Esri Software Authorization

Authorization information for Esri products.

ArcGIS Desktop (& Esri CityEngine)

Computers on the U of I Network

Launch 'ArcGIS Administrator' [Apps > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator (or search by name)] then:

  1. Select the 'Desktop' product. (Select 'CityEngine' if you are authorizing that product).
  2. Choose the radio button 'Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent Use'.
  3. Push the 'Change...' button and enter ''.
  4. Press 'Apply' then 'OK'.
Connecting to the License Manager

After connecting the License Manager you have the option of borrowing a license. License borrowing will enable you to copy an authorization file from the server and install it locally on your machine so you can use the software while you are off the U of I network.

To borrow/return a license:

  1. Select 'Borrow/Return' for either product.
  2. Enter the number of days to borrow. The maximum is 365 days. Note that licenses expire every year in mid-February. Therefore, you will have to return and borrow a new license each year.
  3. Check a box for each desired feature.
  4. Press 'Apply' then 'OK'.
Borrowing a License

To return a license, uncheck the box associated with the desired feature(s) and press 'Apply' and 'OK'.

Computers off the U of I Network

Launch 'ArcGIS Administrator' [Apps > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator (or search by name)] then:

  1. Download the authorization file and save it to your computer.
  2. Select "Desktop" next to the folder icon in the upper-left.
  3. Select the radio button: "Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use"
  4. Push the "Authorize Now..." button.
  5. Select the 3rd radio button "I have received an authorization file from Esri and am now ready to finish the authorization process."
  6. Browse to the authorization file you downloaded and saved to your computer and click "Next".
  7. Select the 1st radio button "Authorize with Esri now using the Internet." and click "Next".
  8. Accept the pre-populated contact information and click “Next”.
  9. Select choices from the dropdown menus (e.g. Education-student; Higher Education; Student) and click "Next"
  10. Click "Next" on the screen with the authorization number.
  11. Accept the defaults and click "Next" on the two screens concerning extensions.
  12. Click "Finish" to complete the authorization process.

ArcGIS Pro

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro on your computer and enter 'uidaho' in the text box under 'Enterprise Logins'. Select the 'Remember this URL' option and push the 'Continue' button. On the subsequent screen sign in with your University of Idaho account.