Studio Terms of Use

Any patron who wishes to use the Studio must agree to the Terms of Use:

  • No food and drinks are allowed in the Studio.
  • DO NOT disconnect, rewire, or turn off any equipment (including the computer).
  • DO NOT take any equipment out of the room.
  • Bring your own storage device or use a cloud storage service such as OneDrive for file saving. Any files saved on the computer will be erased periodically.
  • You will be charged a replacement fee if any piece of equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged during your reservation time.
  • When you are finished using the space, log off the computer and return the key to the circulation desk by handing it to a staff member or a student employee. DO NOT leave the key on the counter or in the book return slot.
  • Abide by our policies, including Library Code of Conduct, University of Idaho Student Code of Conduct, and University of Idaho’s Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy.
  • Please cancel your reservation if you can no longer make it to your appointment. Use the cancellation link in your confirmation email or call the library at 208-885-6559.

Failure to follow the Terms of Use may result in a written warning or, if repeated pattern in behavior, revoked Studio access privileges (for one month, one semester, etc.) at staff’s discretion.

Fines and Fees

Studio Key 2 hours $5/hour $20
Portable Green Screen 24 hours $5/hour $110
Portable Light Kit 24 hours $5/hour $140
Video Camera (circulating) 24 hours $5/hour $700
Video Camera (permanent hold) 3 hours in-library $5/hour $700
GoPro Hero 24 hours $5/hour $300
Tripod 24 hours $5/hour $25
Field Recorder 24 hours $5/hour $200
External Hard Drive 24 hours $5/hour $60
Miscellaneous Accessories 24 hours $5/hour Priced individually
Cellphone Tripod 24 hours $5/hour $20
Canon DSLR Camera Kit 24 hours $5/hour $500
Computer Headsets with Microphone 24 hours $5/hour $25
Ring Light Kit 24 hours $5/hour $35
USB Microphone Kit 24 hours $5/hour $130
Wireless Presenter 24 hours $5/hour $50
Portable Speaker 24 hours $5/hour $20
Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet Kit 24 hours $5/hour $550
Computer Headsets with Microphone 24 hours $5/hour $20
Verizon Jetpack MiFi 7 days $15/day $150
ThinkPad T14 Laptop 21 $15/day $1,400