Collection Timeline

1880 to 1959


E. S. Burgan Family [1] E. S. Burgan Family [2] Green homestead


Albert Hagman homestead Albert, Helen, and Clarence Hagman Fred Chant family Northern Hotel. Coolin, Idaho [2]


Leonard Paul home Mr. and Mrs. Fish Winslow homestead


Sailboat Lita [2] Walter W. Slee, Harry Bear, and 'Windy Bil'


Coolin, Idaho [1] Man and dog in a canoe Priest Lake Stage


Northern Hotel One days catch of fish People in a rowboat School children and teacher Steamboat W. W. Slee near beach Steamboat W. W. Slee near beach Steamboat W. W. Slee on Priest Lake, Idaho The Idaho Inn. Coolin, Idaho


Sailboat Lita [1]


Bill Brawley, Leonard Paul, and Bob Gumaer at Mitchells Mining Claim


Indian Creek, Idaho


Log boom


Woodrat Mine. Priest Lake, Idaho


Albert Hagman family Bert Winslow plowing at Dalkenia Camp Bleecher and Peagram Cabin on lake Construction on the Leonard Paul Store. Coolin, Idaho Engine at Dalkenia Camp 1 Group in front of the Coolin Grocery and Hardware Store, Coolin Idaho. Jimmy Fallis next to steamboat W. W. Slee Log drive on river Moore's Restaurant Pack string at stables Ranch log dug-out Steamboat Banshee Steamboats W. W. Slee and Kaniksu at Lion Head, Priest Lake, Idaho. The Fish Family Two women on logs Walter W. Slee in a buggy


Beardmore river crew [1] Beardmore river crew [2] Brush rack Horse team in winter Log jam [1] Log jam [2] Logs loaded on sleigh Men working on log jam Pack train [3]


Group of people Harriet and Ned Klein on W. W. Slee Spill dam at Torelle Falls


Dad Moulton on Thorofare River Leonard Paul Leonard Paul's general store Tipis at Soldier Creek


Four people on a dock Looking down on Coolin, Idaho People in an outdoor kitchen


Art Marsten running sawmill Ed Geugler and Frank Lilya bird hunting Ed Geugler and Frank Lilya in front of cabin with a dog sitting back on its haunches. Edward 'Dad' Moulton cabin Fishing at Two Mouth Creek [flows into Priest Lake]. Idaho Frosty and Scotty John Fulton with two work horses Maypole at Northern Hotel Pack train [1] Priest Lake, Idaho [2]


Camp kitchen Eight Mile Island. Priest Lake, Idaho Paul Mears, Leonard Paul, and Marjorie Paul in front of the Leonard Paul store. Schaffer float house. Coolin, Idaho Steamboat W. W. Slee tied up at dock. Coolin, Idaho.


Coolin waterfront during winter Coolin waterfront showing barn and Northern Hotel Idaho Inn. Coolin, Idaho [1] Nordman school. Nordman, Idaho


Boat wheelhouse Cabin on Four Mile Island Children in horse-drawn sled Coolin Marina and dock, Coolin, Idaho Coolin Marina dock. Coolin, Idaho. Coolin waterfront Deer processing Log flume Man in sailboat Man walking up a dock Pete Chase Priest Lake swimmers Sacajawea (boat) Skinning a cougar Steamboat W. W. Slee Three men in winter Woman in sailboat Young girl standing on lumber


Beardmore Auto Stage Bears in cages District ranger on mule Idaho Inn. Coolin, Idaho [2] Nell Shipman's cabin Side view of the steamboat W.W. Slee


Bear in front of log flume Boat tied to pilings Building the W. W. Slee Byar's barge at dock Camp WarKlein Children horse and dog Graydon and Dorothy Winslow Harvesting hay Idaho Hotel. Coolin, Idaho Load of logs on sled Logging tractor Mr. Seabury's sailboat Nell Shipman and others with horse-drawn sled Nell Shipman and son Barry Nell Shipman feeding a bear Nell Shipman on barge Nell Shipman's sled dogs Pack train along the shore of Priest Lake Passengers Quartz Creek Ranch barn Steamboat Kaniksu Steamboat Kaniksu at dock Steamboat Tyee at Marina Two men, two women, and a dog in a rowboat W. W. Slee steamboat


Cavanaugh Bay, Fenton's Ranch


Automobile approaching Dickensheet Bridge Blister Rust Control (BRC) camp kitchen Blister Rust Control (BRC) dining hall Cavanaugh Bay. Priest Lake, Idaho Graydon Winslow hunting Group of people sitting on a log Gustav 'Cougar Gus' Johnson and Ruth Scott Jack Pine Flats. Coolin, Idaho Lewis 'Pete' Chase [1] Lewis 'Pete' Chase [2] Lewis 'Pete' Chase and photographer Lewis 'Pete' Chase in garden Pete Chase at moonshine still Prater Ranch Teams digging out hill for new Leonard Paul store Trapper building a fire


Beardmore team Building the new Leonard Paul store Loading logs on railroad car at Beardmore camp New Leonard Paul store New Leonard Paul store under construction Nordman School [1] Nordman School[2] Priest Lake, Idaho [1] Sailboat rigged by Ivan Painter and Frank Johnson Sawmill Slee cabin. Coolin Bay, Idaho Spar pole Spring team Teams pulling sand down to marina Three men camping Workman mixing cement Workmen framing for new Leonard Paul store


Coolin School Donaldson (bull cook) cutting wood Jim Evans on lookout at Kaniksu Mountain Leonard Paul on porch of his store Paul Martin


Blister Rust Control (BRC) camp [1] Firefly pushing barge Frosty and Scotty in front of Winslow homestead Jumping in the lake Pack train [2] Three Beardmore teams pulling logs


Kaniksu at Beaver Creek Ranger Station Timber harvest


Beaver Creek Ranger Station dispatcher's desk Beaver Creek Ranger Station. Priest Lake, Idaho Boat BRC 1 towing barge Boat Seneacqouteen Cabin on Indian Creek Bay Courgars killed at Priest Lake Donald Winslow hunting Duffill cabin Frank Brown George and Bill Warren Hunter's camp Huot's camp home. Lost Creek, Idaho Kaniksu Lela B. and Fred Scheider Rex Stuart at Lookout Mountain Sailboat on Priest Lake Schneider's ranch and summer cottages Trapper's cabin Walter W. Slee Warren family on beach Woman and dog canoeing


Dolly (boat) with passengers Leonard Paul with harvested deer


Blasting creek in Hughes Meadow Building the Warren home Building Warren home Caterpiller machine on barge CCC camp at Granite Creek Dad Moulton and Doc Setters at 'Dad's Roost' Daddy Duffill house Dredging the Thorofare River Filling jeep can Fishing Fox Creek PLTPA Government dock. Coolin, Idaho [1] Huot's camp home Man and woman on the steamboat E. W. Harris Mixing solution Plowboy Lookout on Plowboy Mountain Steamboat Tyee at dock White pine tree with blister rust


CCC camp Celebration at Beaver Creek Ranger Station Dewey Huot's mother Warren garden Warren homestead [1] Warren homestead [2]


Government dock. Coolin, Idaho [2]


Breaking up a log jam Canoe-laden automobile CCC camp F-142, Camp Kalispell Bay, Company 1894 Constructing washroom Coolin, Idaho [2] Dewey Huot with Priest Lake Stage Getting ready to put tarp roof on Leonard Paul with fish Log jams Logs on the Priest River, Idaho Marsten Sawmill. Coolin Bay, Idaho Paul Jones Beach Cabins Putting sections together Putting tarp roof on Sections of siding Steamboat W. W. Slee under construction Tarp roof Tent frames Warren and Burch store


Brooder house Chicken house under construction Creek blasted in Hughes Meadow Deer fed by Idaho State Game Commission [1] Deer fed by Idaho State Game Commission [2] Diamond Match Company locomotive Going down the Thorofare River Grandview Lodge. Priest Lake, Idaho Handy homestead at Soldier Creek Kaniksu going up the Thorofare River Loading timber at Camp #9 Logging camp housing Mary Lemley Nordman Bar Tony Lemley on homestead at Outlet Bay Winter at a logigng camp


Cabin at Grandview Lodge Haying in Squaw Valley Lady of the Lake [boat] Paul Jones Beach during winter Snowshoes Three Indigenous girls in front of the Idaho Hotel Works Projects Administration (WPA) camp


Camp Dewey Huot Grandview Resort dock Lee Calfee Lee Lake with Sundance Mountain Loaded logging truck Loggers Pack train watering at Beaver Creek Ranger Station Rolling up telephone lines from Kaniksu Mountain Slaughtering pigs Tents and rowboat near shore Upper Little Priest Lake and Thorofare River


CCC tent camp Hughes Lookout Margaret Calfee Randall Ranch home Steamboat Tyee


Boat BRC 1 at Kalispell Point Boats Kaniksu and Pend O'Reille tied up Byars boat house CCC camp in winter Clear Jo built by Mel Markham Continental Mine at Blue Joe Creek Coolin Mountain looking north Coolin Ranger Station Coolin, Idaho. Diamond Match camp Fish with pole, flies and net Fordson tractor engine on board the Firefly Grandview Lodge Klein launch at Four Mile Point Lela B. Scheider in water Men working logs into Priest River Mules on a barge with the Firefly launch Pack train at Upper Priest Lake Portrait of Walter W. Slee S. S. Rustler on Lake Pend Oreille Soldier Creek View of the lake Warren homestead on Priest Lake


Barge transporting pack mules and horses Buildings at logging camp Diamond Match Camp 9 Front of Grandview Lodge Girl and dog in boat Logging truck over Corduroy Bridge


Aftermath of Idaho Inn fire Aftermath of the Diamond Creek slash burn Coolin Post Office Crew of men working on a log jam on Priest River, Idaho Diamond Match log hauling fleet Diamond Match matches Elliott with boat Ridley Leonard Paul store Splitting shingles at CCC headquarters


Cooks German internees [1] German internees [2] Italian internees Italian internees building a cabin Italian internees roofing Leonard Paul and patron at the Post Office Leonard Paul at store counter Northern Hotel. Coolin, Idaho [1]


Albert Hagman and Ed Hampshire Astor and Wirt Calfee Astor and Wirt Calfee with Lewis Astor Calfee Blister Rust Control (BRC) crew Hunters in a boat Leonard Paul and Vera in front of home Leonard Paul with customer Steamboat Tyee II under construction


Canoe at Priest Lake Captain R. E. Boombs and E. J. Elliott Diamond Match jammer Melvin C. Markham S-H Company Steelcraft boat at Kalispell Bay. Priest Lake, Idaho Steamboat Tyee pulling log boom


Boat Kaniksu traveling up the Thorofare River, Idaho Confluence of Priest River and Pend Oreille River Logging truck Nordman Store and Buckhorn Inn Oldest cabin in Nordman, Idaho Plowing snow Snow-covered cabins


Buckhorn Inn Camp Baldy Amusement Center. Priest Lake, Idaho Five Mackinaw trout Log booms in Kalispell Bay, Priest Lake Temp Kerr, Scotty Winslow, Leo Bruno and Staton Finch


Beaver trapping Coolin Cook House across from the Idaho Hotel


Kalispell Bay loading dock Nordman Cash Store Nordman Club [1] Nordman Club [2] Waterslide at Paul Jones Beach. Coolin, Idaho


Edith Phelan and Harriet Kline Edith Phelan, Harriet Kline, and Mrs. Fussy swimming Highway to Priest Lake Ralph Miller with whiskey Russ Bishop and Leonard Paul Steamboat Tyee II Three men on a barge Tyee II at dock Wheelhouse on steamboat Tyee


Landing at Beaver Creek


Blister Rust Control (BRC) camp [2] Kitchen for Kalispell Bay Blister Rust Control (BRC) Mary Hodge Tents at Kalispell Bay