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January 24, 2019 In support of diversity: ASUI discusses bill condemning discriminatory behavior; Exploring new spaces: New anatomy lab opens for UI’s WWAMI students, bringing fresh equipment to campus; Tracking summer rain in Titan: Research team finds anomaly in data, offering possible insight on Earth evolution; ‘We will not tolerate hate’ (p3); Learning and listening (p3); Stocking up the cellar: Vandal Food Pantry offers non-perishables to students, community members in need (p4); Life beyond the lens: UI Prichard Art Gallery opens new photography exhibit exploring Guatemalan migration (p5); A different kind of science fiction: Campus book club created by Sustainability Center, Department of English launched Wednesday (p5); Pirates, plane crashes and ‘Present Laughter’: Department of Theatre Arts to showcase three plays during spring starting Wednesday (p6); Halfway to Boise: After a turbulent starts to the season, Idaho is poised to make noise in the Big Sky (p8); A battle for relevancy: Two former Big Sky powerhouses rematch in the middle of a rebuilding year for both teams (p8); Vandals’ winless weekend: Idaho’s tennis teams suffered losses to top-tier programs (p9)’ Records up the road: Idaho freshman breaks record, brings home victories from across the Washington border (p9)
ASUI; Diversity; Discrimination; Nicole Skinner; WWAMI; Anatomy lab; Titan; Space research; Jupiter; Women’s March; March for Life; LCSC; Health education; Cooking classes; Career Fair; Vandal Food Pantry; Prichard Art Gallery; Vandal Entertainment; Department of Theatre Arts; Superhero films; Marvel; Avengers Endgame; Media; Movies; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Tennis; Track and Field; Politics; Social engagement; Presidential election; Border wall
October 10, 2019 CALS facility pushes on: Recent donation brings facility past the halfway point of fundraising goal; National coming out day events: Palouse community organizes events to celebrate and represent local queer voices (p3); Snow graces the University of Idaho campus Wednesday (p4); More than a cup of coffee: Dickman has learned a lot and it didn’t all come from coffee (p5); Getting down and dirty with acrylic pours: The Visual Arts Community promotes a safe space for local artists (p5); The Senders bring the crowd together (p6); Opening another chapter: With the loss of the Splash Sisters, Newlee and the team are ready fort a new chapter this season with an experienced squad, Zac Claus and Trevon Allen talk the future of men’s basketball with a new team during Big Sky Media day (p7); Vandals renew the Battle of the Domes: Soccer heads on the road for the second straight week, going to Ogden and Pocatello (p8)
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; CALS; Adam Seo; Death; Remembrance; National Coming Out Day; LGBTQA; Queer community; Winter weather; Gypsy Java; Art; Art community; The Senders; Local music; John’s Alley; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Soccer; Kibbie Dome; Ogden, Utah; Weber State; Community; Alcohol; Controlled substances; Self-care; Midterms; Bicycles
August 29, 2019 Bennett filed legal complaints in July: UI journalism professor alleges damages, dismissal hearing results to come; UI has campus-central SUB: Commons become Idaho SUB, sparking hope from student leaders; Sculptures of sound preside in the Prichard (p4); Mo’ gears, mo’ problems: For my senior year, I sought out a change of pace when it comes to my morning commute (p5); Moscow Pride Festival unites an inclusive community: Palouse community gathers together for Palouse Pride Festival last Saturday in East City Park (p5); L.I.F.E. Hacks: How to not get bored in Moscow this week (p6); Idaho starts its four-game homestead this weekend: SEC and CCC make their way to the Kibbie Dome (p7); Keeping it fresh(men): New faces look to help Idaho exceed expectations (p7); Into the lion’s den: Vandal football kicks off the season against one of the Big Ten’s elite (p8); New face of the program: Lisa Ferrero named as the newest head coach at Idaho (p8)
E-bike rental; Denise Bennett; SUB; Commons; ASUI; Prichard Art Gallery; Cycling; Commuting; Prive festival; LGBTQA; Pride; National Coming Out Day; Entertainment; City of Moscow; One World Cafe; Soccer; Volleyball; Football; Women’s Golf; Lisa Ferrero; Bike-share program; Running; Exercise; Construction
February 15, 2019 Storming through the Palouse: Snow storms bring spike in traffic accidents and school closures across Moscow and Pullman; Parking stalls: A previously free parking lot has been turned into permit only, sparking discourse about parking availability at the University of Idaho; Staben teaching leave approved: State Board of Education approves UI President Staben’s transitional leave; Snow woes: Streets and sidewalks covered in snow and ice pose challenges to people with disabilities (p3); ISEM courses saved: General education will see changed but ISEM courses remain for now (p3); Growing a family business: Local business owners share a love for taking on new ventures together (p5); Empowering campus events: UI Office of Multicultural Affairs sponsors variety of events celebrating Black History Month (p5); Awarding advocacy and activism: UI Women’s Center hosts Virginia Wolf Awards, nominations open (p5); A program all its own: UI’s Virtual Technology and Design Program offers unique learning opportunities for students (p6); New faces for Vandal Football: Idaho finishes with a strong recruiting period, ranking in the top 50 of the FCS at No. 37
Winter weather; Winter storms; Snow; Ice; School closures; Traffic accidents; Dangerous weather; Moscow Police Department; University campus closures; Chuck Staben; University president; State Board of Education; Disability access; ISEM courses; General Education requirements; City of Moscow; Local businesses; Women’s Center; Monarch Motel; VTD; Virtual Technology and Design; Football recruiting; Vandal Nation; Campus parking; Vaccinations; PETA; Health; Diet; Heart health
The Argonaut Best of Moscow 2019 Down on the corner: Moscow’s Corner Club has been a community stable since late 1940s (p3); Love in a cup: One World Cafe employees discuss what makes their jobs special (p5); Zipping to the finish line: An investigative analysis of Moscow’s “best fast food joint” (p6); Cheese on wheels: Grub truck employees share their experiences in the with Moscow’s best late-night-meal (p7); Serving tenants right since the ‘80s: Palouse Properties owners, renters, reflect on their role in the Moscow’s rental community (p9); Mint to be in Moscow: Panhandle Cone & Coffee quickly becomes a community cornerstone, utilizing local ingredients (p10); The eye of the storm: Storm Cellar co-owner reflects on nearly a decade of business, curating pieces for the shop (p11)
City of Moscow; Best of Moscow; Restaurants; Bars; Coffee shops; Fast food; Late-night meal; Sweets; Local shop; Local businesses; Corner Club; Moscow Alehouse; One World Cafe; Zips; Grub Truck; Rental; Palouse Properties; Panhandle Cone & Coffee; Storm Cellar
December 05, 2019 Conquered in Cowan: Cougars - 78, Vandals - 65; UI proposes potential $3 million savings plan: Proposed voluntary employee furloughs could potentially offset budget deficit; ISUB/TLC back to full function: Building reopened after a month of partial closure (p3); UI campus Security discusses clear bag policy (p4); Staben’s back: Staben to teach at UI next semester (p4); Gaining experience and community: Club and annual sale prepares artists for life outside of college (p5); Cafe chats: bluegrass community jam Moscow (p6); Roller coaster ride come to an end: Vadal football experiences a bumpy, yet sometimes entertaining journey in 2019 (p7); Not enough fuel to keep up with the Cougars: A look at the Vandals lost in the Battle for the Palouse (p7)
Men’s Basketball; Washington State University; Cougars; Budget deficit; Voluntary employee furloughs; ISUB; Idaho Student Union Building; Teaching and Learning Center; Campus Security; Chuck Staben; State Board of Education; University president; C. Scott Green; Art community; Bluegrass; Moscow community; Therapy dogs; Football; Battle of the Palouse; Women’ athletics; Politics; Safety; Campus safety; Media; Netflix; Mindfulness class
The Argonaut Housing Guide 2019 Edition Housing options 2019 - 2020; Making the decision to go Greek: Greek life isn’t for everyone but it was for me; Independently minded? Consider living in the LLCs:UI student shares her experience in the engineering LLC; Gender need not apply: Housing and the LGBTQA Office work together to make an inclusive option; Six living options, one former student: For Monzerrath Stark, on-campus housing greatly improved college; An independent first-year on campus: An in-depth look at the Theophilus Tower; A place for everyone in Moscow: Wallace is a convenient place to live for first-year and upper-level students at UI
Housing, Housing options; Living; Living options; On-campus living; Off-campus living; Greek; Greek housing; Wallace Residence Center; Willey; Ballard; Stevenson; Theophilus Tower; LLCs; Living Learning Communities; Sororities; Fraternities; Residence halls; Housing and residence life; Apartments; Identity
February 21, 2019 Lionel Hampton’s legacy: The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival provides inspiration for students; Behind the curtain: Volunteers set the stage for the 2019 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Moscow to vote on MPD move: Moscow City Council approved a bond ordinance, residents to vote on ordinance in May; CTC provider resigns: UI Counselling and Testing Center creates interim plan in absence of psychiatric nurse practitioner (p3); A slice of the Moscow dining experience: Sodexo introduces Papa John’s to campus near dormitories (p3); Cooking on a budget: Moscow Food Co-op to host a class about healthy eating on a budget Saturday (p4); “Life happens right here”: Owners of Swan Family Ink discuss their many services in healing arts (p5); Past connections and ‘Present Laughter’: UI theater professor discusses journey to Moscow and upcoming play, premiering March 1 (p5); Supporting furry friends: Tapped hosts fundraiser for service dogs (p7); Helping lead the Vandals: Isabelle Hadden looks to lead Vandals to their most successful season yet (p8); Idaho back home: Vandals return to Memorial Gym to hosts Northern Arizona (p9); Seeking a second win on the road: Idaho hopes to keep Lumberjack shooters at bay (p9)
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Volunteering; Moscow Police Department; City of Moscow; Moscow City Council; Counseling and Testing Center; Papa John’s; On-campus dining; Cooking; Moscow Co-op; Recreation; Arts; Swan Family Ink; heater; Media; Movies; Community; Kenworthy; Academy Awards; Service Dogs; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Colin Kaepernick; Gender gap; Race; Netflix; PETA
September 19, 2019 ‘You don’t have to be somebody else to feel included’: UI students, administrators reflect on the benefits and challenges of diversity, inclusion funding; Professor Denise Bennett fired: Bennett plans to appeal President Green’s decision; Anti-abortion group sparks campus protest: Campus counter-protests broke out at anti-abortion demonstration on Wednesday; U of I archeologists hold excavation at Moscow High School: Local high school and college students join forces for research dig (p3); MPD to students: Keep your dogs on a leash: Students reminded to keep dogs on leash on campus and in city limits (p3); ‘A space and place for all’: The Kenworthy is known to be a place for all including its resident ghosts (p5); Kenworthy renovations aim to ‘make sure it’s here for years to come’ (p5); How to get the most out of your sleep: Sleep tips and tricks from one sleep deprived college student to another (p6); Overcoming critics: With adversity behind him, Mason Petrino aims for a strong 2019 season (p7); A crucial opportunity: Vandal football prepares for their most significant non-conference matchup on Saturday (p7); Comeback at the GCU classic: Can the young Vandal Volleyball team bounce back after a tough season start? (p8); Retooling ahead of final non-conference weekend: Vandals go to Beavers and host Fighting Hawks in rare split weekend (p8)
Diversity; Diversity program funding; Inclusion; Heritage Month; Scott Green; Denise Bennett; Abortion; Protest; Counter-protest; Moscow High School; Archeology; Archeology dig site; MPD; Moscow Police Department; Dogs on campus; Kenworthy; Theater; Kenworthy renovations; Sleep; Sleep deprivation; Legend of Zelda; Football; Mason Petrino; Volleyball; Soccer; Flu season; Flu shots; MOD Pizza
February 07, 2019 Friend, educator and leader: UI community remembers faculty member and local leader Tom Bitterwolf; Vandal Alerts: ‘Room to improve”: UI receives backlash following Vandal Alert, recognizes needed improvement in timelines of future alerts; Professional development; Senate condemns intolerance: ASUI cenounces cultural intolerance on campus; Reinventing on-campus living: Colten Hoff was tired of traditional college housing, so he reimagined his options (p3); Just an everyday love story: Safari Pearl owners share how their love for one another helped create multiple businesses (p5); Sampling a culture: Nepalese Students’ Association host annual celebration Sunday (p5); A year of trial and error at campus Co-op: Campus Co-op celebrates a year of high-quality food options at UI (p5); Working from the ground up: Idaho hopes to build off of a troubling season to prepare for success in the future surrounded by young players (p7); Idaho Athlete of the week: The Vandal Nation staff makes their pick for Vandal Athlete of the Week (p8)
Tom Bitterwolf; Cancer; Vandal Alerts; Career-prep; Intolerance; ASUI Senate; Van life; Campus housing; College housing; Safari Pearl Comics; Nepalese Students’ Association; Culture; Moscow Co-op; Campus Co-op; Panda Express; Vandal athletics; Men’s Basketball; Hockey; Palouse Ice Rink; Washington State University; Track and Field; Women's Basketball; Women’s Golf; Burnout; Halftime show; Well Space
November 21, 2019 Why aren’t Vandals politically active?: UI currently has no official political groups on campus; Voluntary furloughs open as option for eligible UI employees amidst budget challenges; Meet the Vandal Health Clinic staff: Vandal Health Clinic staff members share bits and pieces about themselves and their positions (p3); UI Interfraternity Council taskforce assembled: Interfraternity Council assembles taskforce to combat alcohol consumption and hazing (p3); Moscow’s favorite DIY music venue: The Bayou was once home to environmental activists, but today is a popular music venue in Moscow (p4); The Vandal airbenders: The ultimate frisbee team connects with one another on and off the field (p6); Idaho basketball makes home return for next two games: The Vandals aim to find consistency in Memorial Gym (p6); Idaho hits the road before Big Sky tournament: The Vandals play Southern Utah and Northern Arizona during the final week of conference play (p7); Color guard is worth your time: An argument for the worth of performative sports (p7)
Politics; Political efficacy; College political groups; Furlough; Budget cuts; Budget solutions; Vandal Health Clinic; Greek life; Fraternities; Interfraternity Council; Alcohol; Hazing; The Bayou; Local artists; Local music; Entertainment; The Joker; Music; Deluxe albums; Ultimate Frisbee; Intramurals; Club sports; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Volleyball; Color guard; Marching band; Clear bag policy
May 22, 2019 Q&A with UI’s Judge Judy: UI Alumna Nicole Skinner reflects in her Judge Judy “You Be The Judge” experience (p3); Budget increase for Idaho Arena: Idaho Arena budget increased from $46 million to $51 million (p4); Main Street health: Latah Recovery Center prepares for the opening of the crisis center (p5); Brunch for an Olympic cause: Brothers serve breakfast to raise funds for local Special Olympics team (p5); An above-average outing: A great looking movie with a not-so-great story (p6); May/June Movie Previews: With so many movies coming out this summer, how many will be worth the price of admission? (p7); Horoscopes (p8); Former Vandal builds legacy: A former Vandal will leave a lasting mark on the Idaho program (p9)
Education, Involvement; Judge Judy; You Be The Judge; Idaho Arena; Idaho State Board of Education; Idaho Central Credit Union; Latah Recovery Center; Crisis Center; Special Olympics; Fundraising; Detective Pikachu; Movie premiers; Media; Entertainment; Horoscopes; Football; NFL; Kaden Elliss; Bill Nye; Climate change
March 28, 2019 ASUI election guide: Voting for ASUI elections will run 7 a.m. April 1 through 5 p.m. April 3; Identity crisis: Identity changes parking enforcement in wake of problems; Return of the SUB: ASUI seeks to rename the Idaho Commons to create more student spaces on campus; Steel House to close: Cheapest living option for women to close after spring graduation; Parking charges in bulk: Ten changes set for parking next year, including permit increases (pA3); Mold: An unwanted roommate: Palouse Properties provides mold preventing techniques (pA4); Moscow, UI trek toward two wheels: The city and university come together for alternative transportation (pA5); The mammoth in the room: UI undergraduates scan mammoth bones at Gritman Medical Center (pA6); Teaching across the pond: UI professors selected to lead USAC programs at overseas universities during summer 2020 (A7); Rochester to Moscow: Director Roger Rowley discusses strengths, challenges of the UI Prichard Gallery (pA8); Idaho’s postseason hopes stay alive: Idaho advances in the WNIT with epic comeback (pB1); Oh so sweet: Idaho will travel to the desert in hopes of continuing their postseason (pB1); The battle has begun: With basketball season coming to a close, the hardwood has been lifted and the turf is back (pB2); Another chance: Vandal Football marks their first spring practice this past Monday (pB2); A time of growth and learning: Idaho soccer set to start 2019 off on the right foot (pB3); Women win, men fall: The Idaho women’s tennis team dominated in conference play over the weekend (pB4); A strong open: Idaho claims a number of victories, personal bests, in outdoor season opener (pB4)
ASUI Senate; ASUI elections; ASUI president; ASUI Vice President; Identity; Parking; SUB; Student Union Building; Idaho Commons; Steel House; Campus housing; Parking and Transportation; Parking permits; Parking costs; Bicycle community; Transportation; Mammoth studies; Gritman Medical Center; Prichard Art Gallery; Movies; Media; Women's Basketball; Football; Soccer; Women's tennis; Men’s Tennis; Track and Field; Summer courses; Presidential election; Presidential candidate; Female leadership; Feminism; Equality; Apple TV Plus; Broadcasted entertainment; Google; Google Stadia; Domestic abuse; Spain
November 14, 2019 Power from the sun: Student-led project will bring solar panels to campus; Management to change at the VandalStore: Outside firms may be managing the Vandal Store; ISUB/TLC closure displaces workers, classrooms: Largest building on campus remains closed with no set reopening date; Two former members of congress talk climate change on campus (p3); Finishing on a high note: On senior day, the Vandals are faced with their toughest task in this season’s final home game in the Kibbie Dome (p5); Claiming their place: The Vandals take on Northern COlorado after tough losses at home (p6); Fighting for momentum down south: Idaho basketball prepares for the next three games on the road in Arkansas this week (p7); A weekend of inclusion: The first parent’s weekend since the ‘90s makes a comeback (p8); Women’s suffrage commemoration design: Winning design to be given out during all Idaho elections (p8); Pups on the Palouse: Meet Kaya (p9)
Solar power; UI Sustainability Center; Solar panel installation; VandalStore; ISUB/TLC closure; Flooding; Water damage; Climate change; Idaho College of Law; UI Tutoring and College Success; Football; Volleyball; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Hockey; Cornhole; Water polo; Underwater hockey; Inclusion; Parent’s weekend; Student life; Design Contest; Women’s suffrage; Zombieland: Double Tap; Movies; Media; Entertainment; Pups on the Palouse; Parent and Family Weekend; Plant-based diet; Health; Diet; Holidays; Paganism
July 03, 2019 A Green future: Community reaction to the university’s next president; Discrimination lawsuit: Professor seeks remedies for race and gender discrimination (p3); July movie preview: Spiders, lions, alligators and more this month (p5); Who let the dogs out?: My all time favorite dog movies (p6); The Warrens are back for more: What should you see before watching “Annabelle Comes Home?” (p7); Horoscopes (p8); Harry Potter Go: “Wizards Unite,” a casual game to get in your hour of activity (p9); Five-star engulfing: How to see through the flood of sponsored five star ratings (p10); Food insecurity (p11)
University president; C. Scott Green; Health; Cooking; Idaho State Board of Education; Law program; Shaakirrah Sanders; Moscow community; Movies; Media; Entertainment; Dog movies; Horror movies; Annabelle; Horoscopes; Harry Potter; Wizards Unite; Pokemon Go; Apps; App review; Sponsored ratings; Food
April 25, 2019 Spear secures new job post UI: Spear hired as Idaho Falls Auditorium District executive director after being fired in August; Tracking tumors from home: UI assistant professor Min Xian continues his research into possible cancer scanners; Little takes action toward improving education: Gov. Little made education his priority during legislative session; Fueling the pth to carbon neutrality: With completion of biodiesel processor overhaul, Clean Energy Club looks to carbon neutrality (p3); Entertaining the Moscow masses: Finals Fest continues to bring a variety of performers to campus each year (p5); (End)game theory: An in-depth ranking of each Marvel film from the last decade (p6); Year in review: A look back at some of the high points from Vandal Athletics over the past year (p7); Tyson to transfer: Former Idaho guard announces commitment to Huston over social media (p8)
Rob Spear; ASUI; Research; Cancer research; Tumor detection; Cancer scanning; Brad Little; State Board of Education; Clean Energy Club; Biodiesel research; Carbon neutrality; Breast cancer; Vandal Entertainment; ASUI-Kibbie Activity Center; Marvel Movies; Avenger: Endgame; Track and Field; Women’s Golf; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; AJR; Finals Fest; Earth Day; Activism; Summer courses
June 05, 2019 Parking update: Parking and Transportation services gears up for summer parking changes; All eyes on fall: Keep your eyes open for intriguing matchups during the fall season (p3); This week in Moscow: Science, politics and search committee sessions to take place (p4); 2019 NBA Finals staff predictions: Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors (p5); June movie preview: Reboots, sequels, and mistakes (p6); Apple - down but not out? The Tech company has recently made both boiling and exciting announcements (p7); Horoscopes (p8); May’s Mental Health Awareness Month: A wrap-up and check in with our loved ones (p9); Let’s talk about Bigfoot: ‘Wild Thing’ podcast takes a new look at Bigfoot and the culture involved (p10)
PTS; Parking and Transportation Services; Permits; Permit fees; Fall athletics; Fall sports; City of Moscow; Breweries; Beekeeping; Arboretum science; NBA; Movies; Media; Entertainment; Apple; Horoscopes; iTunes; MacPro; iOS 13; Mental health; Bigfoot; Podcasts; Wild Thing
June 19, 2019 Men’s basketball head coach terminated: The termination comes three weeks after Don Verlin was placed on leave (p2); Four selected as Chobani scholars: Idaho students receive opportunity to further agricultural science education (p4); Another farewell: Another men’s basketball player enters transfer portal (p5); Zombie apocalypse: “The Dead Don’t Die” buries itself in a deep grave (p6); Three trucks, three different foods: Food trucks are all over Moscow, but what do they serve? (p7); Horoscopes (p8); Your canine companion: Whether it’s volunteering, adopting or donating, shelters need help (p9); A tale spun too thin: Athena’s wrath and wrongdoings (p10)
Men’s Basketball; Basketball coach; Don Verlin; Athletics; Screen on the Green; Artwalk; Summer Solstice Hike; College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Chobani; Chobani scholarship; Player transfer; The Dead Don’t Die; Movies; Zombie movies; Food trucks; Food review; City of Moscow; Moscow nightlife; Horoscopes; Animal shelters; Donations; Volunteering; Athena
September 12, 2019 CTC fills psychiatry void: Counseling and Testing Center fills vacancy for full-time psychiatric care position; UI employees to expect higher rates for healthcare coverage: Important benefit changes are coming to university employees in January 2020; Drastic snowfall decreases in Western United States: UI postdoctoral researcher finds climate change affecting snowfall (p4); The hidden gem of Moscow (p5); ‘It was just chaos’ Brothers Michael and Wrynar Noil reflect on life after Hurricane Katrina (p7); Starting from the bottom: New head coach Lisa Ferrero’s first tournament ended with Idaho tied for last place (p7); Idaho assistant men’s basketball coach no longer with team (p7); Lancers and highlanders prepare for the Vandals: Idaho soccer goes on its final road trip before Big Sky conference play (p8); Spikes in Sin City: Idaho travels to Las Vegas for the UNLV Volleyball Tournament this weekend (p8)
Counselling and Testing Center; Suicide rates; Idaho suicide rates; National suicide rates; Health benefits; Campus Safety Awareness; Snowfall levels; Climate change; Global warming; Art; City of Moscow; Entertainment; Media; Movies; Movie reviews; Scream; Football; Women’s Golf; Men’s Basketball; Soccer; Volleyball; Women's Basketball; Mental health; Pumpkin spice; Take Back the Night
September 26, 2019 University faces $14 million shortfall: University budget deficit projected based on increase in benefit costs, decrease in tuition revenue; Former UI professor arrested in Lewiston: Denise Bennet arrested, posts bond in Lewiston; Teen dies while hiking with friends at Elk Creek Falls: Teen death accident sparks hiker safety dialogue (p3); New director for Idaho Geological Survey names: UI’s Office of Research and Development announces new IGS director (p3); Stalking safety lecture: Stalking safety lecture held in memory of Katy Benoit at annual campus safety awareness event (p4); ‘A little bit of social justice and trolling’ University of Idaho student gains attention for unique ways of protesting social issue (p6); What makes a town so special: The artists of Moscow tell all on what makes this town so special (p5); A stifling Big Sky entrance: Idaho hopes to continue dominance against the Bears Saturday on the road (p7); Vikings and Vandals clash to open Big Sky: Idaho starts conference play in Memorial Gym against Portland State University (p7); Grizzlies and Bears march towards Moscow: Montana and Northern Colorado head to Moscow for the Big Sky season opener inside the Kibbie Dome (p8)
Budget deficit; Tuition; Benefits; Costs; Denise Bennett; Substance possession; Lewiston Police Department; Ek Creek Falls; Death; Hiker safety; Stalking safety; Campus safety; Campus Safety Awareness; Katy Benoit; David Catts; Online trolling; Facebook groups; Memes; UIdaho Memes for Scott’s Tots; City of Moscow; Local art; Cartoons; Kenworthy; YouTube; Netflix; Football; Volleyball; Soccer; Sexual education and awareness; Safe sex; Contraception; Panda Express; Vandal Overnight Game; Depression; Mental health; Mental health awareness; Mental health resources
July 17, 2019 What’s an institution to do? Controversial speakers on college campuses cross state lines; Meet the Prez: ASUI presidents are voted in each year, meet the 2019-2020 president; From Marketing to Miss Idaho: Grace Zimmerman takes the crown for Miss Idaho competition; Idaho Falls to Moscow: A future student visits campus to prepare for the next two years in Moscow (p3); Idaho scientist gets head start to D.C.: UI CNR professor receives Presidential Early Career Award (p4); A dream come true: UI student spends summer in Washington D.C. (p6); How immigration affects UI students: International students talk about what it’s like to study abroad (p6); A never-ending roller coaster: A strangely made classic returns once more (p8); Soccer matchups of the year: A look ahead at the biggest matchups for Idaho soccer in 2019 (p9); Vandal legend finds future success: Ferenz furthers her playing career with a pro contract overseas (p9); Summer league shake-up: Ledbetter and Callandret represent Idaho in NBA Summer League action (p10); Preseason standouts: Johnson and Coffey receive preseason Big Sky honors going into the 2019 season (p11)
Toxic Matriarchy Event; Feminism; Equality; Patriarchy; Christ Church; Washington State University; ASUI president; Jacob Lockhart; Grace Zimmerman; Miss Idaho; Outdoor activities; Screen on the Green; Parking permits; UIdaho Bound; Tara Hudiburg; Addyson Barnes; Immigration; International students; Study abroad; Movies; Media; Entertainment; Ma; Arts; Stranger Things; Soccer; Women's Basketball; Vandal Nation; NBA; Men’s Basketball; Football; Diversity; Netflix; Pride; Portland Pride; Krispy Kreme; Diet; Health and wellness
November 07, 2019 Battling budget issues: University continues to address projected $22 million deficit; ISUB/TLC to be closed through Sunday: The ISUB/TLC remains closed due to flooding in the basement, some building functions scheduled to reopen Monday (p3); Progressive candidates win city council race: City of Moscow filled three seats in Nov. 5 election (p3); Nap like a Vandal: Nicole’s top ten places to nap on University of Idaho’s campus (p5); The challenges of a theater artist: What do actors go through at the University of Idaho (p5); Far Out West’s funky fresh improvisations: Far Out West, a Portland, Oregon based band, played John’s Alley Tavern on Nov. 1 (p6); Learning to lead: As one of the two seniors on the team, Delaney Hopen has stepped up as a leader for Idaho (p7); Taming the Grizzlies in Missoula: Vandals hope to win the Battle of the Little Brown Stein for first time since conference return (p7); Vandal basketball finds success in opener as they take a win at home: Vandal basketball pulls away in the final seconds to win the first game of the season (p8); Montana madness in Memorial Gym: Idaho plays Montana State and Montana this week at home (p8)
Budget deficit; Budget cuts; Enrollment; Tuition; Fees; ISUB/TLC flooding; City of Moscow; Moscow City Council; Student life; Theater; Portland, Oregon; Far Out West; Volleyball; Football; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Memorial Gym; Cowan Spectrum; Homesickness
January 17, 2019 Rise through the ranks: Moscow Police chief worked his way up through the department after years of service; Moving Moscow’s finest: Moscow Police Department appears to be closing in on a new home; Petition calls for return of polling location to campus (p3); Reflecting Title IX procedures: UI announces sexual misconduct policy changes to better align with State Board’s policy, practice (p3); ORED rising to the occasion: UI department designs new way to award grants to faculty members (p4); Flipping the script: UI broadcasting and digital media student awarded $1,000 grant for short film project (p5); Funding film and TV studies: The film and television studies program faces challenges while celebrating its second year (p5); A playmaking future: New talent brings new faces for Vandal football this coming year (p8); ‘She is such a part of the Palouse area’: Idaho honored the Pullman native with a number of victories and personal bests (p8); A thrilling rematch: The young Vandals prepare for a matchup against the veteran Grizzlies squad on home turf (p9); Missoula road trip: The Vandals hope to continue recent dominance against Montana on the road (p9)
MPD; Moscow Police Department; Chief of Police; Polling locations; Vandal Ideas; Martin Luther King essay contest; Presidential search; Title IX; State Board of Education; ORED; Office of Research and Economic Development; Faculty grants; Jeff Zenisek; Broadcasting and digital media; Radio and Television Center; Film and television studies; Dolly Parton; James Wan; Aquaman; Football; Track and Field; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Government shutdown; Gender stereotypes; Gillette
October 17, 2019 Suspicious white van spotted on campus: Some students are concerned about reports of a white van following people on campus; 100 years: the marching band gets ready to celebrate 100 years throughout this weekend during Homecoming celebrations; Spreading like wildfire: A brief explanation of what Wildfire is and why it was created (p3); Clinic to return to campus: The renovated facility is set to open this fall (p4); Members of Nez Perce tribe celebrate Indigenous People’s Day (p5); ‘Sap in their veins’ exhibit shows loggers in new light: Travelling art exhibit used photography to communicate ideas (p6); Bringing the funk to The Alley: A well-known band in Canada’s music scene brought their funky beats to The Alley Oct. 9 (p7); Bad controls, micro-transactions and poor unlock system? Sign me up: Zack comes back to the present to look at Mario Kart Tour on Mobile (p8); Bengals prey upon the dome: Idaho football hopes to rekindle some intensity in a Homecoming Weekend battle (p10); Homecoming hits with Vandal volleyball: Idaho hosts two Big Sky teams at home during homecoming week (p10); Last ride in the Kibbie Dome: Idaho hosts Northern Arizona and Southern Utah over the weekend (p11)
White van; Campus crime; Campus safety; Marching band; Sound of Idaho; Homecoming; Wildfire; Student health; Vandal Health Clinic; Nez Perce; Indigeounous People’s Day; Prichard Art Gallery; Art; City of Moscow; John’s Alley; Five Alarm Funk; Mario Kart; Mario Kart Tour; El Camino; Battle of the Domes; Idaho state; Volleyball; Football; Soccer; Kibbie Dome; Washington State University; Drugs Safe disposal; NFL; Girl power; ISUB
March 21, 2019 ‘Everybody makes mistakes’: Jadzia Graves speaks about life as an engineering student; ICCU Arena plans move forward: The Idaho State Board of Education approved UI’s funding request, contingent on approval; Covering climate change: New York Times climate change reporter Kenra Pierre-Lois to speak at annual ethics symposium (p3); The freshmen are coming: UIdaho Bound has a few changes this year to scheduling but is still the same (p3); A new grading scale: UI Faculty Senate passed new plus and minus grading system Tuesday (p4); President to professor: Chuck Staben still considering tenured biology position (p5); Twenty minutes once a week: Drop-in Mindfulness Meditation hits five years and still going (p5); CTC is covered for now: CTC search for provider continues, retired psychiatrist comes back to help fill in gap (p6); Mind, body and stress: Health Huts across campus help students to learn about available resources (p6); Claiming the stage: DancersDrummersDreamers offer sights, sounds for the eyes and ears (p7); To juice or not to juice? Local business owners, UI nutritionists provide differing perspectives on juice cleansing (p7); Returning to the rodeo: Professor earns %50,000 fellowship for Gay Rodeo Oral history project (p8); Connecting through art: UI Prichard Gallery showcases art, research of CAA faculty (p9); Education and advocacy: League of Women Voters emperors locals to partake in democratic process (p10); Remembering Collin: UI community members Collin Sather (p11); daho shotput athlete ready for season success: After remarkable indoor season, Short looks to build upon success into the outdoor season (p12); Back and even better: Idaho soccer is heading to Pullman for the first spring game of the season (p13); Postseason possibilite: Idaho returns to action for a second round of postseason play (p14)
Engineering; Engineering program; STEM; Women in engineering; SWE; Idaho Central Credit Union; State Board of Education; New York Times; Climate change; Kendra Pierre-Lois; Freshmen; UIdaho Bound; Orientation; Faculty Senate; Chuck Staben; Scott Green; Denise Bennett; Meditation; Mindfulness; CTC; Counseling and Testing Center; Health and wellness; Mental health; DDD; Dancers Drummers Dreamers; Disability Awareness Month; Juice diet; Gay Rodeo; Oral history; Rebecca Scofield; UI History Department; Prichard Art Gallery; Hozier; Music; Arts; Entertainment; League of Women Voters; Politics; Political efficacy; Football; Men’s Basketball; Track and Field; Women's Basketball; Soccer; NFL; AAF; March Madness; University president; Menstruation; Scams; Student Union Building
August 23, 2019 ‘I got so much out of this place’: Green returns to his alma mater, UI, as the new president with student-minded priorities; Two suits against UI set of hearings: Lawsuits against the university move forward; Clearing the turnPIKE: UI’s PIKE chapter doesn’t think much will change after moving into a campus home, but leaders are happy they’re under one roof (p3); Moscow police chief: K-Nein: MPD Chief's request for drug dog nixed after community concern (p4); ‘A shop worthy of its name’ Johnson hoped to create a tattoo shop worthy of Moscow (p6); One World Cafe gives up the stage: David Dondero, Corey Oglesby and Bart Budwig performed at One World Cafe Monday night (p7); Representation in reality television: “The Bachelor” franchise features a same-sex couple for the first time in 17 years (p8); Buying into the culture: Idaho football enters the season with hopes of renewed success for the upcoming year (9); New year, same rivalry: Boise State gallops into town to renew rivalry with Vandals on Friday (p10)
University president; C. Scott Green; Chuck Staben; Lawsuits; Assault; Pi Kappa Alpha; Greek life; PIKE; MDP; Moscow Police Department; Moscow Tattoo Company; One World Cafe; Life music; City of Moscow; Entertainment; The Bachelor; LGBTQA representation; Video games; Game reviews; Football; Soccer; Boise State; Caffeine; Spiderman; Netflix
October 03, 2019 ‘Having our names validated’ UI’s Vandal Card Office and others begin to roll out changes allowing students to self-identify their names; “We’re Vandals, just like you” Kulia Keheler is known on UI’s campus for creating a community for LGBTQA students; Bennett’s possession charges dropped: Former UI professor’s preliminary hearing postponed (p3); Community involvement in research: Idaho Water Resources Research Institute to host a citizen science campaign examining water quality (p4); Transforming downtown Moscow: Modest Music Festival brought 40-plus artists to downtown Moscow this past weekend (p5); Alley chats: A John’s Alley Tavern overview (p6); Filling a talented void: Charles Akanno looks to continue to lead by example and strong work ethic (p7); Eagles and Vandals rivalry renewed in Cheney: After a hard-fought opening conference weekend, Idaho soccer looks to ground the Eagles on the road (p8); Idaho takes on Montana Big Sky teams (p8)
Transexual; LGBTAQ; Vandal Card Office; LGBTQA student lounge; Denise Bennett; City of Moscow; Taco Bell; IWRRI; Water research; Water quality; Modest Music Festival; Book People of Moscow; Humble Burger; Bitterroot Tattoo; One World Cafe; The Storm Cellar; Kenworthy Performing Arts Center; Mikey’s Gyros; John’s Alley; Moscow Chamber of Commerce; De-stressing; Mental health; Palouse Paws; ASUI; Therapy dogs; Football; Soccer; Eastern Washington University; Eagles; Montana State University; Volleyball; Identity; Gender identity; Psychology; Career Fair
March 07, 2019 New president named by April: The university of Idaho looks to choose its 19th president; Presidential preview; Women’s Center: Where it’s going, where it’s been: Women’s Center location has changed several times, and it could move again; Former football player please not guilty to rape charges: Former Idaho football player accused of rape pled not guilty in Latah District Court Thursday (p3); ‘Much more than just books’ Latah County library offers resources, events for all community members (p5); Tea, cake amd ‘HERstory’: Women’s Center, Global Student Success Program to honor International Women’s Day (p5); Dirt covered hands and green thumbs: UI Plant Soil and Science Club open to those with an interest in growing, learning and selling plants (p6); Engineering a team: Idaho hockey team captain Kasey Peach helps move club toward the future of change and progress (p7); Closing out Cowan: A historic season could end in pectacular fashion for the team (p8); Idaho pushes for relevancy in season close: Idaho looks to carry momentum from win into the weekend contests (p8)
University president; Chuck Staben; State Board of Education; UNLV; UC Davis; Oklahoma State University; Women’s Center; Memorial Gym; Sexual Assault; Latah District Court; Rape charges; Latah County Library; Global Student Success Program; International Women’s; Day; Succulent sale; Plant Soil and Science Club; Hockey; Club sports; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Student involvement; Bernie Sanders; Presidential election
October 24, 2019 Meet the meme team: The student-run UI memes page provides laughs and free expression; Student enrollment see slight increase: Increase comes from first-time freshmen, non-degree and graduate students enrollment for 2019; Resolution aims to discontinue fireworks: Homecoming committee members oppose resolution; Where to vote in the Moscow City Council Election: Early voting location within walking distance of UI campus, unlike day-of polling locations (p3); Added language to VandalCards: Language added to VandalCards legitimizes LGBTQA community (p4); Do you like gardens and farming? The solid Stewards Club allows students to get a hands-on experience (p5); Inktober more than just drawing: As spooky season comes to a close, enjoy the last few days of Inktober (p6); Just the beginning: Palmbush aims to lead this young Idaho team to long-term success within the Big Sky Conference (p7); Vandals prepare for final road weekend of the 2019 season (p8); Men’s basketball begins exhibition play with loss Tuesday (p8)
Memes; Uidaho Memes for Spuddy Teens; UIdaho Memes for Scott’s Tots; C. Scott Green: Facebook; Meme pages; Blaine Eckles; Enrollment; Student involvement; Fireworks; Homecoming; City of Moscow; City Council; Vandal Cards; LGBTQA; LGBTQA community; Transexual; Identity; Soil science; Clubs; Soil Stewards Club; Horoscopes; Inktober; John’s Alley; Volleyball; Soccer; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Diversity; Elections; Presidential elections; Survivors; Assault survivor; Birthdays; Tattoos; Mental health
April 11, 2019 Water, water everywhere: Multiple homes, businesses experience flooding; President to be named Thursday; Returning to his roots: University House architect gives insight to career, life in Moscow; Bingo and Bible verses: ZCollegiate Reformed Fellowship sponsored event, Toxic Matriarchy, sparks controversy on campus; (Bio)fueling up: Student-led project to update biodiesel facilities, furthering university sustainability goals (p3); Community remembers Eugene Cline: Friends and students mourn loss of local music educator (p3); From Greek house to State House (p4); Combining creative minds: “Asterisk” exhibition to showcase MFA students’ skills Friday evening at the Prichard Art Gallery (p5); More than just volunteering: UI Earth Fest celebrates sustainability throughout April (p5); Overcoming a denied subway card: UI international Studies students conquer the Big Apple at the Model UN Conference (p6); Players in the trenches: An experienced offensive line looks to shine this season, as the defensive line continues to build and get healthy in preparation for 2019 (p8); A time to reflect and acknowledge (p9)
Flooding; Pullman flooding; National Weather Service; Moscow Flooding; Water damage; University president; University House; Toxic Matriarchy; Biofuels; Eugene Cline; Cline’s Music; Prichard Art Gallery; Earth Fest; Sustainability; Earth Day; Earth month; New York; Summer classes; Football; Soccer; Counter-protesting; Sexual Assault Awareness Month; Alcohol; Consent
May 02, 2019 A mission in Moscow: The moment every Vandal has been waiting for; Raising awareness, prevention: Mental health resources available across campus and state of Idaho (pA3); Losing star Tallent: JAMM professor Becky Tallent reflects on time as UI professor (pA5); Curiosity forged in fire: Retiring UI professor recalls a career spent in the eye of the inferno (pA5); Daley-Laursen retires: Former UI interim president retires from faculty position, will join Peace Corps (pA6); Finding fish scales: UI alumnus chosen for a Fulbright award to Brazil (pA6); Flamenco and flashbacks to the past: New ISEM 101 program to offer hands-on archeological experience in Spain to students (pA7); Captain Vandal protects community: Vandal alumnus reflects on his work as Moscow Police Department Captain (pA8); On patrol with Moscow’s finest: A firsthand account of what it’s like to experience a Moscow Police Department patrol (pA8); Glean, gather, grow: Backyard Harvest provides fresh produce for food-insecure individuals in nearby countries (pA9); The rewards of research: College of Science senior to pursue studies in ecology and biology (pA10); From ground to glass: UI alumni discuss passion for making wine and transforming the local industry (pA12); WR on the field, R&B off the field: Micah Hamilton, former Idaho football player turned musician to graduate this spring (pA13); Podcasting comes to UI: From entertainment to education, podcasts are a new way to hear and create stories (pA14); A dentist turned dancer: Saban “Rocky” Ursua looks forward to continuing his dance career after college (pA17); Classroom to Kenworthy: Kino Short Film Festival gives students a chance to showcase projects in a professional setting (pA16); Big Sky big shots: Seniors Marianna Petrei and Maria Tavares congratulate each other during a doubles match (pB2); Moving into the spotlight: UI athlete trainers may be on the sidelines, but they serve another critical role once the final whistle blows (pB4); Presgrave’s journey to Moscow: Goalkeeper Makayla Presgrave leaves the Silver and Gold with a stellar resume (pB3); Hausmann plans to go pro (pB4); A family legacy on the fairway: Michelle Kim’s switch from life as a golfer to life as a business person (pB5); Best of the back line: Alycia Wodke has taken advantage of every opportunity volleyball at Idaho has offered her (pB6); A dream fulfilled: Vandal football’s Kaden Elliss gets represented in the 2019 NFL draft (pB7); Silver and gold close to home: Moscow High basketball star Gabe Quinnet plans to walk on for Vandal basketball (pB8)
University president; 19th president; Chuck Staben; C. Scott Green; ASUI president; Nicole Skinner; Jacob Lockhart; Metal health; Depression; Suicide; CRISIS; Counseling and Testing Center; JAMM; Journalism; Fire studies; Wildfire; Research grants; Faculty retiring; ISEM; General education; MPD; Moscow Police Department; Soil science; Soil Stewards Club; Carly Scott; Biology; Biology Research; Graduation; Wine; Clearwater Canyon Cellars; Winemaking; Music; Electronic music; R&B; Podcasts; Student resources; Making, Innovating, and Learning Labratory; MILL; Billie Eilish; Game of Thrones; Media; Entertainment; Fashion; Senior showcase; Finals Fest; Dancing; Film; Tennis; Athletic trainers; Sports medicine; Soccer; Women’s Golf; Volleyball; Football; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; NFL; NFL draft; Summer classes; Parking; Argonaut; Alcohol; Legal drinking; Marvel; Movies; Avengers Endgame; School shootings; Antisemitism; Stress management; De-Stress Fest
January 31, 2019 Vandal Alert, professor spark controversy: UI bans journalism professor from campus in Vandal Alert Wednesday, despite no threat; Students protest to support Bennett: Students participated in a march Wednesday to protest actions made by administration; UI chemistry professor dies on campus: Thomas Bitterwolf dies Wednesday afternoon in Malcolm Renfrew Hall, cause unknown; Budget cuts are coming: A structural deficit caused by declining enrollment has to be addressed by pending cuts, UI provost John Wiencek said (p3); Set up for success: Career Services provide insight on preparing for upcoming Spring Career Fair (p3); Hearing rescheduled for UI football player accused of rape: A new court date for former Idaho football player Kyree Curington set for 9 a.m. Feb 28. (p4); “We need to come together’ A look at past Vandal Entertainment options (p5); A panel of LGBTQA perspectives: LGBTQA Office to host open panel Thursday evening (p5); ‘People really care about these cookies’ Sisters Cookie Company retells the story of how one cookie turned into thousands (p6); A one-stop ‘Air Bud’ shop (p7); A taste of 30 countries: Annual Cruise the World event hosts hands-on international booths on campus (p7); Clearing the air: A frenzied Vandal team hunts for a Big Sky win over the Lumberjacks (p8); Vandals face road test in the Southwest: Women hit the road hoping to pick up weekend sweep (p8); One last dive: Idaho swim and dive didn't disappoint in their final home meet of the season Saturday (p9); Wrapping up at UW: Idaho performs well at the UW invitational (p9)
Vandal Alerts; Denise Bennett; Protest; Moscow ZPolice Department; Lewiston Police Department; College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences; Thomas Bitterwolf; Chemistry department; Malcolm Renfrew Hall; Budget; Budget deficit; Career Fair; Career Services; Sexual Assault; Assault hearing; Vandal Entertainment; LGBTQA; Sisters Cookie Company; Air Bud; Movies Media; Entertainment; Cruise the World event; Cuisine; Food; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Swim and dive; Track and Field; Women’s Golf; Northern Arizona University; University of Washington; Government shutdown; Sexual safety; Student Success Program
October 30, 2019 LGBTQA rights are a focus in City Council election: Candidates’ opinions differ over Moscow non-discrimination ordinance; Nudget deficit projected to continue to increase: UI one-time budget cuts to become permanent, projected deficit of $22 million for 2020; UI pays $200K to settle sexual assault: At least one more suit remains in court after the university settles one suit (p3); Sexual assault suit concludes hearings: One of three legal claims stand, two dismissed in sexual assault mishandling suit by former UI athlete (p3); Former president invited to interview for UND presidential position (p3); Resolution to discontinue fireworks fails senate vote (p4); Research on the radio: Hallie Walker discussed her research project in an August episode of the Freakonimics radio show (p4); The market is headed for hibernation: The farmers market season came to a close last Saturday, so what happens next? (p5); A variety of sound in just a trio: Digging deep and melting minds, the Resolectrics take The Alley on a musical journey (p6); Heavy emotion leads to heavy hits: Tre Walker doesn’t shy away from being a young leader, instead he embraces every moment (p7); Corralling the Mustangs inside the Kibbie Dome: Idaho looks to pick up a second straight win after coming off the needed bye week (p7); Coastal carnage from north to south: Idaho is on the road against Sacramento State and Portland State (p8)
City of Moscow; City council elections; LGBTQA; Non-discrimination ordinance; Elections; Budget deficit; Budget cuts; Enrollment; Finances; Sexual assault cases; Title IX; Lawsuit settlement; Chuck Staben; University president; C. Scott Green; Radio research; Fireworks; Homecoming; ASUI Senate; Moscow Farmers Market; Local businesses; Fall activities; John’s Alley; The Resolectrics; Football; Kibbie Dome; Volleyball; Wildfire; Gender; Gender equality; Athletics
February 28, 2019 Five finalists named for UI presidency: The state Board of Education announced the names of five contenders vying to become the UI’s 19th president; Loss in the Vandal family; Finding home: Greek life organizations without on-campus housing thrive off campus; New physician keeps eye on returning to campus: Moscow Family Medicine’s new physician assistant discusses a possible return to campus (p3); PIKE ends initiation week: UI PIKE chapter transitions to member education instead of traditional initiation week (p4); Beyond frozen cream and sugar: Panhandle Cone and Coffee to open in downtown Moscow early March (p5); Searching for lost literature: UI professor uncovers, researches archived American literature (p6); Step up and turn up the beat: An in-depth look at some of the best female singers right now (p7); Cricket player to golfer: An ankle injury led to an athletic career shift for Idaho’s Sean Langham (p8); End-of-season push: Idaho hits the road again to try and keep the top spot in the conference (p9); Idaho assembles for final homestand of the season: The Vandals continue their fight for a second Big Sky Conference win (p9)
University president; Chuck Staben; 19th president; Scott Green; Collin Sather; Greek life; Greek system; Moscow Family Medicine; PIKE; Pi Kappa Alpha; Panhandle Cone & Coffee; Local business; City of Moscow; Downtown Moscow; American literature; Zachary Turpin; Female singers; Music; Media; Billie Eilish; Maren Morris; Lizzo; Julia Michaels; H.E.R; Grammys; Cricket; Golf; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Track and Field; Shotput; Student involvement; Winter weather
April 18, 2019 Tuition increases approved: The Idaho State Board of education approved UI and other college’s tuition increases; The core of the issue: Denise Bennett’s grant funds returned, email records show internal deliberations; A space of support: From dissertations to daily homework, UI Writing Center aims to educate students (p5); Realistic remake: Over the (big)top: Live action ‘Dumbo’ takes flight with a revamped storyline and strong actors (p6); Eye on the Iron Throne: A spoiler-filled look into the latest developments in ‘Game of Thrones’ (p5); The new big 3 (p7); Three basketball players enter transfer portal: Vandal basketball faces another hurdle with three more players deciding to transfer (p7)
Tuition; Student enrollment; Budget deficit; Budget cuts; State Board of Education; Vandal Alert; Denise Bennett; College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences; Summer classes; UI Writing Center; Student support; Tutoring; Peer mentors; Dumbo; Movies; Media; Entertainment; Game of Thrones; TV; Palouse Cult Film Revival; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Columbine shooting; University president; Chuck Staben; 19th president; Social anxiety
September 05, 2019 Road work ahead: University officials explain changes to parking on UI’s campus; Green to decide on Bennett’s dismissal: Following recommendations from a committee to dismiss Bennett according to documents provided by her, Green will make a decision (p3); Idaho engineers partner with Air Force: UI students receive grant, continue research on fuel (p3); Moscow: a bucket list: A list of things to do in Moscow that just cannot be missed (p4); A scream on the green: Meme page allows students to relieve stress with screams (p5); Familiar territory: Fromer conference rivals make their way to the Kibbie Dome this weekend (p7); Erasing past memories: Idaho hopes to hit the rewind button on the season with the home opener this weekend (p8)
Construction; Parking and Transportation Services; Parking lots; Parking permits; Renovations; Road closures; Denise Bennett; Scott Green; Biofuel; Biofuel research; Air Force; City of Moscow; Night life; Downtown Moscow; Moscow Bagel Shop; Arboretum; Grub Truck; UIdaho Memes for Scott’s Tots; Tori Kelly; Retro video games; Music; Media; Entertainment; Soccer; Football; Social media; TV; Chick-fil-a
April 04, 2019 Idaho’s only: Land grant and related acts are fundamental to UI research efforts; Lockhart wins presidency: Less than 1,500 votes recorded in ASUI student election; Altering curriculum: UI’s curriculum endured a change nearly a decade in the making (p3); All along the water tower: President’s office holds open viewing for new University House (p4); Taylor Azizeh to the Arctic: Environmental science and wildlife resources major to travel to Denmark and Greenland (p5); Finals Fest features new location and genre (p5); The return from Quantico: Moscow Police Chief James Fry discusses his recent attendance at the FBI’s National Academy (p6); Mom’ Weekend - Not just for moms: A look into Mom’s Weekend and the events available to students (p6); ‘I’m doing something right’ Vandals win at Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (p7); How to ‘live tiny’ in a bus: Family overcomes homlessness by converting a bus into a living space (p7); Sharing the joy of color: The spring and summer seasons bring out more color, especially for Tye Dye Everything (p8); Dancing through the decades: Annual Tutxinmepu Powwow to take place Saturday and Sunday (p9); On the hunt: An improved secondary and new linebacker core showcases its talents (p11); Football players plead not guilty to petty theft charges: Elliss, Cash accused of stealing $130 in food from Moscow Walmart (p11); Looking to take the next step: Idaho seniors showed their skills in front of NFL Scouts during Idaho’s Pro Day (p12); Hundreds show support for Sather in Spokane (p13); Records wrecked and memories made: Idaho’s 2018-2019 season wasn't perfect, but was remarkable as any that came before it (p14)
Land grant university; Public access; State Board of Education; ASUI; Jacob Lockhart; Nicole Skinner; ASUI presidency; ASUI elections; Voting; Credit requirements; University House; President’s house; Environmental science; Research; Kibbie Dome; 6LACK; MPD; Moscow Police Department; Moscow Police Chief; Mom’s Weekend; Yodeling; Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival; Tiny living; Bus conversion; Tye Dye Everything; Local businesses; Downtown Moscow; Main Street; Latah County Fairgrounds; Hemp Festival; Politics; Native culture; Powwow; Summer classes; Football; NFL; Collin Sather; Women's Basketball; March Madness; Student athletes; Parent & Family Weekend; Music; Media; Entertainment; Hydration; Health and wellness
December 05, 2019 Conquered in Cowan: Cougars - 78, Vandals - 65; UI proposes potential $3 million savings plan: Proposed voluntary employee furloughs could partially offset budget deficit; ISUB/TLC back to full function: Building reopened after a month of partial closure (p3); UI Campus Security discusses clear bag policy: Administration explains reasoning behind new policy (p4); Staben’s back: Staben to teach at UI next semester (p4); Gaining experience and community: Club and annual sale prepares artists for life outside of college (p5); Cafe chats: bluegrass community jam Moscow (p6); Roller coaster ride comes to and end: Vandal football experienced a bumpy, yet sometimes entertaining journey in 2019 (p7); Not enough fuel to keep up with the Cougars: A look at the Vandals lost in Battle for the Palouse (p7)
Battle for the Palouse; Washington State University; Cougars; Men’s Basketball; Voluntary furloughs; Employee furloughs; Budget deficit; ISUB/TLC flooding; Campus Security; Clear bag policy; Kibbie Dome; Safety; Chuck Staben; Art and Architecture North; College of Art and Architecture; Vandal Print Guild; One World Cafe; Bluegrass; Downtown Moscow; Music; Therapy dogs; Palouse Paws; Football; Athletics; Hanger; Politics; You; Netflix; Television; Streaming services; Mindfulness; Stress relief
December 12, 2019 Holiday lights brighten up Moscow: Community members go all-out with festive decorations; UI accepting proposals for outsourcing, firms to be on campus this week; Despite national climate change fatigue, UI faculty persevere through research (p3); UI commencement: What to watch for (p4); Forging friendships through prosthetics: Engineering student applies his experience to help a friend (p5); Family over everything: A look at the Idaho women’s basketball Klinker sisters (p7); Dedication and love for a sport drives her to play: Breanna Murdoch’s love for hockey has broken barriers (p8); A new star in the making: Vandal basketball may have found their final piece to an NCAA tournament run (p9); New home, new threads, same dream: Quintan traveled across the country to continue his education and his passion for basketball (p10); Archery league provides opportunity to improve skills (p11); Pursuing a love of writing: MFA candidate in fiction describes how he got to where he is now (p12); Choose the path that works best for you: Mindfulness may be a way to cope with your busy life (p13)
Holidays; Christmas; Downtown Moscow; Festivities; Christmas lights; Facilities services; Outsourcing; Climate change; Climate change research; Commencement; Graduation; Prosthetics; Engineering; Biomedical engineering; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Club sports; Hockey; NCAA; Big Sky conference; Archery League; Ee Da How Bowhunters; Master of Fine Arts; Mindfulness; Stress relief; Meditation; Vinyl records; CDs; Music; Media; Movies; LGBTQA; Queer; Sexual identity; Sexual preferences; Internalized homophobia; Argonaut; Sexism; Peloton