Mining Collections

The late Henry L. Day of Wallace, Idaho, donated the records of Day Mines, Inc. and its predecessor companies to the University of Idaho in the early 1980s. Grants from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission and the U.S. Department of Education HEA Title II-C program, the University of Idaho, with additional support from the Library Associates of the University of Idaho (recipients of a major bequest from Henry L. Day), and others made possible the processing of nearly 2,000 cubic feet of mining records.

The project director was Terry Abraham, Head, Special Collections at the University of Idaho Library. During 1987/1988, Herman Ronnenberg served as project director. Appraisal, arrangement, and description were begun by Richard C. Davis as project archivist from the end of 1986 into 1989 and carried on by Michael Tarabulski as project archivist in 1991-1992. Among those who worked on the two projects were Doug Carr, Gregory Eisenlein, Harriet Essiam, Susan Hamlin, Jennifer Jenness, Lena Johnson, Dana Miller, Dixie Miller, Judith Nielsen, Kelly Clark O'Brien, Marilyn Sandmeyer, Leslie Smallwood, Clay Williams, and Wilma M. Woods. Advice and comments on the appraisal of mining records were received from Earl H. Bennett, Francis X. Blouin, Jr., Maynard Brichford, William S. Greever, Michael Ostrogorsky, Duane A. Smith, Clark C. Spence, and Glenn Vent. A guide to the records has been published as Day to Day: A Guide to the Records of the Historic Day Mines Group in the University of Idaho Library; edited by Terry Abraham and Richard C. Davis; Moscow: University of Idaho Library, 1992.

The Day Mines collection deposited in the University of Idaho Library is organized into seventy-three manuscript groups and includes the records of over eighty corporations or mining partnerships acquired by, merged with, or established by the Days, or in which the Days at some time held a dominant interest. Each group documents one or more variations on the means of organizing capital and labor for the exploitation of mineral wealth. The corporate records relate to a variety of economic, social, and political topics, such as air and water pollution, the life of the working man, taxation, social welfare, and business organization and capitalization, as well as to the more specific aspects of mineral land acquisition, mine development, mine and smelter technology, metal marketing and the relations between mines and smelter companies from the 1890s into the 1980s. However, there is little related to the Coeur d'Alene mining wars of the 1890s.

Title Group Links
Title Group Links
Aetna Mining and Milling Company MG 238
Amazon-Manhattan Mining Company MG 260
Ambergris Consolidated Mining Company MG 250
Aurum Mining Company MG 235
Basin Mining Company MG 239
Ben Hur Mining Company MG 284
Eleanor Bernice Day Boyce. Records, 1917-1963 MG 312
Benton Mining Company MG 271
Big Eight Group MG 323
Blue Grouse Mining Company, Limited MG 261
Bryan Mining Company MG 285
Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining and Concentrating Company. Legal Cases, 1899-1902 MG 188
Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining Company. Records, 1894-1937 MG 130
Bunker Hill Company Records, 1887-1984 MG 367
Bunker Hill Company. Research and Development Division. Records, 1922-1982 MG 187
Ambrose Hammet Burroughs, Jr., Papers, 1919-1954 MG 77
C & R Mining Company MG 281
Callahan Zinc-Lead Company MG 262
Cincinnati Mining Company MG 295
Coeur D'Alene Mining & Smelting Company MG 276
Copper King Mining and Smelting Company MG 252
Crystal Lead Mines Company MG 279
Custer Consolidated Mining Company MG 246
Dakins Company MG 296
Day Development Company MG 298
Day Family Estates & Trusts. Records, 1935-1974 MG 316
Day Mines, Inc.
Eugene Rufus Day. Records, 1903-1926 MG 314
Harry Loren Day. Papers, 1889-1956 MG 317
Henry L. Day Foundation. Records, 1963-1985 MG 321
Henry Lawrence Vincent Day. Papers, 1870-1985 MG 318
Jerome James Day. Papers, 1905-1941 MG 315
Lucy Mix Day. Papers, 1920-1969 MG 313
Dayrock Mining Company
Diem Mines Limited
Doro Company
Duluth Mining Company
Robert P. Dwyer. Papers, 1946-1967 MG 308
East Standard Mining Company
Stanly Easton. Papers, 1900-1916 MG 5
Empire Copper Company. Records, 1900-1946 MG 143
Fern Mining Company
Leonard Gilman Gaffney. Papers, 1897-1978 MG 309
Gertie Mining Company
Gold Hunter Mines
Guelph Mining and Milling Company, Limited
Happy Day Mining Company
Hercules Mining Company
Homestake Mining Company
Honolulu Mining Company
Hornsilver Mining and Milling Company
Howard Mining Company
Humming Bird Mining Company
Idaho and Eastern Mining and Milling Company
Idora Mining Company
Imperial Mining Company
Kanaka Corporation
King Mining Company
Laclede Mining Company, Limited
Last Chance Copper Mining Company
Harry W. Marsh. Papers, 1918-1966 MG 23
Marsh Mines Consolidated
Mines Contracting Company
Monitor Mining Company
Musselshell Mining Company. Records, 1901-1908 MG 31
National Copper Mining Company
Northport Smelting and Refining Company
Option Mining Company
Oreano Mining Company
Orofino Group
Pennsylvania Smelting Company
Phoenix Mining and Milling Company
Portland Mining Company
Potosi Placers
Puritan Mining Company
Ray-Jefferson Mining Company
Roanoke Mining Company
Roxbury Placers
Sherman Development Company
Sherman Lead Company
Snowy Peak Mining Company
Sonora Mining and Milling Company
Stanley Mining Company
Strattons Mines Company
Success Mining Company
Sunset Lease
Sunset Mercantile Company. Records, 1935-1945 MG 327
Sunshine Mining Company
Tamarack & Chesapeak Mining Company
Tamarack & Custer Consolidated Mining Company
Tiger Hotel Company. Records, 1909-1945 MG 80
Treasure Vault Mining Company
Trinum Company
Tuscumbia Mining Company
Wallace Press-Times. Records, 1906-1956 MG 310
Wallace Realty Company. Records, 1918-1973 MG 311
Weber Mines. Papers, 1872-1991 MG 360
West Sunset Mining Company
Western Union Mining Company
Wilbur Mining Company
Woodburn Mining Company
Wallace G. Woolf. Papers, 1924-1980 MG 375
John H. Wourms. Records, 1891-1963 MG 307