
Albert Edward Whitehead. Papers, 1941-1990 MG 423
Gilbert H. Hogue. Papers, 1898-1952 MG 424
Albert M. McPherson. Papers, 1850-1961 MG 425
James W. Martin Papers, 1930-1988 MG 426
Inland Empire Christmas Tree Association. Records, 1965-2007 MG 427
Idaho Home Economics Association. Records, 1920-1984 MG 428
Howard B. Carpenter. Papers, 1904-1907 MG 429
Sigma Lambda Alpha Honorary. Records, 1972-2007 MG 430
Idaho Conservation League. Records, 1973-1999 MG 431
Maria Fraser. Papers, 1966-2000 MG 432
John Osborn. Papers, 1979-1997 MG 433
Larry W. Earl. Papers, 1975-1997 MG 434
H. Tom Davis. Papers, 1961-1978 MG 435
North Central Idaho Resource Advisory Committee. Records, 2001-2012 MG 436
Ralph Maughan. Papers, 1971-1980 MG 437
Idaho Environmental Council. Records, 1980-1995 MG 438
Nelle Tobias. Papers, 1972-1989 MG 439
Hornocker Wildlife Institute - Selway River Survey. Records, 1890-1998 MG 440
Randall Morris. Papers, 1984-1989 MG 441
Doris Milner. Papers, 1963-1980 MG 442
Gerald A. Jayne. Papers, 1969-1991 MG 443
Roderick Sprague. Papers, 1800-2004 MG 444
John Jobson. Papers, 1945-1979 MG 445
William R. Meiners. Papers, 1965-1994 MG 446
Priest Lake Coalition. Records, 1981-1985 MG 447
The Wilderness Society - Idaho Regional Office. Records, 1967-2004 MG 448
Conservation Reports and Publications, 1960-2009 MG 449
Morton R. Brigham. Papers, 1969-2001 MG 450
William P. Cunningham. Papers, 1967-1974 MG 451
River of No Return Wilderness Council. Records, 1973-1979 MG 452
Moose Creek Ranger District. Historical Files, 1893-1995 MG 453
Collection on Stanton G. Fisher, 1877-1988 MG 454
Betsy Thomas. Papers, 1918, 1960-2007 MG 455
William A. Billingsley. Papers, Approximately 1940s, 1961-1993 MG 456
Potlatch Corporation Historical Archives, 1900-2007 MG 457
Sources Related to the History of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area, 1896-1964 MG 458
Ernie Day. Photographs, 1964-1980 MG 459
Art Troutner. Collection, 1942-1987 MG 460
Tom Kramer Collection on Jazz MG 461
Ronald W. Stark. Papers, 1950-1995 MG 462
Idaho Department of Lands, Forest Insects Files, circa 1962-1982 MG 463
USFS Pacific Southwest, Forest Insects Files, circa 1965-1983 MG 464
William E. Waters, Forest Insects Files, circa 1966-1989 MG 465
Forest Insects Reports, circa 1918-2003 MG 466
Future Farmers of America (Idaho) Scrapbooks, 1929-2000 MG 467
George B. Fraser. Letter to Frank H. Buhl, Nov. 5, 1909 MG 5001
Alene Long, Webster-Ashburton Treaty and Its Relation to the Oregon Question, 1926. MG 5002
Hazel Mary Roe, The Great Emigration of 1843, 1925. MG 5003
Mary E. Belknap Forney. History of the Moscow public library MG 5004
Andrew Carnegie Letters, 1904-1905 MG 5005
United States, President (1869-1877 : Grant)., Commission appointing Henry W. Moulton United States Marshall for the Territory of Idaho, April 9, 1869 signed by Ulysses S. Grant. MG 5006
David C. Carlson. A report upon the need for naval literature in the University of Idaho Library MG 5007
James Harvey Forney. First steps toward establishing a law school at the University of Idaho, 1908 MG 5008
Ronald Ernest Magden, The political background of the location of the University of Idaho, July 30, 1954 MG 5009
Speeches presented on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the University of Idaho, Oct. 12, 1932. MG 5010
Idaho Territory. Governor (1885-1889 : Stevenson), Letters, |f Jan. 29-Feb. 7, 1889. MG 5011
Council Bill no. 20, An act to establish the University of Idaho, 1889 MG 5012
Robert Newell, Letter : Lewiston, Idaho Territory, to Medorem Crawford, Feb. 8, 1869. MG 5013
Robert Miliken, Papers, 1892-1962. MG 5014
University of Idaho Chrisman Recognition Committee, Records, 1934-1939. MG 5015
University of Idaho Tower Clock Fund, Record book, 1916-1918. MG 5016
Benjamin W. Oppenheim, Memoranda and notes on reorganization of Idaho's state government, 1919. MG 5017
Jay Glover Eldridge. Papers, 1915-1976 MG 5018
Julia A. Moore, Letter, Mar. 30, 1906. MG 5019
D. R. Peeler, Letter : to W.S. Lewis, Spokane, May 24, 1916. MG 5020
Bundles for Britain. Papers, 1941 MG 5021
Hazel Morrow, Papers, Sept. 24 - Nov. 4, 1907. MG 5022
Sara Annette Bowman. Flowers and Fields Around Moscow : Portfolio, 1904 MG 5023
Walter B. Lemon, Deed, Aug. 7, 1912. MG 5024
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Drawings, 1956-1964 MG 5432
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Cyaniding a refractory silver ore, 1906 MG 5627
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Iosepa MG 5774
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University of Idaho Campus Photographs PG 1
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University of Idaho Portrait Collection PG 3
University of Idaho Organizations and/or Objects PG 4
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Idaho Photographs PG 6
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Postcard Collection PG 9
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T.B. Keith Collection PG 14
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Wallace, Idaho Scenes PG 25
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Vandaleers Tour of South American, 1974 PG 42-2
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Washington D.C. Area slides PG 66
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Hartung Theater slides PG 69
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Sandpoint Research and Extension Center PG 75
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Physical Sciences Building; photos of the construction PG 77
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Tabor Drug Company PG 83
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Clifford M. Ott Collection PG 90
Ott-Hodgins Collection PG 91
Hodgins Drug Store Collection PG 92
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Dam Construction in Pacific Northwest PG 94
North Idaho Scenery Collection PG 95
Hess/Barnard Collection PG 96
Albert J. Ohlson Collection PG 97
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Nez Perce Photo Album PG 100
Gem of the Mountains PG 101
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Kooskia Internment Camp Scrapbook PG 103
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University of Idaho Campus Life and Culture Vertical File, 1889-2012 VF Culture
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