Greetings from the Dean

Welcome to the University of Idaho Library.

Here is a place of discovery and intellectual engagement, an institution that supports learning and the creation of new knowledge. We provide tools, such as our extensive book and journal collections, so you can build upon your interests with trusted scholarly resources. We offer services that will help save you time as you conduct your research, either through class instruction or individual appointments.

Our vision:

As Idaho's leading research library, we present the best of Idaho to the world and bring the best of the world to our university. Progressive, professional stewardship guides the growth of research collections to promote the pursuit of knowledge in the finest tradition of academic and intellectual freedom.

We intend to achieve this vision. The top research university in the state demands and deserves the top research library. The library is the university: it is where all disciplines connect; it is the intellectual crossroads for students and faculty.

We are proud of our excellent service ethic. From our efforts to identify and acquire online tools and books that will serve future generations to our time spent in helping you be successful in your research, we put our end users at the front of our thinking when we seek ways to meet your needs.

I invite you to come to the library, either in person or through one of our virtual links, to begin your educational journey and to become acquainted with the resources and services we can provide.

Lynn Baird

Lynn Baird

Dean, University of Idaho Libraries

Bringing the world to Idaho ... and Idaho to the world.