The History of the University of Idaho, a bibliography

A 100-year-old multi-faceted institution naturally has many diverse stories to tell. A history of this university can be quickly scanned or any small portion can be savored in great depth. The place to start learning about the path that has lead us to where we are today is the two comprehensive histories of the University of Idaho. Keith Petersen's This Crested Hill is the official centennial pictorial history with an excellent narrative and bibliography. Rafe Gibb's Beacon for Mountain and Plain is an older work written by the University's long-time Director of Information.

Special Collections & Archives holds many other materials about the University's history than those listed here, some of which are also located in the general collection, as indicated by their call numbers. These include publications such as the Gem of the Mountains, agricultural bulletins, historical photographs, archival records and manuscripts.

Buildings on campus, and a bit of their history, are listed here. A chronological timeline of historic events is here.

Those items with unspecified call numbers can be found in the general stacks as well as in Special Collections.

  • Aller, Florence Dorothy. 75 years to remember: home economics at the University of Idaho, 1902-1977. [Moscow]: 1977. "Celebration of Diamond jubilee, April 11-16, 1977." CALL #: TX285.I2A44 1977 CALL #: Idaho TX285.I2A44
  • Anderson, Clifton E. History of the College of Agriculture at the University of Idaho. Moscow, Idaho: College of Agriculture, University of Idaho, [1998]. CALL #: S537.I3U54 1998 CALL #: Idaho S537.I3U54 1998
  • Beal, Merrill D. History of Idaho State College. [Pocatello?, Idaho State College?] c1952. Note: Idaho State was once the Southern Branch of the University of Idaho. CALL #: LD2308.I62B4 CALL #: Day-NW LD2308.I62B4
  • Bosch, M. J. The economic impact of the on-campus research effort of the University of Idaho on the community of Moscow, Idaho. Moscow, Idaho: Office of the Coordinator of Research, [1976?]. Case studies of University of Idaho research; 4 Revision of Bosch's thesis (M.S.)--University of Idaho, 1976. CALL #: HC108.M6B6 1976a CALL #: Idaho HC108.M6B6 1976a
  • Brosnan, Cornelius J. Papers,1917-1950. 4 linear feet Summary: Research material for his History of the State of Idaho and material on the history of the University of Idaho to 1946. Professor of History, University of Idaho, 1921-1952. Unpublished inventory in the repository. CALL #: Spec Col MG18
  • Brosnan, Cornelius J. History of the University of Idaho. [microform] Salt Lake City,Universal Microfilming Corp.,1952. Original in the University of Idaho Library. Microfilm copy of typescript. Positive. CALL #: Film 8
  • Buchanan, Jesse. "Higher Education in the Palouse Hills: Why Do Washington State and Idaho Rub Shoulders?" Pacific Northwesterner 24:2(1980)17-27. CALL #: Day-NW F852.P25
  • Dale, Harrison Clifford. Statutes and decisions relating to the University of Idaho. [Boise, Syms-York company] 1944. CALL #: LD2310.5.D3 CALL #: Day-NW LD2310.5.D3
  • D'Easum, Dick. Dowager of discipline: the life of Dean of Women Permeal French. Moscow: University Press of Idaho, c1981. CALL #: LD2322.8.F7D4 CALL #: Day-NW LD2322.8.F7D4
  • Dhillon, Hardit Singh. American college life; a record of personal experiences and impressions. Delhi, Uttar Chand Kapur [1952] CALL #: Day-NW LB2397.D45
  • Dhillon, Hardit Singh. Letter, Chandigarh, India to Warren Olson, Gem of the Mountains co-editor, Moscow, Idaho, Feb. 5, 1976. Summary: Containing a portrait, autobiographical information, and reminiscences of life as a student from India at the University of Idaho, 1926-1929. CALL #: Spec Col MG 5103
  • Gibbs, Rafe. Beacon for mountain and plain; story of the University of Idaho. [Caldwell,Id., Caxton Printers] c1962. CALL #: LD2323.G5 CALL #: Day-NW LD2323.G5 1962a CALL #: Caxton Collection
  • Gibbs, Rafe. Papers,1919-1962. 2 linear feet Cataloged in repository with main entry: Beacon for mountain and plain. Summary: Collected research material, early photographs of the university, the carbon typescript of the final draft, and correspondence of Rafe Gibbs with the printer, Caxton Printers. Unpublished inventory in the repository. CALL #: Spec Col MG49
  • Hook, Robert Douglas. The University of Idaho Library, a history, by R. D. Hook and Richard J. Beck. typescript, 1986. 2 folders. Photocopy. CALL #: Spec Col MG 5145
  • Idaho. State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Semicentennial of the University of Idaho, January 30, 1939. [Boise: State Board of Education], 1939. CALL #: Idaho LD2323 1939
  • Larson, Martin Alfred. Plaster saint,a novel of heresy on the campus. [1st ed.] New York, Exposition Press [1953] Note: A novel of campus life by a disenchanted former university English professor. CALL #: PS3523.A75P6 CALL #: Day-NW PS3523.A78P56
  • Magden, Ronald Ernest. The political background of the location of the University of Idaho: typescript, July 30, 1954. A term paper for the course: Problems in the History of the West, University of Idaho. CALL #: Spec Col MG 5009
  • Martin, Paris. History of the University of Idaho. 3d version. [Moscow, University of Idaho, 1936] CALL #: Idaho LD2323.M39
  • Nelson, Elsie Mary. Today is ours; [or, Saga of a pioneer family.] [n.p.,1972] Note: In part, reminiscences of a student at the University, 1909-1912. CALL #: Day-NW F754.M6N45
  • Peters, Charles A. The University of Idaho and Charles A. Peters: typescript, [1962] Summary: Memoirs of the head of the University of Idaho chemistry department, 1901-1908. Accompanied by correspondence between the author and Rafe Gibbs, university director of information (2 items, Nov. 1962). CALL #: Spec Col MG 5295
  • Petersen, Keith. This crested hill: an illustrated history of the University of Idaho. Moscow, Idaho: University of Idaho Press, 1987. CALL #: Oversize LD2323.P48 1987 CALL #: Idaho Oversize LD2323.P48 1987
  • Rhodes, Jess Decker. The transition of the University of Idaho from pre-university to a university organization; a preliminary survey of the first quarter century, 1889-1913. [Moscow] 1952. Thesis (M.A.)--University of Idaho. CALL #: LD2323.R45 CALL #: Thesis LD2323.R45
  • Ryan, Michael Gerald. The historic origins of the University of Idaho; with special reference to more remote origins as the Morrill Act, the educational philosophy underlying it, the land-grant ordinances, and the existence of a public domain. [Moscow] 1939. Thesis (M.A.)--University of Idaho. CALL #: LD2333.R9 CALL #: Thesis LB2333.R9
  • Rotert, Carla. The University of Idaho during the World War II Years : typescript, May 1, 1968. Summary: A term paper for History 123. CALL #: Spec Col MG 5132
  • Sarvis, Howard C.,1900-1985. The army and the University, 1918: Typescript,1984. Summary: Reminiscences of a member of the Student's Army Training Corps on the University of Idaho campus, Oct.-Dec. 1918, including photographs and copies of his discharge and enlistment record. Photocopy. CALL #: Spec Col MG 5118
  • Savage, George. The University of Idaho College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences, 1909-1984 -- an album. Moscow: College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences, University of Idaho, 1985. CALL #: SD254.I23M6839 1985 CALL #: Idaho SD254.I23S38 1985
  • Stafford, Kenneth Roger. The economic impact of the University of Idaho on the community of Moscow, Idaho by K.R. Stafford, M. Di Noto, R.W. Stark. Moscow: Idaho Research Foundation, 1974. Case studies of University of Idaho research; [no. 1] CALL #: HC108.M6S75 CALL #: Idaho HC108.M6S75
  • The University of Idaho Library: a centennial history, compiled by Karen A. Buxton. Moscow, Idaho: University of Idaho Library, c1988. "Compiled ... from the unpublished manuscript The University of Idaho Library; A History by Robert D. Hook and Richard J. Beck." CALL #: Z733.U74U5 1988 CALL #: Idaho Z733.U74U5 1988
  • University of Idaho. Associated Students. Songs of the Vandals, compiled and arranged by J. Morris O'Donnell, '33; published by authority of the Associated students, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. Caldwell, Id.,The Caxton printers, ltd., 1933. CALL #: Caxton Collection CALL #: Day-NW M 1958.I18O6
  • University of Idaho. Womens Caucus. Papers,1971-1980. 0.5 l.f. Summary: Newspaper clippings, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and legal documents of the Women's Caucus of the University of Idaho. Unpublished inventory in the repository. CALL #: Spec Col MG109
  • Warnick, C. C. A spirit of excellence: the first hundred years of engineering at the University of Idaho, 1889-1989. [Moscow, Idaho]: University of Idaho, 1997. CALL #: LD2329.5.E54W37 1997 CALL #: Day-NW LD2329.5.E54W37 1997

This bibliography is revised from one entitled "University of Idaho at 100 - Sources of our History" prepared by Herman Ronnenberg in 1987.