Think Open Fellowship

Sponsored by the University of Idaho Library

Think Open Fellowships are currently closed for the 2023-24 academic year.

Call for Applications

Think Open Fellowships are designed to support faculty in adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) in the courses they teach. The Think Open Fellowship program is intended to reduce barriers to student success by supporting the use of low or no‐cost course materials in place of traditional textbooks.

The program’s goal is to improve student success by adopting, creating, and using open educational resources at the University of Idaho. To date, Think Open Fellows have saved University of Idaho students over $500,000.


Faculty and Graduate Students with teaching appointments are eligible for awards of $1,200 to support the transition of an upcoming University of Idaho course to open materials.

Think Open Fellows are required to:

  • Commit to using an open textbook or affordable alternative (total costs less than $30) for a upcoming course that currently uses a traditional publisher’s textbook.

  • Agree to share the resources, content, or syllabi they create on the Think Open OER Commons group.

  • Work with the Open Education Librarian and other University of Idaho Librarians to identify and create open educational resources that support the instructor’s course goals.

  • Deliver a syllabus that uses only Open or, for situations without good Open options, other low-cost materials (less than $30 total).

  • Record a brief (5 minutes) video presentation on their project or syllabus for sharing on the Think Open Website.

Faculty teaching high enrollment courses are especially encouraged to apply, as well as those hoping to improve historically marginalized representations in their curriculums.


What is the time commitment?

Faculty fellows will work over the course of one to two semesters to find, create, and adapt OER for a current or upcoming University of Idaho course. Fellows meet throughout their fellowship with the Open Education Librarian, as well as other Library faculty as different kinds of expertise are required.

Which courses are eligible for this project?

Faculty can apply to transform any course in this fellowship program. Faculty teaching Idaho GEM courses, high enrollment courses, and dual-enrollment courses are especially encouraged to apply. The Think Open Program also welcomes applications from faculty hoping to increase quality representation of marginalized identities in their course materials.


To apply, please visit the form linked below to submit your course information and proposal.

Fellowship work has a flexible start date, with the main requirement being that the majority of the fellowship work be completed by July of 2024.

For questions contact Marco Seiferle-Valencia, Open Education Librarian,