Genealogical Resources

A bibliography of genealogical sources at the University of Idaho Library. For more questions about these sources or where to find them, please contact Special Collections.

Genesee Pioneer Niels J. Visby and Family

Digital Sources

  • City directories and phone books
  • Browse (link) all collections held by Special Collections
  • University of Idaho General Catalog – Also sometimes called the Bulletin. This is the Course Catalog, which also lists general information about the University and all of the Colleges, Professors, and in the earliest editions, Students, Degrees Granted, and Alumni. There is a complete set for patrons to browse in the Reading Room. Idaho LB2342.86.I2U5
  • Commencement programs, also available for various University branches Idaho LD2317.U55

A Few Local and Regional Sources

Census Information Held in the Library

  • 15th census, population, 1930. Idaho Film 1120
  • 14th census of population, 1920. Idaho. Soundex Film 1086a
  • 14th census of population, 1920. Idaho. Film 1086b
  • 13th census, 1910. Idaho. Film 868
  • 12th Census of population, 1900: Idaho Census schedules. Film 866
  • 12th Census of population, 1900: Idaho Census soundex index. Film 867
  • 10th census, 1880, Idaho Film 38 Index (soundex) to the population schedules of the tenth census of the United States, 1880, Idaho. Film 191
  • 9th census, 1870. Idaho Territory vol. 1 population schedules. Film 37
  • 8th census, 1860. Washington Territory vol. 1 population schedules. Film 36
  • 7th census, 1850. Oregon Territory vol. 1 population schedules.Film 35

Maps and Atlases

  • Standard atlas of Latah County, Idaho, including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county. Map of the state, United States and world. Patrons directory, reference business directory and departments devoted to general information. Analysis of the system of U.S. land surveys, digest of the system of civil government, etc., etc. Day-NW Oversize G1483.L2O4 1914
  • An atlas of Latah County, Idaho: including road and highway systems, school districts and precincts, and a plat book of its townships, towns and villages Day-NW Oversize G1483.L2G46M6 1937
  • Metsker’s Atlas of Latah County Day-NW Oversize G1483.L2M45 1938 and Day-NW Oversize G1483.L2M45 1960

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